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Tall Fantasy 2

Tall Fantasy 2

22 mins

( Dear Reader, I would request you to please read the 1st part of this series "Tall Fantasy", to better comprehend the story so far...)

Tall Fantasy - 2

At about 5 pm I got a message on my WhatsApp from Aunty, "Just text me 15 minutes before you finish your work dear. I'll come down with my scooter and pick you up from your office."

I responded, "Thank you Aunty. But please don't come to fetch me from my office. I'll go to your place when I'm through. Hopefully I'll reach by 6.30pm. See you soon…"

I get an immediate reply, "Ok dear. Don't worry, I'll not come to pick you up…was just joking..Come fast .. 😉". She followed it with a wink emoji. I smiled to myself, "Aunty may be old, but cool."

I finished up by 6.15 pm. Thought of taking something with me. Couldn't decide, so bought a box of my favourite Plum cake and went to Aunty's place. 

The door opened within seconds of my ringing the bell. First thing Aunty did was hug me tight. My face got squashed into her big, soft breasts, she was so much taller than me. In fact, my shoes had one and a half inch heels; whereas she had a thin pair of sleepers on. Aunty put her long arm around my shoulders and escorted me to her drawing room sofa. Just walking beside her 5'11" height dwarfing my 5'3", with her arm around my shoulders, I was like literally tucked under her armpits.

Over tea and delicious pakodas and plum cakes, Aunty asked me where exactly was my flat and how I communicated to office and back everyday. I told her that my flat was around 2 kms from my office on the other side. And that I took a shared auto to the office and back. 

The drawing room had a sofaset  with one 3-seater sofa and two single seater sofas with a rectangular centre table in between. We were having tea and snacks sitting on the big sofa, side by side and chatting. Once done, Aunty went inside with the tray to keep the cups and plates in the kitchen. I wanted to help but she refused. So I continued to sit on one end of the 3-seater sofa.

She came back and stood right in front of where I was sitting. I looked up, way up to her 5'11" height, as to what happened. Aunty just bent down, put one arm under the bend of my knees and her other arm behind my back and just scooped me up from the sofa, to securely hold me in her arms in a cradle. It was so unexpected and so sudden, I gave out a small shriek. My hands impulsively went around Aunty's neck holding on to her tightly for fear of falling down. Aunty burst out laughing. I was floating in the air in Aunty's arms held just under her breasts level. She carried me to a single seater sofa and sat down with me on her lap. She took me on her lap sideways, cradling me in her arms. My legs went over one handle of the sofa, my back was towards the other handle, but resting on her big body. She pressed my head on her shoulders, her hands behind my back. With the other hand she pulled my legs up, so that I was actually lying on her big lap, looking up at her face sideways.

I was aghast, "Kya kar rahi ho aap ? What are you doing Aunty ? You are an old lady of 53 and I'm an adult man of 28. You are holding me on your lap like I'm a baby on my mother's lap. You being an old woman are just toying with a full sized adult male in your lap, like I weigh nothing. I just can't imagine how strong you are."

Aunty was laughing to her heart's content holding me cradled in her arms lying across her lap. "Why are you forgetting, dear, that I'm 5'11" and 93 kgs and you are only 5'3" and 62 kgs. So physically I'm much bigger in size than you. Although I'm an old woman of 53 years and you are an young adult man of 28 years, between you and me, I am the stronger sex; and you, the adult male, are the weaker sex."

I was stammering, "But there are a lot of old fat women who are much heavier than me and some maybe taller than me too. That doesn't mean that they are so strong like you that they can lift and carry me around."

Aunty had a big smile looking down at me lying helplessly in her cradle, trapped in her big strong arms, "Maybe they are stronger than you. You never know. You are so small and so light, maybe any woman, young or old, if she is heavier than you, can lift you up and carry you away and you can do nothing about it."

I said, "Come on aunty. Not every big woman is strong like you. My mother is also 53 years, she is also around 85 kgs, that means 23 kgs heavier than me. But she is not strong. She is sick because of her weight. Her sisters are also all big and fat and very heavy. But they are all sick and weak. They can't even walk for long because of their weight. But you are even heavier than them, but you are so agile and soo strong."

Aunty said, "Ohh!  So I'm of your mother's age. That's great ! You are right, beta. I'm fitter and stronger than other big, fat, women. Actually I take care of my health. Although I'm heavy, I have solid mass, not much fat. My body structure is also big, my bones are thick. Also I'm extra tall for a woman. My height and thick bone structure also contribute to my weight. Also I do a lot of exercises; yoga; walking. I even used to exercise with weight equipment earlier. I eat a lot, but I mostly eat only healthy food. Actually, in my school and college days, because of my height and weight, I was selected for strength sports like Discus, Javelin and Shot Put. I was also into Powerlifting. Although I left all that long back, I maintained the exercises. I do yoga and walking. In the last few years after I have come to this city, I haven't done any heavy exercises with equipment. That is why I've put on quite some weight from the last time you saw me eight years back. But I continue the other exercises. That is why I'm so fit and strong even now. So lifting you is like nothing to me. In fact I can't even feel your weight now that you are sitting on my lap. You look at yourself, I'm a full head taller than you. And I'm in fact one and a half times your weight. So you are like a grown up baby sitting on his big mommy's lap. I wouldn't mind if you called me Mummy too."

Aunty looked at me and laughed out loud. As for me, I was wondering what immense strength this old lady had. The way she was holding me, she was not at all putting any effort to hold me forcefully on her lap. She has just casually wrapped her big fat arms all around my body. But even then I was somehow trapped inside her lap, just because of the sheer weight of her hands and the strong, firm hold she had on my body. There was no way I could free my hands or legs or my body from her hold. It seemed that she had held me in such a way upon her lap, that I just couldn't move.

Aunty's voice brought me back to reality, "I have been talking all this time and told you a lot about myself. So now you tell me. I have been thinking a lot about you since you left in the afternoon. I just cannot understand how you could recognise me after 8 years, when we never talked earlier, nor have we met each other earlier? I don't even remember seeing you at all in your College. And you remembered me after 8 years when I've put on so much weight and in a totally different city. It totally beats me."

"I told you na Aunty, I recognised you by your height and figure.' I said, smiling up at her. Yes, I was actually looking up to her. Although she had made me sit across her lap, I was held lying on her body in a cradle position, with her arms holding me tightly around my back and over my thighs.

Aunty shook her head, "There were other women also with tiffins for their boys. And if not as tall as me, there would definitely be a few of them, taller than your puny 5'3" height. How did you remember Me particularly ? There's a naughty smile on your face. Did you boys play any prank on me without me coming to know ? Or did you give me any funny name ? Tell me what it is."

I said, "No no Aunty, nothing like that. No pranks, I can tell you that at least. Please don't ask me anything more."

She caught on to it, "There ! I told you there's something more. You have to tell me now. If you don't tell me, I'll come to your office tomorrow to pick you up on my scooter." 

I chuckled, "Tomorrow is Sunday, Aunty. You can come, but I'll not be there in the office." I was having fun teasing her. 

"Ohh ! Very smart eh ! I know how to make you talk. Just you wait." She was smiling, but showing a mock anger. Aunty got up from the sofa. I went up with her too, in her arms and cradle. She started walking with me held tightly on her breasts. She was giving me a mischievous smile as she walked, carrying me in her arms

I protested, "Aunty, Aunty, where are you carrying me ?"

Imagine the scene, a tall old woman of 53 years was holding an adult man of 28 years captive, cradled in her arms and casually walking with him in her arms, carrying him away against his wishes.  

She looked down at me, held helplessly in her arms and said, "If you don't tell me, I'll carry you like this and stand on the balcony. Or better still, I'll carry you downstairs in the compound. Then the whole locality will see that an adult man is so weak and helpless that he cannot free himself from the arms of an old woman." 

I laughed in her face, "I know you are bluffing, Aunty. You can't carry me in your arms in public here. You live in this apartment, I don't. So, you have to answer your neighbours' queries as to why you are carrying a fully grown-up adult man in your arms. What will you tell them ?"

Aunty laughed, "You seem to be a very smart guy. But I'll make you talk, wait." She seemed desperate to do something drastic now. 

She carried me to her bedroom. I was still held in her two arms in a cradle. She pulled me a little high up on her body. Then without putting me down, she let go of her hand which was under my knees and again caught me instantly around my thighs with the same hand. She then released her hand which was behind my back and brought it also under my buttocks, to hold me firmly to the front of her body. My legs were now dangling in front of her. My arms on an impulse went around her neck and shoulders. She held me up straight against her body with both her hands wrapped under my bottom. My head was on the same level as hers. That means my feet must be hanging 8 inches over the ground, since she was 5'11" against my 5'3". 

Then she did another thing. She shifted one of her hands from behind my back and put it under my armpit. Then she did the same with the other hand, and put it under my other armpit. So she was now holding up my body, with her two hands under my armpits.

I was astonished, "Aunty what is this ? I'm not a 5 year old boy that you are playing with my body in the air. You are changing positions holding me without even putting me down. I can't believe that you are actually an old woman of 53 years !"

Aunty was laughing, "See at 53, I'm actually a middle aged woman and not yet an old woman. You think I'm old because you are only 28 years old. What can I do if you are so small and weak and helpless in the arms of this old woman ? To make you feel better, just imagine that I'm a man of 53 years and you are a small girl of 5 years. Then you won't have any inferiority complex."

I said, "What ! You are calling me a 5 year old Girl being lifted and carried around by you, a Man of 53 years. You have done a role reversal for me."

Aunty laughed, "Ok Beta, I'll not reverse my role. In that case you can imagine that you are a little girl of 5 years on your big tall Mommy's lap and then you will not feel shy in my arms."

I said, "Enough Aunty. You are teasing me now. But aunty, what are you trying to do with me hanging like this from your hands ?"

Aunty gave me a crooked smile, "Just wait and see smart guy. Now either you tell me what you are hiding or else you are going up that six and a half feet Godrej almirah." 

I looked back startled. Yes, she was standing in front of a tall steel almirah, with me held under my armpits, my feet hanging in front of her.  

I screamed, "Aunty, nooo … please don't put me up there, please..."

She started laughing, lifting me a little high up over her head now, threatening to put me up on the almirah. "Ok, tell me then …"

My voice was pleading, "Aunty I can't tell you, what will you think of me ?...". I couldn't complete my sentence. She jerked her hands up, so that my body went up higher. In the same flow, she caught me with her hands around my waist. Then with another thrust she put me on top of the almirah. I was sitting with my legs hanging down. I saw Aunty back up from the almirah laughing and clapping.

At first I was stunned by what had actually happened. A 53 year old woman has just now physically lifted and almost as if thrown a 28 year adult man on top of a six and a half feet almirah. It was like big tall old Aunty was handling me literally like a rag doll. 

I had a fear of heights; not that much, but still I was afraid to jump from this height. I just looked helplessly at Aunty. She was still laughing. She said, "I'm now going. My domestic help Aaliya, will be coming a little later. Let her see you sitting on top of the almirah. You explain to her how you got there. By the way, Aaliya is around 40. She is tall and wiry. You request her; she will help you to get down. Although not as tall as me; she is taller than you. She will be able to reach on top of the almirah. You can let yourself down into her arms. She will hold you around your thighs and catch you in her arms. Or else, you can sit on her shoulders and she will bring you down. I'm going now. Bye."

I screamed, "No, Aunty, nooo…!!  Please don't go. I'll tell you, whatever you want to know. Just get me down from here."

Aunty was happy, "That's like a good boy. So, tell me."

I said, "I'll tell you. But first please take me down. I'm feeling jittery."

Aunty came forward with her arms extended, "Oh my baby is scared ! Ok dear, come down, come to Mommy. Just ease your body down in my hands, I'll catch you."

My legs were hanging already over the almirah top. Aunty placed her hands on my thighs and gave a slight pull. I slid down the almirah. I thought I would fall if Aunty couldn't catch me. I panicked. But Aunty did catch me. She put her arms around my thighs and lowered me onto her breasts. I immediately put my arms around her neck, tightly hugging her shoulders. I wrapped my legs around her waist, in case I slipped from her hands. My head went over one of her shoulders. She hugged me tightly to her breasts and started laughing. I was so shocked, I hid my face inside the crook of her neck. Her long hair fell all over my head and hid my face inside her long wide neck. She was now slowly walking around the room holding me on her breasts in a front straddle carry. Aunty started to slowly rock me in her arms and was consoling me. "I'm so sorry baby, I scared you. I'll never do this again. Don't worry baby, you are now in momma's safe hands. Momma will not let you fall. Come now, tell momma, what are you hiding from me? What is it that you don't want to tell me ? Just tell me, how is it that you remembered me so clearly even after eight long years ? What prank did you and your friends play on me ? Or did you call me names ? What names ? Ostrich? Coconut tree ? Lambu aunty ? What ? Tell me ? Don't feel shy, I'll not mind anything. I'm very sporting. Tell me dear…"

She pulled out my face from inside her neck. With her so many questions all at one time, I started laughing. My face was right in front of hers, sitting on her stomach, held tightly to her breasts by her strong hands. My arms were also tightly wrapped around her neck. I was feeling like I was on my dream joy ride.

I smiled sweetly at her and said, "Aunty, I had a massive crush on you ! I was madly in love with you !"

Aunty was stunned for a few seconds. I thought that she would get angry or upset. But instead, she burst out laughing. She went into a paroxysm of laughter. She doubled up and bent down with laughter. I was afraid that I would fall from her hands. I hugged her more tightly. But she didn't let me fall. She was also holding me with both her hands strongly under my buttocks. She stood up slowly, still laughing in short bursts.

She tried to speak in between her spasms of laughter, "You had what ?? You had a crush on me? You fell in love with me ? You said you were just 20 years then ; that means I was 45; older by 25 years, meaning I was more than double your age. And you say that I am as old as your mother ; and even then you fell in love with me ? Why ??"

I meekly said, "I told you na, I was crazy about your fantastic height and magnificent figure. I just used to stand behind you and kept on comparing our heights and size. I felt so good feeling so small standing beside you."

Aunty was still in her laughing phase. "This is really crazy ! Aisa bhi hota hai kya ? I'm a 5'11" old woman and you are a 5'3" young man. And you feel good just because you are so much smaller than a woman ? But my figure was big and broad even then; it was not slim and proportionate. How could you like my figure ?"

I said, "I love tall, big, strong women. That has been my fantasy since my adolescence. You had the ideal figure. I didn't even look at your age. For me you were my dream girl."

Aunty just hugged me tight and kissed me all over my face, except my lips. It was so sudden and so unexpected, I was dazed. She said, "Oh God ! Why didn't you just tell me once back then. I was going through such a bad phase at that time. If I only knew that a young college guy, 25 years younger than me, was so madly in love with me and my big tall figure..…"

She paused. Halted in her walk suddenly, then gave out a short gasp !!….."Oh no ! Oh God no ! This can't happen….." 

She didn't complete the sentence, she just pulled my face down inside her neck and kept me pressed inside her body. Holding me with my face buried inside her neck, my body hugged tightly on her breasts, she stood still for some time, as if thinking deeply. 

Then she started walking. She carried me to her bed and sat down cross legged with her back resting on the bedhead. She laid me across on her lap. My head was on her fat left thigh resting on her knee, my body lying across her lap. She took a pillow and put it under her left thigh, so that her thigh got raised. Accordingly my face got raised in front of her left breast. She removed her sari pallu and loosened her blouse. She took my face in front of her left breast and then covered my face with her pallu back in place. She put her long fat fingers through my hair and was lightly scratching my head and combing my hair with her long fingers. She put her right hand inside her pallu and guided my lips on the hard nipple of her big solid breast. My lips automatically closed around it. My right hand was behind her back. My left hand was lying on the bed. She took my left hand and guided it on her solid, big, full right breast. It was quite a handful for me. My face was still covered, my eyes were closed under her pallu, my lips were busy. Her right hand rested on my arm. She held my hand tightly, lovingly. I was in a different world, lying on her big soft lap, it was feeling like the softest bed I have ever laid on. 

Holding me lying across her lap, my face still covered under her pallu, my lips on one of her breasts, my hand squeezing her other breast, she started talking to me, "You know dear, when my husband died in a car accident, I was married for only 6 months then. At that time I was one month pregnant. I was 25 years old then. My parents and other family members insisted that it will be difficult to raise a baby on my own and my whole life was still left ahead. They persuaded me to go for an abortion. I had an inner feeling that it was a baby boy I was carrying. He would have been your age if he was born. After all these years, I have found my unborn son in you. You know dear why you were attracted to me, my height, my big broad figure, when you saw me? Because you were actually mine. When I left you, you were born in your mother's womb. When you saw me at your 20 years of age, you automatically got attracted towards me. You thought it was love. Yes, it was. But of a different kind."

Now this was getting a little too much. I didn't believe in all this nonsense of rebirth and all. I took my face out from under her pallu. I felt odd, lying on her lap, with my head raised resting on her thigh, right in front of her breasts. To look up at her face, lying on her lap like a baby, her big breasts were blocking my view of her face.  But still I said, "Aunty, what are you saying ? There's no logic or science behind what you are saying. I liked you then as a beautiful woman; your magnificent height and your massive size.  And even now, when you are an old woman of 53 years, and I'm a young man of 28, I am still madly in love with you, just because you are so much taller and bigger and stronger than me. You are exactly how I have fantasised about my girlfriend in my daydreams all these years. It's only that you are 53 years and I'm 28. This is the only hurdle I'm facing now. Although I don't care about this age difference, my parents, society, and the world will not approve of this. Maybe even you. But everything about you is magical to me. The way you hold me weak and helpless in your arms and lap; the ease with which you carry me around as if I weigh nothing; the way you have to bend your head down to smile at me from your magnificent almost 6 feet height, with me either standing in front of you or lying helplessly in your cradle; each and everything of yours, matches my fantasy daydreams. Even now, the way you are holding me across your lap and breastfeeding me, I am feeling so ecstatic and excited."

Aunty was looking down at me with a heavenly smile on her face, her one hand resting on my chest and the other on my head, her fingers playing with my hair. She said, "Alright dear, to you, let me be your tall, big, dream-woman who will lift and carry you and love you. And for me, let me imagine that you are my baby who I can feed and care for. Let this be a win-win situation for both of us." 

She guided my lips to her full hard nipple on her big round soft breast. She continued scratching my head lightly and said, "Now you listen to me, don't say no to what I'm saying. As I told you, this chance meeting of ours, eight years later, is nothing less than destiny. Tomorrow is Sunday. We will go and fetch all your belongings from your flat. Don't worry, I'll talk to your landlord and explain everything why you have to vacate his flat without any notice. We will settle everything as per the agreement. But from this moment onwards, this is your house too. You will live with me from now on. Don't say no. We will jointly tackle all issues as they come. We will discuss each issue later, but for now, let me enjoy breastfeeding my baby after 28 years. As for you, you can enjoy lying on your dream-woman's lap and enjoy being breastfed by your big, tall, 53 year old girlfriend or wife, whichever you want to imagine. Now no more talk, let me just enjoy my moment of ultimate happiness…"

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