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Agarwal Prerna

Drama Inspirational

Swaad : Maa ke Haath ka khana

Swaad : Maa ke Haath ka khana

2 mins

At the tender age of 72... there she was….sitting alone...hoping to be called out. With high diabetes, partial eyesight loss & various health issues bothering her and no one to talk to ...she was slowly moving towards depression.

Her eyes looking into Oblivion ...longing with the desire to be looked after, pampered, being taken care the same way she did for her kids.

With people around, she behaved like a child... hoping for attention which she so desperately needed.

She had a family, husband, kids, ggrandkids, but all were busy with their lives. They came, they talked... but it wasn't enough. She wanted full attention and made her diseases an excuse to talk & make them stay longer. 

She felt lonely & bored. People kept telling her to do something to keep her busy...but what could she have done? With partial sight loss...she could not do simple things too.

She was a very social person and had always liked to talk but with time... that was no more an option.

"Who has time in the world to listen to other people's worries when they are busy solving the puzzle of their own lives."

It was not that her sons didn't care or didn't want to….but they were toys in the hands of destiny...although it could not be an excuse.

If somebody could help was only HER !!

"She was the answer to her loneliness."

As a Mother, her basic instinct was to cook for her child and it was in Cooking that she found her passion and a key to fight loneliness.

She started making food for others who were craving for a gastronomic and soulful pleasure, which can only be felt if a mother cooks it with her love & warmth . She made many beautiful relationships & then started a platform for other women too.... who like her had forgotten to live and named it  -

"Swaad- Maa ke Haath ka khana" - Naye Rishte Banane ka Ek Avsar.

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