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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Venkatesh R

Thriller Drama Crime


Venkatesh R

Thriller Drama Crime

The Asylum

The Asylum

5 mins 598 5 mins 598

It was the Friday night Sharnappa was in his night duty at the Kailas Apartment a 9-floor apartment. As usual, he was in the rounds at the colony. Some chitchats with his colleges, he watched the videos and was resting on his chair. He was in a deep sleep and heard a girl singing, a rhyme.

"Baa, baa, black sheep,

 Have you any wool?

 Yes sir, yes sir Three bags full!"

He opened his eyes there was no one, he checked with his colleagues and went around and then sat on his chair. He found a girl with a knife, intruded on her throat, The blood was spurting all over the place.

Sharnappaa swallowed a ball of snot. He was not sure of what to do. He played the hymns of the god, the girl vanished as he turned around, the girl who was farther from him appeared in front of him in no time, she opened her jaw.

He screamed!

Next day morning the paperboy was striking at the gate. No one was there to open. He called the secretary. Sharnappa nowhere seen, police investigation got started. Days passed, but the number of people kept missing day by day. The secretary, the neighbor aunty, and even some kids, the police were clueless about what has been going on.

In Police Station.

Janardhan: Sir I am Janardhan head constable, reporting in duty, after my daughter's marriage, I been to this station for all most 12 years heard about the Kailash missing cases, any breakthrough sir.

Mahesh: Nice to meet you, sir. You can call me Mahesh. No Janardhan, nothing much - getting pressure to close the case. Please share details if you know anything about Kailash.

Janardhan: In the very apartment, a year back, a murder happened. A 12-year kid got murdered by her mother. The mother got sent to an Asylum.

Mahesh: Janardhan, please bring that file. No one said about this.

Mahesh went through the file.

It was a brutal murder, a 12-year kid by her mother, a case of child abuse. The child lived mentally challenged, Sailaja a single mother dealing with depression murder her child.

Mahesh: Janardhan, where is the inspector, who investigated the case.

Janardhan: Sir, he is no more. A few months back, he called me, and said Shailaja, the kid's mom is innocent, he said he got some evidence. He met with an accident while reaching the station, there was no evidence, and the case remained closed.

Mahesh: we need to reinvestigate this case.

Mahesh and Janardhan gathered the evidence, of the missing people, their background.

Everything was perfect, though everyone got vanished in the air. There was no evidence in the cam as well, Mahesh went to meet Shailaja in the asylum. She got lost in her worlds, she was smiling, crying and she played with her daughter's doll.

Mahesh couldn’t get much information from the doctor, but they said she lives with that doll and she couldn’t accept the fact that her daughter is dead, she smiles at her, makes funny faces to her, and even sings the rhymes to her.

The kids came back home, in a day, they were shocked, and spoke nothing. Mahesh and Janardhan apprehended them, and continued investigation, with the help of a psychologist.

Shailaja and Sameera started living in Kaila's apartment a year back. Shailaja, the only caretaker of Sameera, she arranged an exceptional school for her and took up a job.

In the fast-paced world, she ran for her daughter continuously. She was a princess rose by a queen. Tirelessly she cooks her food, listens to her blabbering, drops her to school. She played a dual role as a father and mother. The world didn’t see her in that way.

See the way she speaks,

See the way she eats,

See the way she dresses,

See the way she walks,

See the way she presents herself,

She will spoil our kids,

They need to move out.

People isolated them in the community. The stare cornered them, with bogus of gentlepeople their character got assassinated, she went into depression and found her daughter got stabbed.

The evidence went against her, and society confirmed her mental illness, she got pushed into the jail. We were part of this crime, we didn’t see Sameera as our friend, and we followed our parents blindly. We realized our mistake when Sameera saved us from the scavengers.

Mahesh: Who scavengers?

Kids: There are many, they touch us often we came to know about the bad touches from the school. We tried to tell our parents they didn’t get time to listen to us. We were scared to tell in the school as Uncle’s son is the Principal. Uncle caught us on the terrace we couldn’t do anything.

Sameera appeared as an angel, the uncle cried loud she took him along with her into her house, we fainted as this incident took at the roof of the building. We got the conscious and today we came back home after a night.

Mahesh, broke into Sameera’s house found blood all around, but they found the missing persons alive tied. They got rescued, and a complaint got registered on the uncle. The case got reopened, as they felt Sailaja couldn’t commit the murder and someone got involved who trapped her.

In asylum, Sailaja vocalizing the rhyme with tears in her eyes, and Sameera playing with her doll in the room. They lived happily with peace in the asylum where real asylum was beyond their gate.

The rhyme gets heard, and the people go missing when child abuse happens. Many cases got registered, and the strict law got formed along with mandatory psychological assessment for their citizen to bring down the crime rates. At times humanity fails, god departs, letting the devil, restore it. Being a human, we don't need the devil to restore peace.

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