Taare Zameen Par - Part 2

Taare Zameen Par - Part 2

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Ishan is married, he has a son. Named Ashish, he was good at his studies, and studying in a boarding school. He often gets trophies and certificates. Ashish is often sad, he has a sister, named Nikhita. But he has never seen her.

{4 years later....}

Ashish’s parents along with his sister “Nikhita” have been transferred to Dubai. Ashish was very sad, but happy too, because he was promoted to class 10th.

{3 years later....}

Ashish is in tension, today is the day of 12th standard’s final exam’s results........

A happy news, he got 96% {pre-degree} and one letter too.... Hey, wow! it’s an invitation from his father to Dubai and some money too..... The school had good days with Ashish.

{Ashish reached Dubai....}

Ashish was going to his house. When he entered the house. He heard a silent prayer going on.... He asked one person “what's going on”.

The person replied “Mrs and Mr.Ishan died....they met with an accident".

Ashish shouted loudly “Ohh...my parents”... Hearing this voice a 5 year old girl comes near Ashish and calls out “brother”.....Ashish asked - “Are you Nikitha?”

She replied “Yes”.

They were very sad because they lost the 2 main things of there life,

That's a mother and a father.....

The end


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