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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Khushi Mohunta



Khushi Mohunta


The Future Of Education Is Dig

The Future Of Education Is Dig

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"Education a blessing in disguise,

Is its digitization wise?"

'What is education for us?' In a layman language, 'Education is the methodology of procuring knowledge.' But in this era of techno-superiority, is modern education the same? The retirement to this is, 'NO! it isn't, it is digitalizing every minute, every hour, every day.'

Today's posterity has availed luxurious combat; a set of all facilities before-handedly. Due to which 'Computer' is an integral ingredient of the modern-day cuisine 'Education'. There is a cat and dog race amidst people from various walks of society to procure the best knowledge. Consequently; this has regarded the Internet as the 'pioneer of education'. From learning to make a tea or ranging to fly an aircraft; why panic? The Internet will sprinkle magic! India is pacing speedily on the highway to education with now possessing its own Education Satellite and even possessing an increased literacy rate in one of its state 'KERALA'. 'Technology has driven everyone nuts with its urbanisation.' Modern learners are tech-savvy; they tend to "Browse in the mouse, to everything in the house!" The incentive has sprouted saplings out of seedless seeds; inching forward with its motto, the government is also promising tablets to all primary and secondary schools. To quote is to promote; on this note, I quote;

"Digital is the new submittal;

Cease! Musing Education brutal,

Its future would be very soothed..."

In this race, incentives count! Colleges and Universities are working towards making India Digi-tech and promoting widespread use of digital technology.

I would pen by forthcasting the 'need of the hour list':

(i) bridging the digital divide

(ii) ensuring cost-effective internet access and personal notebooks, smartphones, and computers

(iii) mass teacher training program for teachers so that they can use technology in the classroom or interact in a virtual environment

(iv) generous government funding

Let's promise our nation, these thousands of illiterates a brighter future; an extravaganza of opportunities.

"Drive towards along with Digitization."

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