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Average Guy

Drama Romance


Average Guy

Drama Romance

Simran Bua - 3

Simran Bua - 3

13 mins 1.5K 13 mins 1.5K

Dear Readers, I would request you to please read the first two parts of this series, 'Simran Bua - 1 and 2', to better comprehend the continuity of the story so far…

Simran Bua - 3

We reached Simran's house in another 15 minutes. Simran did not utter a single word during this time, just drove with her eyes on the road. I also did not say anything. But I maintained my hand on her thigh. I was worried that if I removed it, she might feel that I'm trying to distance myself from her. I knew she was emotionally disturbed after what her own nephew Manjeet had said. I didn't want her to feel that I had the same ideas as what Manjeet expressed. I think, since she has developed some sort of emotional bonding with me, she will not be able to withstand any such words from me. 

Simran's house was on the outskirts of Amritsar city. It was not so crowded in this part. It was a small two-storied house. There was a side gate through which the car went inside and she parked at the side of the house, inside the compound. There was a middle aged man who had opened the gates. Simran asked me to follow her up the stairs onto the first floor. The guy, who Simran said was the caretaker of the house, brought our bags upstairs. While walking up the stairs, Simran told me that she uses the ground floor rooms as storage for her farm products in packages for distribution in Amritsar market. The caretaker and his wife also stayed in one of the ground floor rooms. 

The first floor was like a decent flat. A large drawing cum dining space with three rooms and a kitchen. Simran showed me into a room which was quite well furnished. She asked me to freshen up in the attached washroom and then come to the dining area. She went into her room which was just beside mine.

Later, at the dining table, the caretaker's wife was serving us hot Amritsari Kulchas along with some accompaniments and chutney. It was really very tasty. Once done with lunch, we sat on the thick plush sofas, where we were served tall glasses of mixed fruit juice. Simran was quite normal now, casually telling me about her Amritsar operations. She actually was waiting for the maid to clear up the dishes and go downstairs, before she started her main discussion with me. Once the maid left, Simran rose and locked the door from inside so that we were not abruptly disturbed. She came and sat on the sofa opposite mine. I observed that although we were all alone now, she maintained a respectable distance with me. This was very unlike her from her intimate behaviour with me since we met in the morning and even during the car ride here. 

I waited for her to start. She looked at me seriously…. I looked at her with a smiling face. I shifted to the big three seater sofa at the centre and patted the seat beside me asking her to come and sit there. She got up from her single seater sofa and came and sat beside me. I stood up and went and sat on her lap, sideways, the way she was holding me in the car. I put my arms around her neck… looked way up at her face smilingly… touched her cheek with my fingers lightly...and said, "Yes now tell me, what did you want to say ?"

She looked down at me. I know I had baffled her with this approach. She must have rehearsed what she wanted to say to me. But now I've confused her with me willingly going and sitting on her lap. She was taking time to possibly think how to begin...I rested my head on her breasts and said, "Simran, I know what you want to say. You want to know whether what Manjeet said were my thoughts too ? Is that what you want to know ?" 

Although I was sitting on her lap, unlike in the bus, she was not holding me tightly. Her right hand was just supporting my back lightly. Her left hand was placed over my knees, because there was no other place to keep her hands, my legs going across her thighs. In answer to my question, she just nodded her head. I took her left palm inside both my hands. She didn't resist. I said softly, "Yes, what he said about my work, my position, he is correct. Also it is true that my parents are there in our ancestral house in Kolkata. It will not be physically and mentally possible for them to come and live and adjust to a village life so far away from their home in Punjab. Please appreciate that they are living in that city for over 70-80 years. They have their relatives and friends all around. They cannot be just uprooted from their home just for my happiness. This is a practical problem. We have to think about this together. Could I explain my situation properly? You can ask anything you want to know more about me."

Simran's hold on my body tightened a little bit. She replied, "Yes this part regarding your parents coming to live in my village... I understand your problem now. In fact, if you ask me to go and live in your city, I won't be able to leave my village home and go, however much I love you. But what I want from you is your honest reply, whether what Mannu said about my disrespecting you by picking you up on my lap, is that your feeling too ?"

I said, "Simran, just tell me if that had been so, would I have now come and sat on your lap on my own ? I very well know, taking me on your lap is your way of showing affection to me. See, Simran, I was a total rank outsider to you till 10 this morning. But you have found something within me which has made you feel that I am worthy of being your close friend. I feel it's a priceless gift to be loved by someone, so much that she forgets her pride and takes you on her lap. I feel that I'm privileged and honoured that such a gorgeous lady like you has even turned her face to notice a guy who is almost half her size. And to be loved so much that this beautiful lady has sacrificed her ego and self esteem, to just pick me up and capture me on her lap for such a continuous long period. If this is not showing respect to me, then what is ?"

Simran's eyes swelled up with tears. She hugged me tightly to her big, soft breasts. She stood up with me cradling me up in her arms. I felt so small and weightless as she carried me on her breasts and paced slowly all around the room looking down at me smiling. I said, "Tum baat khatam karney nahi diya, utha liya godi mey. You didn't let me finish my words, but picked me up in your arms."

She laughed and said, "Bolo na, tum bahot mitha boltey ho, ekdum tumhara rasgulley ki tarah. Say na, your words are so sweet, just like your rasgullas."

I said, "What I also wanted to say was, you say that you had to hear a lot from your family and relatives regarding your height and weight. You yourself do not like your 6'3" height and 140 kgs weight. On the contrary, this is the first thing which I found most attractive in you. Your magnificent height and your massive size. I didn't get an opportunity to tell you that, I always had this fantasy of a very tall and big woman to be my girlfriend. The taller than I am, the better. You know, the way prospective grooms rejected you for your size, similarly, I was not also able to even approach the tall and big women I found attractive and wanted to be friends with. My parents also searched for brides who were 5'2" or less, so that they do not look taller than my 5'3 height. So, to be even able to be just standing in front of your amazing height and size and talking to you is magical to me. And the fact that you actually like me because I'm so small and you can cuddle me in your arms, is just a dream come true for me."

Simran's face was just radiant with joy, "Oh my God ! What did you just say ? Why didn't you say this earlier that you liked my height and weight so much ?"

I said, "How could I express my feelings with my office subordinate sitting just beside me? Simran, what I want to tell you is that, let us give this relation some time. You have known me since this morning only. You need to first get to know me better. The other practical issues regarding marriage and my coming to live with you, will get resolved in due course with mutual discussions."

Simran was all smiles now. She was hugging me tightly to her breasts while walking around the room, cradling me up in her arms. She said, "Ok fine, I'll give this relationship some time. But you have to promise to come and meet me regularly, even if it's for a day only. And now that you know the way, you will come alone, not with any assistants of yours. I don't want to hold back any of my expressions of affection towards you, when you are with me."

I touched her cheek lightly with my fingers lying in her cradle, floating about five feet in the air in her strong arms, and said, "Ok dear, I promise I'll come and visit you regularly."

Simran was very happy now. She said, "Oh God! This is one of the happiest days in my life. Achha tell me one thing, why do you like bigger and taller girls ?"

I said, "I don't know… haven't thought about it that way."

She went into one of the rooms carrying me in her cradle.. She was just enjoying herself by carrying me around the house. She asked, "Ok, I'll ask you in a different manner… When you are with me, what exactly do you like about me ? And when I take you on my lap like in the car or like now that I'm carrying you around in my cradle, how do you feel ?"

I replied, "I love the feeling of just standing beside you looking so high up at your face that I have to crane my neck high up to just look at your eyes. I love feeling so small beside you and you towering over me. When you carry me on your lap or in your arms or cradle, I feel so weak and helpless like a child against your strength, but I also feel so safe, so secured and protected by you, covering me up totally from all sides."

She said laughing, "Haha..Really ? Great ! Tu toh abhi gaya beta … I'll not let you down from my lap now." She continued laughing.

I said laughing too, "As if I wanted to get down... Now, enough of jokes, I think you should take some rest. You had a long drive and had also driven on the highway. Take some rest now and then we can chat again."

She was smiling, "Why ? I'm used to such long drives. Of course I've not driven for a long time. But that's ok. But if you want some rest, I'll give my little baby some rest. Come…". She carried me, smiling down at my face, to her room. She laid me down on her bed. Then she came and laid down beside me. She turned towards me on her side and pulled me towards her facing her. She then pushed me down, so that my head was just below her shoulder level. She extended her hand towards the side and raised my head and put it over her thick upper arm. She bent her hand a little, so that my face just rested on her big boob. She put her free hand around my back to hold me close to her. Just the weight of her hand on my back was enough to pin me to her body. She looked down at me and smiled, "Is my baby comfortable ?" 

I said, "What is this Simran ? Am I your baby or what ? You are lying with me like this as if you are about to breastfeed me ?"

She smiled, "Ohh I thought you liked to be a baby to me... ok then, I'll change your position.."

She held onto my body and straightened herself on the bed, pulling me up on her huge body. I felt as if I was lying on an extra thick, extra soft mattress, while I was lying on her body, face down, with my face resting in the valley between her big breasts. Even with my face on her boobs, my feet were still not able to touch her feet. My full body was resting on hers, with enough space on both my side to move about. She put two pillows under her head, so that she could look down on me with a smiling face, like a mother enjoying looking at her baby playing on her body. She had placed one hand on my body, loosely holding me, so that I would not roll over from her huge body onto the bed. I was lying more than one and half feet over the bed level, she was so thick. I was looking at her face, lying on this giant of an Amazon, feeling so little, but also so safe and protected, as if nobody on earth could harm me in presence of my loving huge bodyguard. She smiled sweetly, "If you want to sleep, my dear, take a short nap. Rest your head on one of my boobs, and make them your pillow. I'm just loving it having your cute little body on me like this, I'm feeling so content."

I smiled, "Simmi, you say you are not tired, but I can see that your eyes are sleepy...and you have just yawned.."

She said smiling, "To tell you the truth, I'm used to a little nap in the afternoon. Lonely life, you know, in the village, nothing much to do in the afternoons. If you don't mind, I'll just close my eyes and take a short nap. Why don't you also take a nap on my body?"

She wrapped her big, fat arms around my back. I was lying face down on her, my face on one of her big boobs. She hugged me into her big, soft body..very lightly, but ensuring I didn't roll off her. She totally engulfed me inside her. She closed her eyes, and softly patted on my back, like a mother does to her child putting him to sleep. But I was not used to taking naps in the afternoons, so I was wide awake. After a very short time, I felt that she herself had fallen asleep, snoring very softly. 

It was a strange feeling. I'm lying face down on a huge, tall woman, trapped by her big arms lying with my face buried between her big soft boobs, not able to move...and the lady has fallen off to a deep sleep, holding me, a fully grown adult man on her body like her small child. I lay there not trying to move, lest I wake her up. I was looking up at her face, so beautiful, so innocent, so content. I gave myself up totally to this gorgeous giant of a woman.

I knew then that I belonged……To her.

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