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The Fifth Clan

The Fifth Clan

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The boy’s family had come to Raman’s house to discuss the marriage proposal for this daughter Kirti. The boy’s father, Mr. Bhanvar, started the conversation.

“Before we proceed, I thought we should get some information about each other.”

“I had sent you the bio-data.”

“Yes, but some things are better-discussed face-to-face.”

“Yes, as you wish.”

“What has Kirti studied?”

“She has completed her B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar.”

“Very good. What is she doing now?”

“She is working in Bangalore in a multinational firm.”

“Very good. What is her salary package?”

“15 Lakhs.”

“Very good. We check for 4 clans. What are your 4 clans?”

Raman gave the details and said, “I have already checked the clans and there is no problem.”

“Very good. Shall we now talk about the 5th clan?”

“What is this 5th clan?”

“The things that you plan to give your daughter.”

“Oh! You are talking about dowry.”

“See, we don’t need anything. But I am sure you want your daughter to roam in a big car, watch a movie on a big projection TV, and eat food at a big dining table. And I am sure you will not send her empty-handed. Everyone gives Rs. 10 Lakhs these days.”

“Yes, we will give all of those”.

Hearing this, Mr. Bhanvar became very happy.

“But my daughter will deposit her salary in my account then.”

Bhanvar’s face suddenly became pale. He said ‘It looks like you took this simple issue very seriously.”

“No No.. You perhaps don’t know this but we also check for a 6th clan.”

“6th clan?” asked a perplexed Mr. Bhanvar.

“Respecting Women. Which is not available in your family. You can now leave. Another family is visiting us to see our daughter.”

“Please listen to me. When did I say no?” begged Mr. Bhanvar.

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