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The Eclipse On The Twins

The Eclipse On The Twins

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It was during third semester when everybody were consummated to their best to mug up books for hacking marks in the exam which is just amidst syllabus. I have been friends with a twin who would share some common attributes with me like we do like spying on potential opposite sexes with an intent for some couple number of dates.If not, we accompany ourselves to lone dates where both of we are sole contributors on the bill payment sheet at the restaurants. I mean that’s how you choose mates.Right? But then as it is a saying that you can get doppelgangers of yours but the fingerprint is always unique and can't be reduplicated.I realizes the authenticity of this simple piece of information to be precise when I went through this hardly earth shattering incident of someone being connive enough to steal the pin code of my bank account and withdraw nearly 10$ without my consent.

I could only surmise my roomie as she was the only one authorized with the account as we do sometimes order exchangeably. That was the moment I thought .I had been actually linked to an afflicted version of me in the hostel who would always recite telephonic finishing mantra covering up the evening with some boy friend and prepare study environment during night. After the incident still I had to maintain diplomacy but I couldn't prolong this oppressive attitude for long .At last I revolted that I'm quite incapable under her Excellency and I need to sleep for proper garbage disposal for proper functioning..

Alas she threatened to call her materialistic father and jail me and tutor me to adjust the way I sleep in accordance to her philandering activities..I was quite alarmed and scared with the altered attitude of her. I mean its quite nice to carry on with some extracurricular activities.How about this?She could have consolidated me to cater some entertainment. After all I am her best friend. But she refused to do so.I had to serve her demands by keeping mum and minding my own business despite having known to the fact she was the culprit

A couple of days passed by and we were on the verge on decoding the codes in the examination to bag a job in corporate. Although I had been a very multidimensional person.I really felt the crazy and global mindset of me would never authorize me to get settled in a close compact room with electronic gadgets and lot of spreadsheets to ponder but this I galloped my way to the interview room to give a stunt of facing the interviewers. She too followed me to the hall.I was quite not if she was actually prepared to meet the corporate giants and answer them to some of their queries. She seemed consumed to something else. Having conceived the idea of her treachery and correlating it with some recent verbal convolutions with regards to her boyfriend I choose to leave her to own situation and give her space to revert and disclose the reason for such a treason all by herself. Being a friend I choose to adopt the subtle way to combat the whole scene rather than espousing an aggressive way.

Moments passed by!! I was hovering over the courtyard of the college with music and designs in my mind about what exactly I am gonna do to my life after I refrain myself from getting caged in a routinely job that demands at least nine hours of login records everyday. To my surprise I was banged with a mourning news that I was actually selected. I had tears in my eyes and head stared spinning when I was thrown the news that she got selected in the same company. I was eyeing up her with a yearning that she would unravel the mystery of her treachery. Just like having when the pressure on the tectonic plates raise up over the cap,splashes up in the form for red lava causing a volcanic eruption resulting chaos I roared on the girl.

“Afflicted versions corrupted with viruses?..Do You know we can adjust in tangible activities (your wasteful unproductive activities).. Intangibles are quite abstracts. How dare you instruct the abstractionist which directly correlated functionality? And what crocodile crying about your lusts? Afflicted versions!!Is your materialistic father informed about your extra-curricular activities? If not then you are wasting your time and what about my money”.

She settled her wavering body for a minute and finally came strolling towards me.

“I was ashamed I did that to you.I had thought of several times to disclose this before but your changed attitude which displayed diplomacy refrained me from doing so with an apprehension of the reminiscent friendship getting rotten and vanish in the process.My father was having a surgery and I needed fund” Soon I recalled that she actually had some family issue and we settled back and were very happy that we were posted together in job.

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