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Tanmay Chandak



Tanmay Chandak


Spam E-Mail

Spam E-Mail

11 mins

Chapter 1- The inception of love

Dear Tanmay,

I am Akinyi Raily Odinga, 21 years old. I am the princes of Kenya and daughter of the Kenyan king, his excellency, Makena Raily Odinga. Kenyan military Gen. Balsara Chiumbo killed my family and overthrew the government. I am in his captivity in Nairobi Central Jail. Our fortune worth $10 Billion has been ceased by Gen. Chiumbo. I need your help. I would like to know more about your country and hobbies. Please reply. God bless you!

Dear Princess,

I am deeply saddened at your loss. I am 24 years old from Mumbai, India. India is a good place to live in. I love writing, singing and trekking. Please let me know how can I help you. I am waiting for your response.

Hello Tanmay,

Firstly, I thank you for your reaction to my email. It has been extremely difficult to connect with you. The only person in this prison I can trust is the Pastor Jude Patrick. My dear, I want to go back to my studies because I only attended my first year before the tragic incident that led to my being in this situation now took place. I want to live a normal life again. Attached are my photos. I would like to see you too!

Please listen to this, I have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me, which I will send to you later, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading Foreign bank in India, which he used my name as the next of kin, the total amount, is $ 5.6 Million Dollars. So, I will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it, you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. The Pastors Tel number is + 254 938146**. If you call and tell him that you want to speak with me (Akinyi) he will send for me in the hostel. Meanwhile, please send me your Bank details and all the relevant documents to transfer you the money. God bless you!

Hi Akinyi!

Do not worry about anything. You have already been through a lot! I will help you out with your money transfer and documentation. I will talk to the Pastor in need. These are my bank details

Name- Tanmay Chandak

Bank Name- State Bank of India

Ac No.- 202132420***

IFSC- **IN0000***

Address- Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, India- 400705

Take care miss Odinga. And remember that you have a well-wisher in Mumbai. And yes, I have attached my photos to this email. I hope you like me.


I don’t have much time so I will directly come to the point. We were not able to transfer the money in your account since Gen. Chiumbo has locked our international accounts. Please believe in me and my God and transfer me $500 so that I can at least get started with the passport and visa process to come to meet you in Mumbai.

Please send the money. Bank details are

Name- Akinyi Raily Odinga

Bank Name- Cooperative Bank of Kenya

Ac No.- 000061341998***

IFSC- **KEN00***

PS- I like your photos.

Oh God! Akinyi,

I have transferred the $500 in your account. Just take care and be aware. I hope the pastor helps you out with all his might. I am worried about you. I will pray for your wellbeing.

Dear Tanmay,

I am Reverend Jude Patrick. Princess Akinyi has been moved to dark cell because Gen. Chiumbo came to know about our plan. She will not be able to mail you for a month. God be with you.

Dear Reverend,

I have been trying to reach you on tel. + 254 938146**. Please let me know if the number has been changed. I want to talk to Akinyi.

Dear Reverend,

It has been two months. Is Akinyi still in the dark cell?

Dear Akinyi,

I have been trying to reach you. In case you are reading my mails and not been able to reply, just know that you still have a place in Mumbai and are always welcome. I am waiting for you. Attached are a few more pictures of mine to cheer you up! Don’t lose hope!

Dear Akinyi,

I have been saving money to come to Kenya for 2 years. I will be there on coming Friday. You must be 23 now. Just to let you know, I am good and been working with a good company. I hope Pastor Jude is taking good care of you. I hope you are not hurt. It gives me chills to even imagine if something bad has happened to you. See you soon. Bye.

Chapter 2- Catharsis

I think we should tell him the truth before he comes to Kenya”, says Chuki to her manager Patrick.

He is the biggest fool I have ever seen in my life. I don’t care what he does and neither should you. I have asked you many times to block his email and delete his pictures. You never listened to me. Don’t tell me that you have developed feelings for him!”, slams Patrick as he shuts down his computer and asks Chuki to go back to business at the midnight hour in the street full of customers and glasses filled with liquor. Chuki knows in her heart that Tanmay will come no matter what. And when he actually does, what will she tell him about Akinyi?


Passengers are requested to fasten their seat belts. The flight to Nairobi is about to take off in 2 minutes.

Tanmay’s stomach gives out a loud grunt. Take off has always been easy for him, but the picture of Akinyi in his hand and her memories has made him anxious. His plan is simple, rescue Akinyi. As he looks at her dark brown face, carbon black curly hair, glaring eyes, glittery white royal gown, and her sparkling smile, he forgets about his worries and sleeps. Flight arrived in the morning. His cabby was ready with a Tanmay Chandak Signage at the Nairobi airport.

Take me directly to the Kenyan Central Jail”, says Tanmay in a stern voice to the cabby.

Are you here on Government business sir?”, asks cabby with a puzzled look on his face.

No. It’s a personal matter. Just take me there please.

Tanmay gets down from the cab in hurry and asks the cabby to wait. Heads straight to the guard and asks him about Akiny in rage! Guard looked puzzled and asked his passport. He has prepared for this moment a lot of times in his head and he wouldn’t give up easily. Repeatedly the guard denied his story and Tanmay kept on asking guard to let Princess Akinyi go. Guards started laughing on hearing the full account, “Mpaka!”… “Mpaka!”… “You are foolish!”…

The cabby comes to Tanmay and pleads him to make his way for the hotel, “Please don’t argue with them sir. I think you have got some wrong information. It's better if you spend your days here sightseeing and leave.” Tanmay could not digest what just happened. He reaches his hotel room makes himself comfortable and stares outside the window. “Why were the guards laughing? What did they mean by Mpaka? Am I really foolish for trying to rescue the Princess? What is this feeling, of lost love or of hopelessness?” It was midnight hour and Tanmay steps down to have food. The capital city seemed lively just like Mumbai but with a starrier sky. His eyes search for restaurant boards and road signages. ‘Mpaka Road’ the sign board reads. Tanmay’s brain jolts him and his feet moves towards the road. He knows he is one step closer to the princess... his princess.

Mpaka Road is the street full of customers and glasses filled with liquor. Women on both the sides of the road call out men to enjoy the night with them. Tanmay paces forward without looking either side. His eyes try to escape the seductive glances and gestures of women to search the face of women he has been wanting to meet for two years. He finds a crowded restaurant and sits. He orders Sukuma Wiki and tries to get over his unbelievable reality. Why would central jail guards mention the name of a brothel street… and before the thought could complete in his mind, the waitress arrives with Sukuma Wiki. He stops waitress and asks her about Princess Akinyi and shows her the pictures he has been carrying. Waitress leaves and comes back with two men. They throw Tanmay out on the street. He gets up on his feet only to drop his jaw back on the ground. His heart skips a beat and the water in his eyes gushes out. He couldn’t believe Akinyi is standing in front of him. They just glare at each other.

I told you to stay inside Chuki!”, enraged Patrick says to Chuki.

Their eyes do not blip. Water in their eyes makes their vision blurry. Involuntarily, their hands hold each other. Enraged voice of Patrick, clattering of plates, chattering of diners and the noises on the street all fades away in the background. They hug each other and burst out laughing.

I knew you will come. I am no princess. I am a waitress at this restaurant.”, says Chuki sobbing and laughing at the same time.

I have come to rescue you”, says Tanmay still glaring at her in disbelief. The woman standing in front of him in short black uniform suddenly seems more beautiful than the woman in white royal gown to him, “Come to Mumbai with me.”

My real name is Chuki. Akinyi means born in the morning but I, Chuki, is born out of hatred. I never imagined I will ever be loved so much. I am sorry to rob you off $500. How could you be so stupid to expect me to reply after robbing you? How can you be so stupid to not see through our fraud? Why do you still love me?”, asks his princess.

Maybe I am a fool, fool in love. I e-mailed you each day for two years just wishing you to be well. I knew if not princess, you could be just any girl who is not doing well in her life to resort to making money out of fraud. I knew someone must be taking advantage of you and still not pay you your share. How could I let it go? I could not let go of the smile you wore”, says Tanmay.

The voices and the sounds come back. Patrick leaves them alone giving in to their display of innocent love. They spend the night together roaming around the Mpaka Road. Akinyi tells him all about the manager Patrick, their ways of performing fraud, the life in brothels and reveals that she never gave in the profession of prostitution despite in need of money. Tanmay told her all about his life in Mumbai and how difficult it has been for him to make this decision to come here in search of her. Mpaka rejoices in joy this night as the innocent love wins over sexual desires and the romance takes over seduction.

For next two days, both of them roam around Kenya and enjoy sightseeing. These two days were enough to fill the emptiness of two years.

Pack your bags. I have booked two tickets to Mumbai”, says Tanmay.

Sorry. I cannot leave Nairobi. My family is here” replies Akinyi.

Tanmay moves closer to her for what he realises will be their last hug. He plants a kiss on her forehead to bode her goodbye. He knew in his heart that he did this for their love. Both were content and filled with tears of joy. They will never forget these two days in their lives. They let go of each other for the sake of their love. Innocent love.

No, it’s not a sad ending. Tanmay returns to Mumbai as a winner as he fulfilled his promise. He rescued Chuki and made her a real princess. She is no more an ordinary waitress. Akinyi is a winner as she fought her way to come out before Tanmay with a risk of losing it all. She dared to tell the truth and so she will never bend before anyone hereafter.

At least promise me that you will reply to my e-mails


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