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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW






The Girl Child Dream

The Girl Child Dream

3 mins

Rapur a small town with busy roads and running people. All the people in the town are hardworking and honest.

Many of them are migrant workers. One of the migrant Mr.Masthaniah is struggling to earn his daily wages to feed his family. But when he comes back home he forgets all the struggles that the felt. He feels his family is his world. His wife Surekha used to stay home to take care of their children Nirupaika and Suhasini. The elder one Nirupa is always active in sports whereas the younger one is creative thinking. 

Both of them are in two different paths and made them always fall in the fight. Surekha is always tired of solving them. This showed their family love. Everyday Masthaniah goes early in the morning to the work and his children go to the government school near their house. They are ranked high in their interests and their teachers always supported them in their ways. These made their days pass with lots of fun.

Days passed by Masthaiah health was gone bad due to the hard work he did. Finally, he is in the situation that he couldn’t do anything more and just became a living piece in his house.

His wife is in dropped off into trouble. The main taught that was running behind her brain is all about their children's future. Whether their children are ranked High in their interest. But the situation made their dreams dropdown. Their mother unwillingly stopped them to go to school and brought them into work. So she taught that would be helpful to have financially stable.                     


Their dream had gone down when they entered the workplace. They started working in the workplace; the contractor who was the father of same-aged children saw Nirupaika and Suhasini in the workplace. He went near them and asked, “why were you here?" 

They replied " They came into this to make their family stable and look after their father's medical expenses " after listening to their words he got shocked as to how could these little buds can think in broad. He went into the company to know this information to the higher authority. The higher officials in the meeting they have decided to sponsor them to their academics and their medical expenses.

The very next day the contractor called them on and said “You children are not allowed to the workplace”. The two little girls got really depressed and pleased the contractor not to do that. He replied with a smile “You are being taken care of the company and the company would sponsor you until you reach your goals and all the other medical services will be given free to their family by the company “. After listening to this from the contractor the two little girls were outburst with full of tears in their eyes as a result of happiness.

From the next academic year, the two little angles started focusing on their interest and started attending the competitions.

Years passed by Nirupaika have stood as the top basketball player in the country and Suhasini had brought many changes in all the fields by her creative thinking. They both came up with the establishment of the foundation to help many other kids that were being stopped studying due to financial issues. Finally, Their single dream made many other girl children dream about their future.


Fate made them stop their dreams in the middle of their life but their hard work made them fulfill it.


Dreams never stop they go on trying to keep you in harder situations to fulfill it.   

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