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Gautam Navapara



Gautam Navapara


Some Dream Shouldn't Come True

Some Dream Shouldn't Come True

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He got down from the bus and made his way to the hospital. Sun had already shut down its orange shine. Lighting on the street was only by the street light of the city. The fragrance of street food approached his nose. His empty stomach rumbled, but he took his mind off from the pangs of hunger. He first wanted to find the hospital in that metro city, Mumbai. She needed him, and he was already too late. He tried to reach her as soon as possible, but things weren’t that easy. He used all of his energy to reach her. He wished to be with her; she wanted him. She needed him most during that hard time, and he was still some distance away from her. His beloved Suman was there in the hospital, maybe because of him.

Mostly he and Suman used to sit on the table facing each other in the canteen. To bunk lectures and sit with your beloved in the canteen is the most beautiful part of college days. However, he and Suman were not a couple. They were friends, best friends. Actually more than friends. Yes, but they had not expressed their feelings yet.

“I Love You,” unexpected but gorgeous three words from a stunning girl in a cute, crazy and little loud tone. She was Suman. He was shocked and surprised. It felt like time had stopped; he was just looking at her with wide eyes.

“I said, I Love You. You idiot. Now say something… hello…,” Suman waved her hand in front of his eyes and took him out from divine shock.

“How... means... you... love... suddenly...,” she stopped him and explained, “You will be an idiot for a lifetime.” she turned his laptop screen to him which she had borrowed from him for some work. WhatsApp chat with one of his friends was on the screen, and the subject of the chat was his love for Suman. Yes, he was dying to tell her those few words. He was dying to express his feelings. He had shared those things with one of his friends. When he came out from all chapters in his mind, he stood up. She stood with wet eyes. They were childhood friends, and now, they were more than even best friends. He hugged her and whispered, “I Love you too.”

All those marvellous memories of her shorten his way to the hospital. As he reached the hospital, he started looking for her. His memories, graceful memories automatically stopped in hurdles of finding her in the hospital. They had built those beautiful memories five years ago.

Now, he was in the hospital. He asked the room number from the receptionist and ran towards ICU. He halted his footsteps when he found her inside the Intensive Care Unit. The meaning of Acronym ICU is enough to put the happiest person into a dreadful shock. He did not remember if he had come to the hospital before. He was standing in front of ICU, and the girl whom he loved was inside.

He was so scared; even his worst nightmare would be less scary. He glanced inside; she was resting unconsciously on the bed. She was breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder extension. Doctors were busy fixing her broken leg with bandages. White tapes surrounded her cute nose and scars on her face. His sweetheart, his Suman, was going through a lot.

“Get out from here; she doesn’t need you,” those were words from her dad. He was coming towards ICU with some medicine in his hand. Her dad hated him. According to her dad, he was not perfect for her daughter because he was earning less than her daughter. He did not know if there was any other reason for her dad’s hatred for him. One year ago, he and Suman broke up because her family was forcing her to get married. He needed some time to be a perfect one in front of her father. They had the option to run away to get married and live together, but it wasn’t on their to-do list. They wouldn’t marry against their family at all. After break up, she filled her life with drinks and office work until late at night. He was not aware of this. He had tried to contact her to talk with her, but life wasn’t that simple. Not anymore.

Before her dad could attack him with more humiliating words, another family was coming to talk with Suman’s family, her fiancé’s parents. They were not here for sympathy, but to end the relationship that they had shaped just a month before. Her fiancé’s parents could not let their son marry a girl who was raped. Yeah, Suman was raped while returning from her office and met with a dreadful accident while escaping.

No one helped her that night. Few people passed from there, but they just watched her begging for help on the road. Her fiancé’s father was explaining to Suman’s family why they could not go ahead with this relationship. How can anyone do something like this? His son could not live with a girl who was raped. What would people think? Those were words of her fiancé’s parents. Those monsters gave her one scar, and because of that one scar, people were giving her another scar which was so far bigger than the first one. Was that fair? What was her fault? Why was she suffering? He was out of his control by thinking all those stuff. He found the courage and raised his voice against her fiancé’s parents, “how can you do this?” Before her fiancé’s dad could say anything to him, Suman’s dad slapped him.

Suddenly he woke up. That slap kicked him out from that horrible dream. He put his hands on his face and wiped his tears. He thanked God that was only a dream. He dialled Suman’s number. It was just four in the morning. She cut the call. He tried again, but maybe she wasn’t awake yet, or she wasn’t in the state of picking up his call. The whole day he was engrossed in work.

Sometimes dreams aren’t just dreams. They are an alert alarm. What he had seen was not only a dream, because that’s what exactly happened the very next day.

After getting slapped, he sat next to her father in the hospital. Her fiancé’s parents were gone. Her mother was sobbing and asking herself, “Who will marry my girl now?” “What will happen?” she cried out on each of her thoughts. He went to her and gave her shoulder for support. “I will,” he said, wiping his tears. “I will,” he repeated. Her dad was not angry with him anymore; his heart was broken from inside. That was the worst day for her dad, for Suman’s mom, and for him. Through his eyes, he asked for permission to meet Suman. Her dad couldn’t speak anything, but his wet eyes replied. He went into the room. She was resting in bed unconsciously. He took her hand in his hand.

“Hey, dear, I am so sorry. I know, I am late. You have to fight. I know you can do it. I know because I love you, and I want you to get well soon. You do not deserve this, and you will be fine soon I know, you are my heartbeat and I don’t want to see you going away from me. Time made us drift apart, but I was always thinking about you. I just cannot imagine life without you, and how can I? Let’s spend the rest of life together. I will make you happiest woman alive. Please come back soon. Your Udgam is waiting for you…”

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