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The Decision To Remember

The Decision To Remember

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A Young girl of 23 has just landed on the plane. Walking out of the airport with her luggage, she glanced at the city that was once her dream place and a lot of memories it brought in her that she had forgotten. Sighing, she controlled herself and wearing the goggle walked out near the taxi that came to pick her.


"Jenny, take care and eat properly, don't stay out till late, call me....."

She interrupted her mum,

"OK my dear mum, I will take care and now will you calm down and take a breath."

(Plane lands in Mumbai)

She took her luggage and walked out, glancing the city with her dreams shining in her eyes and determination in her mind, she started her journey .....

A taxi horn brought her back to the present. She glanced outside only to find she was stuck in traffic. Roam her eyes around her vision stopped on the garden at the corner of the road where she used to come most of the time. Remembering her old version of herself, she used to wonder whether she was stupid or just too innocent.

Whatever it was, she was glad that she was no more like that. She is changed, for good.

Traffic clear out and taxi started. After a while, she reached her destination. She paid the fare to the taxi and got out.

Standing in front of the building which was her destination, she was fairly satisfied with her hard work and struggle of two years.

"Ma'am please come in", the watchman's voice brought her out from her reverie.

She nodded and the watchman took her luggage and escorted her inside the building. She was escorted to the waiting room which was a lavish and luxurious room containing two couch on the side and center table. She sat at one of the sofas and waited to be called by them. Glancing the place, it made her remembered the dark past and reason that made her fly to London suddenly, leaving her dreams behind, that she has cherished

She heard her name being called and she went inside confidently sat on the couch as if she owns it. She raised her eyebrow indicating them to speak for what they have called her.

"We read about your project and we are interested in funding it. We would be gladder if we can make it a collaborative project between us." She wasn't surprised hearing their polite tone and their bowed heads in front of her, Well they should be as she made sure to make them pay for what they did with her two years back. Everything was the same as two years ago except instead of her head down in front of them, their heads were down just like she has wanted.

She wanted to payback for all the criticism she faced for the crime she hasn't done. Well, she admits that she shouldn't have run away but She did not get the chance to prove her innocence and the whole world declared her criminal and she has to run in order to be live in peace.

Their voice brought her out of her thoughts and she replied,

"Well, I will think about it, Sir."

And She walked out with determination and confidence to win what she lost.

While going back, She remembers the decision that she made two years back which has changed her life. She was no more a helpless girl she was once. She is proud of the decision that has made her strong and confident.

The injustice she suffered two years back was now nullified with the feeling she got when she saw all of them bowing down in front of her. Well, that was what she called her success and her payback to them.

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