Drama Romance Tragedy



Drama Romance Tragedy

She Married Her

She Married Her

5 mins

Mr. Jagdish Bhatia, a retired army officer was brooding over a photograph which was on his left hand. With a cup of tea in another hand, he was smiling and looking at the photograph, suddenly he screamed, “Radha..where are you come out soon, I have to tell you something”. His happiness knew no bounds. Radha, 27 was Mr. Bhatia’s only daughter. She was working in a reputed private firm with a good package. She owned a flat nearby and a luxury car too. But she was living with her elderly parents. She had a tenant which added to her extra income. When she heard her father calling her out too loud, she told her mother, “Mom, why is father shouting, please go and check I am getting ready for office and already running late for the meeting” . Mrs. Rohini Bhatia, smiled beautifully and went out to check what the matter was.

When Mr. Bhatia saw his wife standing near the door, he said, “I called out Radha, but OK, you can also join us. Where is she?”. The mother replied, “She is getting ready and already late for her meeting today”. The father wasn’t convinced. He left the tea cup on the table as it is, the biscuits had already become soggy by then. With a rush of excitement, he entered Radha’s. room. He began with a smile, “ Beta you know that we both have been looking for a prospective groom for you, today I have finalised one. I am too exhilarated with this perfect match. Your mother is also happy. Just have a look”. With this, he handed over the photograph to Radha, she was busy in drying her hair sitting before her dressing table, she kept the photo on the table and hardly had a look on it. Suddenly, she gazed upon her wrist watch, she realised it’s time for her to leave, she got up collected her bag, her bottle and keys , slammed the door hard on her happy parents, leaving them in pain and teary eyed.

Mr and Mrs Bhatia, didn’t talk about the boy for a while as both of them were terribly hurt, so they deliberately changed the discourse. On the way, Radha was driving and was on call with her tenant. They both talked for a while regarding the rent agreement. Radha was insisted by the tenant to visit her flat. After 10 minutes, Radha reached her flat where Anuja was living. Anuja opened the door, and for few seconds they could not get their eyes off each other.

Anuja was new in the city and had no friends. She offered her a cup of coffee and started telling about her family and the reasons why did she shift here. Radha was emotionally drawn towards her. She came near her and consoled Anuja. Radha promised she will visit her often whenever she will get time. Anuja was impressed and hugged her before leaving. The hug was something different for both of them. It had a magical touch, both of them couldn’t forget the ultimate sensation. Soon it bacame a frequent habit for Radha to visit Anu (as she called her fondly).

Radha used to call her mother up and tell her about her work load and she also used to tell that she would be staying up with her friend. Anu and Radha became inseparable, they would hold their hands and caress each other, kiss passionately and unbutton their dresses and coil themselves under the bed linen. Radha once commented, “I feel so chill with you, I found my love, I don’t need anything else now, and I cannot live without you, please marry me”. As an acceptance of her offer, Anu started another round of passionate kisses and slipped her hands on her bosom to calm her. Radha was pacified.

Soon they agreed to marry and arranged every legality. Everytime. Radha would come home, mother would serve her, she would refuse and say “ My friend is waiting I got to go”. The mother suspected something and talked to her father.They thought of visiting Radha’s flat. When the door bell rang, Anu was on her bed, Radha insisted that she would go and check who is on the door. When Radha opened the door, to her utter surprise, she saw her parents. Mr. and Mrs Bhatia were shocked to see her daughter in her undergarments with loose open hair. Radha was numb. They both entered the room, they had a feeling that she is in live-in relationship.

But when they discovered Anuja on bed and waiting for Radha badly, they were taken aback. They didn’t say anything and left the flat immediately. Radha couldn’t explain anything. She insisted Anu to please her as she was almost in a state of trauma. After the love making, they both slept for hours and woke up with a phone call. It was Radha’s father. Radha had no courage to talk, neither did he. But he had no option than to see his only daughter happy.

His shaky voice said, “Now I have understood, why you were never interested in my choices, I got to know why you never reciprocated, didn’t take any initiative, I wasted many years in searching for a suitable boy for you. I had no idea that you had something else in your mind. If you want to be with her, come home collect your things and you can leave. Marry her. We will not be able to attend it, but please go ahead and be happy. With these words, he disconnected the call and sobbed badly. Mrs.Bhatia consoled him and retired to bed.

Radha felt happy on getting the nod from her parents. The very next day, she married Anuja and shifted to her flat. She called her parents to share her feelings and to thank them. Her mother picked up the phone and said, “ I hope you are doing well”, “Yes mom thank you for giving me my kind of life” . The mother on the other side commented, “ Thank you for taking my life away from me, yesterday was your father’s last call”.

Radha was broken, so was her mother. She did not know if she should mourn the death of her loving father or enjoy her new partner.

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