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Drama Children


Katy Joshi

Drama Children

The grandpa disappearance

The grandpa disappearance

3 mins

'Nick! Drake! How many times have I told you not to ask me this question?', father shouted.

The children were yet again suppressed by their father. Nick and Drake, about ten years old, had again asked their parents where their grandfather was. Both of them remembered that their grandfather was a stout old man with blue eyes and greyish-white hair. He carried a stick with him wherever he went and they had suddenly disappeared one day after an argument with their parents. However Nick and Drake were so young at the time that they could not recall anything more.

Few days passed. Finally the day came which was very much awaited by the children of Edison Junior High, the school to which Nick and Drake went. Their class was being taken to the J.F KENNEDY OLD HOUSE, for the grandparents' week.

'Children, are you all seated?', shouted the escort teacher.

'Yes ma'am!', they all said in unison.

About an hour later, the bus reached the Old House and all the children excitedly disembarked it. The teacher said, "Remember children, do not create a menace over there. You have come here to make the old people, who have been abandoned by their families, happy and not not to cause any more trouble to them. Now, in you all go."

The children clutched their bags in their hands and in a queue, entered the building. They all went through the multiple rooms, sometimes stopping here and there to speak to a handsome old man or a beautiful old woman. Nick and Drake stopped to greet another old Man. As soon as they shook his hand and exchanged their greetings, they noticed his eyes glisten with tears. One tear even rolled down his cheek. Drake wiped the old man's tear with his hands and asked him, 'Why are you crying?'

The old man replied, 'You both are just reminded me of my own grandchildren. I cannot express the joy which I am feeling just by looking at you both.'

Nick asked, ' If you do not mind, we would like to know more about your grandchildren.' He was so overwhelmed by his visit and the meeting with the old man that he was eager to know why he thought that he and his brother Drake resembled his grandchildren.

The old man told them that his grandchildren loved him a tremendous deal and always shared with him their secrets. Most of the time, they stayed up late, listening to the stories which he told them. He took his grandchildren to grandchildren to the park every weekend and described how they they ate ice-cream afterwards. Furthermore, he was compelled to leave them because his son and his wife considered him to be a burden. The old man had not seen his beloved grandchildren since the last six years and he had lost all hope if he would get the opportunity to see them any time soon.

The boys were so engrossed in the heartbreaking tale of the old man that by the time they consoled him, they realized that it was time for them to leave. They bid him farewell and promised that they would visit soon with their parents. Then off they went to join their classmates in the bus.

That evening, while the boys lay on their bed, recollecting the precious memories of the day and how familiar the old man looked, they heard their parents arguing. Both Nick and Drake quietly crept to the door their parents' room. Their mother was shouted at their father, 'I told you to send your father to an old age home in another city! Did you not hear how Drake and Nick described the old man whom they met at the J.F KENNEDY OLD HOUSE, the same home to which you sent your father too. Thank God they did not realize who he was.'

That was when the children knew they had finally found their grandfather after six long years.

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