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The Life Partner

The Life Partner

2 mins

Anu was doing her daily chores in her house while her husband was just trying to call her but she took a look and continued her work.

Anu, a graduate in Tamil literature was taken care of by her brother from childhood and was so adamant in the decisions she took which were generally against the society's expectations.

Her marriage was held simply and she became the life partner of Jeeva and after the marriage she found her husband having bad habits like gambling and smoking.

First, she was a bit shocked to learn this bitter truth than the sweet lies that were told to her before the marriage.

When she received the report from the doctor about her pregnancy and she called her husband but he was busy gambling.

Jeevan earned a good salary but it went in vain due to the fun-filled evil.

Jeevan's family doesn't think about the well being because he was not in a good rhythm with them.

Anu was crying silently all over the night.

She learned one big lesson that no one will come to your help because all others will first ensure their well being and safety than your loved ones.

She said Jeevan that until he gets rid of the bad habits she is going to do fasting.

Jeevan went into the shock and was trying to convince her. But she was adamant enough to make him good.

Within that day Jeevan sat with her and promised he will surely leave all these habits.

He left gambling in a month and smoking in three months with proper meditation and exercise.

After some months, Then his wife undergoes labor pain and gives birth to a baby also the new life to Jeevan.

It is good to live with the truth that benefits in long term rather than live with lies that benefits in short term.

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