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Average Guy

Drama Romance Fantasy


Average Guy

Drama Romance Fantasy

Simran Bua

Simran Bua

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It has been almost six months since I've been posted in Chandigarh. I was working as an Administrative Manager of a Marketing company there. The one place which I always had longed to visit in Punjab was Amritsar. My work was however office based, so I hardly got a chance to travel. There was a young executive in my team, Manjeet, with whom I was having a casual discussion one day, when there was not much work. I came to know that he basically belongs to a village near Amritsar, but his parents had come and settled in Chandigarh quite some years back. On learning about my interest in Amritsar, he offered that he can take me to his village home. There I would be able to witness the fresh village atmosphere of Punjab and also make a trip to Amritsar, which was just about an hour's drive from his village. 

It so happened that we had a holiday on a Monday in September. Since that Saturday, we did not have much work pressure, so we decided to take Saturday off, to make it a long weekend. Manjeet suggested that rather than train, we travel by a luxury bus, so that we can go through small towns and villages to get the rustic flavour of rural Punjab. 

So we were on an early morning bus for a short get away from office work. The journey was thoroughly enjoyable... the stop-over for hot Alu Parathas with lots of butter and fresh curd, topped up with a big glass of Lassi...just exhilarating ! 

We got down at a small town about 40 kms before Amritsar. From there we took another local bus to Manjeet's village. On the journey, he had given me a briefing about his village home. It seems that now his father and all his uncles had moved out of the village. His father settled in Chandigarh, one uncle in Delhi and two others in Canada. They had all sold some of their village landed properties. The rest of the landed properties were all made out in the name of their cousin sister, Simran, who stayed back in the village. This Simran Bua of Manjeet was unmarried, around 42 years of age. She used to take care of the agricultural fields that had now come under her name. She had trusted workers / farmers, whom she used to manage and did generate quite a decent income selling her crops and farm products. She was quite an independent and strong lady and Manjeet was all praise for his Simran Bua. ( Bua means Aunt, father's sister, in hindi / punjabi). Manjeet said that we'll be staying in Bua's house for these 3 days. 

Throughout the journey, the more I saw the beauty of rural Punjab, the more I loved it. As it is, I liked the abundance of health in the Punjabis; tall and well built people. Look at Manjeet, a strapping six footer young man. He towered over my 5 feet 3 inches and 63 kgs figure. In my 40 years of age, due to lack of any physical exercise, I had even started developing a slight paunch. I became all the more conscious and envious when I saw the handsome Punjabi men and women all around me.

We reached Manjeet's village house, a medium sized old fashioned single storied Bungalow, around 10 in the morning. A big black Qualis was parked in the spacious courtyard, along with a motorbike and a tractor. Manjeet said that all these belonged to his Bua and she had agreed to lend the car to us for our sightseeing visit to Amritsar. As we climbed the few steps up the house, I saw a big middle aged lady sitting on a large sofa on the covered patio of the bungalow. Manjeet whispered to me that that's his Bua. He went and touched her feet as per the traditions of showing respect to the elders, which is all the more strict in the rural areas. Manjeet introduced me as his boss and sales manager of the company. I didn't know what to do, as she was only two years older to me. But considering that she was Manjeet's aunt, I also bent down to touch her feet. She held my arms mid way before I could touch her feet, saying, "Arrey, what are you doing ? You are Mannu's boss and my guest …". She stood up and it was then that I noticed… She just went up and up and up…

When she finally stood in front of me, my head was much below her shoulders; my face was at the level of her big breasts. She was an Amazon of a woman. Everything about her was huge. As I learnt later, she was 6 feet 3 inches and 140 kgs. She completed her sentence…"...You are Mannu's boss and my guest. Your place is not on my feet but in my heart." Saying this, she bent down a little to lower her face closer to mine and hugged me to her huge body. I was totally engulfed inside her. My face got lost in between her two huge but super soft breasts. Two big, fat arms held me tightly inside her body. Then she straightened up to her full height. I went up with her too, my feet were dangling almost a foot above the ground. I was covered from all the sides by her massive arms. I heard her laugh and speak to Manjeet, "Arrey Mannu, yeh tera Boss toh chhota bachha jaisa hai rey. Kitna halka hai...isko toh mey godi mey utha key pura gaon ghoom sakti hoon…". ( "Mannu, your Boss is like a small child. He is so light...I can carry him in my lap and take him around the whole village.") She continued giggling like a teenage girl, with me helplessly hanging from her massive arms.

I heard Manjeet whisper, "Kya kar rahi ho Bua ? ( What are you doing, Bua ?) Put him down... you are embarrassing him."

She put me down immediately but held on to my shoulders at her arm's length. She looked down at me and said, "I'm so sorry Beta, you are so small and cute, I got carried away. Please don't mind this old woman's tantrums. Please tell me you didn't mind." She bent her head down and held my chin and turned my face up to look into her eyes, smiling down sweetly at me. 

I said shyly, "No, no, you are Manjeet's you are my Bua too. I didn't mind." 

She laughed again, throwing her head back and hugged me again to her breasts. This time out of courtesy, I hugged her back. I mean, I tried to hold her with my arms around her waist, but my hands only reached half way, she was so big. 

Pleasantries completed, she led me inside the house. I moved alongside her, held by her hand around my shoulder, totally in awe with this giant of a woman. I felt like a dwarf walking beside her. But she was so sweet and courteous to me that I gradually overcame the initial embarrassment which I felt when she scooped me up in her arms. In fact Manjeet was himself so embarrassed at his aunt's initial over enthusiastic welcome lift to me, that he fell unusually silent. 

She led us to the dining table where two maids were laying down elaborate punjabi breakfast for all of us. She did not listen to my request that I cannot eat as we already had our breakfast midway, when the bus halted at a Dhaba (roadside eatery on the highway). She made me sit beside her. Even sitting at the dinner table beside her, I felt that I still did not reach her shoulder level. I saw her hands beside mine and they were simply massive. She had beautiful waist length black hair, which she tied up in a bun behind her head, exposing her immense wide shoulders and thick long neck. I was dumbstruck with her colossal beauty. She had beautiful nordic features, high cheekbones, wide jawline and her skin soft and glowing, much in contrast to her 42 years of age. Even with her gigantic size, her movements were quite fluid. Since her arms were just beside me on the dining table, I could see that there was hardly any fat in her body. It was all solid but not at all muscular; her huge body was an epitome of feminine beauty. 

She was talking enthusiastically to me all through. But one thing disturbed me… while talking to me she was addressing me as "Beta" (meaning "Son"). Was it just because of my small height and weight and especially compared to her, she thought that my age was closer to her nephew Manjeet's ? It is very possible that Manjeet had not told her about my age and she was making her own assumptions by my size. I'll have to check this out with Manjeet.

Meanwhile, Simran Bua was talking away with me, "I heard Beta, that you are interested to see Amritsar. I'll tell you what to do. See, in Amritsar there are three main places you definitely must visit. Obviously the Swarn Mandir, the Golden Temple is number one. Then you must see Jalianwala Bagh. And last but not the least, the 'Beating the Retreat' at Wagah border of Pakistan. There are other tourist spots too, which you can visit provided you get time, but these three are must. What I suggest Beta is, since you already have had a long journey this morning, you take some rest now for a few hours. Then after lunch we'll start. I'll also come with you two, haven't been to Swarn Mandir for a long time. It will take about 1 hour to reach Amritsar. Since it will already be late in the afternoon, I think we should finish off Wagah border today itself. Tomorrow we'll visit the rest. It will take 1 hour from Amritsar to Wagah. We have to reach there by 4 pm or even earlier. The show starts at 5.15 pm." 

Addressing Manjeet, she said, "So, Mannu, if we start immediately after lunch, by 1.30 - 2 pm, it should be ok. Tu drive kar payega or shall I take the driver ? (Will you be able to drive?)"

Manjeet said, "No problem, Bua, I'll drive. In that case, Bua, what I'll do is, let me visit some of my friends and come back in an hour's time. Let Sir take some rest. I'll be back before lunch time. We'll have lunch and then start. Can I take the bike, Bua ?"

Simran said, "Ok Beta, but don't be late. Otherwise we'll not get good seats at Wagah."

Manjeet got up. He said to me, "Sir, you take some rest, I'll just be back. Haven't met my friends for a long time. I have kept both our bags in the room. Bua will show you." 

I knew Manjeet was trying to avoid me even now. He has still not got over my lifting embarrassment in the arms of Bua.

Simran took me to the room allotted for us. It was a very large room with all exquisite wooden furniture. It had all the modern amenities, even a split AC...All these facilities in the village... I didn't expect this. She said, "Beta, you freshen up and change to something comfortable. If you feel hot, I'll put the AC on. If you want, take a small nap."

I said, "I'm fine Bua, I don't need a nap. I'll just change my clothes. You go and take some rest."

She went away. I changed into a soft cotton Tee shirt and a pair of Bermudas. There were two separate single beds, quite wide apart. I took the one farthest from the door and lay down. I was thinking of Simran, her immense size was one which I had never seen of any woman ever. Can you imagine 6'3" and 140 kgs...Immense volume, solid mass...incredible colossal beauty ! And the way she picked me up and held me…as if I weighed nothing... amazing strength !

There was a knock on the door. I had not bolted it from inside. Simran came in, smiling. "I was thinking that since you will not be taking a nap, let me give you some company. Otherwise you will be bored sitting all alone." 

I sat up on the bed. Simran came and stood beside me. "Come let me show you my house," she said. I started to get down from the bed. Before I put my sleepers on, Simran scooped me up in her arms cradling me up like a baby. One of her massive arms was around my back, the other arm was under my thighs, totally capturing me in her two hands. I had instinctively put my arms around this huge woman's neck. Since she had lifted me very high up just under her face, I was afraid I'd fall. She started laughing at my startled expression. "Don't worry dear, you are so light, I'll not let you fall. Even if I hold you for the whole day, I'll not be tired. Please don't mind, you are so cute and so small I could not resist picking you up in my arms." She started walking with me cradled on her big breasts, out of the room. 

I said, "Bua, what are you doing ? Your maids will be there, what will they think if they see me like this in your cradle ?" 

She smiled looking down at me, "Don't worry dear. I have asked them to go. Nobody's there now, just you and me. Also, you needn't call me Bua anymore, call me Simran. Mannu had called me up just now from outside. He told me that you are just 2 years younger than me. You are so small, I had thought you would be less than 25. That's why I was calling you Beta. It's good for me though, because I'm already starting to like you a lot. I couldn't possibly love a guy 20 years younger than me. 2 years difference is acceptable." 

She had come out of the room and was slowly making a tour of her house carrying me in her arms, showing me around and talking to me all the while. I was floating in the air in her massive arms. She now entered a big room, beautifully laid out. It seemed obviously to be her bedroom. She went and stood in front of a large full length mirror on the wall, beside a big dresser. 

When I looked in the mirror, for a moment I couldn't recognise myself. It was as if I was looking at a giant of a woman carrying a 5 year old boy in her cradle. She was holding me so high up on her body, even higher than her breasts. My face was just beneath hers. She looked sweetly into my eyes, bent her head and pulled my face towards her. First she gave a series of short kisses all over my face. She ended up on my lips. Then she crushed my lips with a strong and hard kiss. She twirled her big tongue inside my mouth, and started to moan in pleasure. She was swaying from side to side, slowly rocking my body. It was a strange feeling for me. I was feeling helpless in the captivity of this extraordinarily huge woman. I knew she could do anything with me the way she was holding me so high up... I was totally unable to move. But she wasn't hurting me. Her hold on me was strong, but not too tight.

My hands were touching her body around her shoulders. Her hands, her shoulders, her neck, everything was so big and solid. I was just overwhelmed at the mere size and mass of her body. But even being carried over 5 feet off the ground, floating in the arms of this giant woman, an unexplained ecstasy was filling my senses. I felt my whole body responding to her deep kiss...her strong but loving hold. She held me so close to her face, so high up in the air. She was rocking me from side to side like a mother rocks her baby. I felt so small and weak being held so helplessly in her massive hands. She took her tongue out of my mouth and pressed my face inside her big, wide neck. She bent her head a little down, trapping my face inside her neck. Her chin was touching my cheek. Her hair fell across her face and entirely hid my face. She was whispering, "Where were you all these years...I have been waiting for you. You are made for me only…why didn't I find you earlier…". 

She just stood there holding me in her cradle, so high up in the air, rocking me slowly from side to side. Her grip on me was so firm but all so tender, as if I was a baby and she was careful not to hurt me even by mistake. I was lost inside her. My body… she had already captured it. But my mind and senses were also now controlled by this amazon beauty. I felt as if I belonged to her. I somehow felt so safe, so secured, so protected being covered up totally in her massive arms. I felt so comfortable and cosy with her massive breasts supporting my small arms around her neck, my face buried in her wide, soft neck. I totally gave in to the heavenly bliss and lay on her breasts, surrendering myself to the power and control of this 6 feet 3 amazon goddess.

( To be continued…)

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