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The Indomitable

The Indomitable

6 mins

With utmost difficulties, Padma had learned how to move forward not for her own sake but for the sake of her children in whose eyes she had weaved many of her dreams.

And it encouraged her to lead ahead with those dreams in her innocent eyes. Much tortured by the person with whom once she put her hands into with thousands of dreams to come true. But neither of them were fulfilled throughout her life. What she actually got were betrayal, disappointments, frustration, torture and stress. And all these were as if a never-ending episode in her Life. None were there to escape her from panic situations. Her own parents sometimes came to her but they also could not help her out. However, She wanted to flee herself from those Hazards of her life but how could she alone fought to make her stand strong. Day by day the level of torture increased but she was helpless. Only she could do one thing and that was to tolerate the harsh, rough behavior of her husband.

One day Some school children were passing thereby near her house. She was mesmerized by the noises of those children when she dreamt about those days when she was teaching some children in a school near her Village. She had passed her Intermediate in Arts at a time when girls were not permitted to educate themselves. As it was believed by that time that what can a girl do if getting educated more, rather it would b difficult to find a groom according to her educational qualifications.Along with all these, Padma, however fought with her family to educate herself first as she wanted to make her self dependent. During that time she had to hear a lot for her dark colour. Most often what her parents and villagers claimed herself as ugly and dark but she didn't care for all those nonsensical gossips which were the most common at that time. Anyway, she had to be self-dependent first to achieve her dreams. But there may be destined to happen something different which thwarted all her aspirations.

She got married due to the pressure of her parents. As hers is a middle-class family, her parents couldn't deny the proposal they got. It was like an opportunity for them to get her married. She had to sacrifice all her dreams for the sake of her husband now.

She fully devoted to him and in the chores of her life. Gradually, she became a mother of three children by God's grace. Those were the days to nurture and care for her children. And it was not less than a test for her to experiment with her experiences. She passed all the tests in her life to move to the next pillar to achieve. She shielded all the problems, failures and pains with her full capacity. Her daughter Akankshya and two sons Rahul and Gourav studied in schools. They were all brilliant and curious. They also wanted to achieve more in their careers. But what deviated all their expectations was the depressing atmosphere at their home. They also felt panic, disappointed and helpless like their mother.

Years passed and Akansha and Rahul Graduated themselves among all the hardships in their life. It was the most important time for their career which can change their life. But their father was unable to realize the same for his children. He was an auto-rickshaw driver in Bhubaneswar and had his own auto rickshaw to earn his livelihood in the capital city. Padma had respect for her husband always beside his cruelty.

The head of a family should have affection, love, care and faith towards his family members. But what lacked in Padma's Family is his husband Ratnakar 's Care and faith upon her and her children. Neither Padma nor her children could express their feelings in front of him. They used to bear all these. There arrived the black day in their Life when Ratnakar denied taking all their responsibilities all of a sudden. The only thing he did was to listen to his ego and not care about his innocent wife and children. It was the hardest days of their life to survive. As two of her children just completed their studies, they couldn't think of leaving that home where they had to live with that inhuman beast. They, however, did some home tuitions to become self-dependent first to meet their daily expenses. Those days they all struggled hard to prove themselves to survive.

Akansha had also unlimited dreams in her eyes to fulfill like her Mother. She wanted to become an I.A.S Officer. But nowhere she got a scope to do necessary preparations for that. She sometimes became restless with her dreams as she was a very good student and she wanted to prove herself to create her own identity in the Society. She could only pray to the Almighty to strengthen her to achieve her goals. She only earned a meagre amount to continue her study and to meet the house hold expenses. Gradually, Rahul got a job in a call centre and It was really the happiest moment for Padma. Hiding all her feelings and emotions, She thanked God for having His blessings on her children. Days after days the expenses of the household started to increase as Gourav was studying in a and they had to pay his school and tuition fees. By that time Akansha was admitted into Ravenshaw University for her post graduation degree. The disturbing atmosphere at home didn't help them survive. Ratnakar stopped talking to his children and only misbehaved them to leave his house.

But they all were not fully self-dependent to leave that Hell now.

After her post graduation, Akansha tried to earn some to leave that Hell first. But she was not lucky enough to do any for her. What she earned from tuitions was not enough to have a house on rent. Years passed and Rahul got a job in Infosys, Pune. But he had to go to Pune leaving his mother, brother and sister. Anyway, he was successful in leaving that Hell at least and now he was towards his dream to rescue his family members from that Monster. Rahul sent money to his mother and helped Gourav in getting admitted into B.Tech. It was now the time for Gourav to leave that Hell. He went to Berhampur to continue his study in Parala Maharaj Engineering College there.

Now the two innocents had to suffer much in that house. However,Akansha completed her B.ed degree in Nalini Devi College, Bhubaneswar. After some months, She got a job as a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhubaneswar. And it was an unbelievable day for her to believe that. Her happiness had no bounds that day. She started her teaching career there and become the most favourite of all the students and teachers there. She took her responsibility meticulously. She worked hard to become successful. In between, She realised that she should leave that Hell along with her Mother. Then came the fortunate day in their Life when they left that Hell and that bloody Monster.

Rahul arrived that day to help them out in shifting to a new room. That day they all felt as gifted a new Life by God. However, they all were happy now. It was a Special Day for Padma who witnessed countless pains and sufferings in her life but never made her children disheartened. She finally led a happy life because of her Indomitable Spirit. She symbolises the females in our society who are neglected in their daily lives. Really salute to the INDOMITABLE.

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