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udhbhavi arora

Children Stories Fantasy

The Man In The Mirror Part 1

The Man In The Mirror Part 1

6 mins

Once there a girl named Dorothy, her name meant a gift from God. was born to a wealthy household as her father had a big business which he had established long ago. She was born in the most famous hotel in the world named The Holiday Fun. But there was one problem she was not in the real world, and she was in the mirror world. Which meant somebody in the real world(where we live) was born but of the opposite gender. There was only one way to connect to worlds. It was a quite easy way you just had to stand in front of the mirror and say "Bom Bom Nom Nom. " and boom it would connect you to your opposite world friend, and you could talk to him/her. 

Now let's return to our world and meet Ethan, he was a boy who was also born in the world's most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab. He grew up to be very smart, just what his name meant. 

Even Dorothy grew up to excellent, and she always had the hunger to learn. In this world, the children were taught magical spells. 

One day, the teacher taught them the spell to connect to the other world; Dorothy was very excited to try it out. When she reached home, she tried it out. She saw someone in the mirror. There was a jolt of excitement in the room. Dorothy was dancing around as if she had gone crazy. Finally, she calmed down and said:" Hi, I am Dorothy, and I am from the mirror world you must be Ethan, am I right?" Ethan was too surprised to answer. It took him a bit of time to understand, but he finally did. Ethan said" hi, I am Ethan, I guess you know that. I like to learn new things; please let me know a bit about your world. " Dorothy replied" yo! I live in the mirror world; you live in the real world. This world is very safe, unlike your( I have read about your world). My world is also full of spells right now I connected through a spell only." Ethan told her that he thinks that the grass is greener in her world. Dorothy explained it is not like that. This world is very tricky, for opening a door you need to solve 50 questions, you need to be perfect in all subjects and sports.

Besides the usual ones, you have you need to study wizardry and Doggery( a subject in which you study about Doghe: a creature there) also there are many sports you need to play Footstep, Basketnose, and Bedwizard. If you do not perfect in all of these, you have to repeat the class. Interesting, very interesting said Ethan with excitement. Now I'll tell some about mine, continued Ethan. "Hold your horses. I do not want to know anything." interrupted Dorothy. Ethan told her to exchange places. And silly Dorothy agreed she came to his world said a spell and boom. Dorthy was Ethan, and Ethan was Dorothy. 

Let's go to the mirror world now to meet Ethan in Dorothy's body. It was morning the clock said 4 am. An old but beautiful lady came to him and said:" Wake up Dorothy, mom's here." Ethan quickly got up and went to a strange door, just like Dorothy said it had 50 questions. Luckily, they were about the real world from where Ethan belonged. He solved them, all correct and came to a room which said the bathroom. Instead of a toothbrush and a toothpaste, there was a magic stick and a note which said: "Hey Ethan! I hope you are enjoying it. I will be leaving notes for you to tell you about things. Just say "Hi Hi Teeth Clean" for brushing and for a shower DiDi Shower plush S. Enjoy your day. PS. Please keep this note safe and the rest too. -Dorothy" 

After reading the note, Ethan did what is said, and it all happened. Next, the lady called him down for breakfast. He did not know the way, Dorothy forgot to write a note. There were some steps in the bathtub he climbed down. It was very down there was a table with some Doghe eggs and juice. There was one more note. "Good Job Ethan, you found the way to have the food and climb back there will be a note on the desk. "He took a bite into the eggs and immediately vomited. He decided to take a sip of the juice; the juice has a unique flavor; you could call a sweeter version of cranberry juice. He liked it a bit and drank it. Next, he climbed the stairs. Walked to his room found the note on the desk under a book named" The Real World.' He read the note which said " You said you are smart there are 50 questions on the door you need to solve to move out" Ethan went to the door and started solving the questions. One question wrong a slap from the door out of 50 he had got four wrong, he was on the last query, and opps he clicked a wrong button a cage appeared, and he was stuck. He thought a young boy who knows nothing about this world, and he is stuck. When a voice came from within "Hey, stop pitying yourself. Instead, think of a solution." So he started thinking.

Let's see what Dorothy is up to while Ethan is thinking.

Dorothy was sleeping; it was not morning yet. She woke up when she heard someone climbing the stairs. She woke up and saw the woman; there was a toy sword she took it and pointed towards her and said" Who are you? Are you a wizard?" The woman laughed and laughed and finally tapped her head and said" Did you get a nightmare, Ethan. I am your mom, get ready and come down for breakfast. Pink with shame, Dorothy said " Sorry!" She reached down and came to a door kicked it, but nothing happened, no questions appeared. She saw a nob she thought it was candy and pulled it, the door opened. It was the bathroom she saw a brush and toothpaste; she did not know how to use it. Then she remembered that her teacher told her about it. She used it the way, it wasn't easy, but she did it. She saw a blue shirt with blue shorts. The shirt said "Bluebells." She wore it, and the woman came back and told her to go for breakfast. Smart Dorothy just followed the woman instead of wandering off on her own. They came down to a table which looked like the ones in her world. The lady asked her how many eggs did she want. Dorothy did not know the woman was talking about regular eggs and not Doghe eggs; She said three would be good. So three were served, Dorothy tasted them, they did not felt like Doghe eggs but were tasty, and Dorothy gobbled them. The woman took her to a bus stop and dropped her. Fortunately, buses worked there too, so she knew how to use them. At school, she excelled as she remembered those concepts. Later, she went to play sports. First, she tried to play football, but she played them with the rules of footstep and fouled the players the same for the rest. A student reported the teacher and the teacher gave her detention. 

Unlucky Dorothy stuck in detention.

Both Ethan and Dorothy are stuck! What do you think will happen next? To know you have to wait until part 2

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