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Sadness And Happiness Of Life

Sadness And Happiness Of Life

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When I was young, my source of happiness was my mother's love and affection I would get sad in absence of my mother. Whenever my mother a teacher would go to school, I would wait eagerly for her to return. The period of absence was so pinching as if I lost everything. As soon as my mother returned from her school, my mood would change altogether from sadness to happiness.

When my schooling begin, the first day was the happy day as I was offered toffee and chocolate by the school teacher. Playing with toys further added to my happiness. I was accompanied by my mother. I was not matured enough to understand that I have to remain in the school for 5 hours without my mother the next day.

On reaching the school next day, my mother took me the class room and slipped away with an excuse. After some time I started weeping as my mother did not turn back. My teacher tried to keep me quite by loving patting and offering my toffee, but failed to pacify me. After feeling exhausted.I kept quite but was the saddest day of my life. On reaching back my home I felt happy as my mother hugged and kissed me. She gave me many gifts.

I was not aware of this fact that going to school will not end next day. Next day I was sent to school forcibly my mother. Slowly I got adjusted to school environment.. I started to make friends in the school. Playing with would make my happy. When I reached higher classes, the load of books begin to increase causing pain on my shoulders thus causing sadness. Besides heavy load, the burden of reading books also created unhappiness. Playing games with my friends would ease out some unhappiness.

Morning period for going to school was sad period as I had to wake up from sound sleep, and then carry heavy load of school bag. The happy time was on reaching back from school and off loading school bag. When i reached 10th class, my performance was compared with others, which gave me unhappiness when I could not compete in mad race. The same situation I faces in subsequent classes. After completing graduation, I searched for job which I succeeded after making lot of efforts.

The effort period was sad period but getting employment gave me happiness. I started earning and time came for my marriage. The day of marriage was perhaps the happiest day of my life. The sad period begin when I realized that I have to sleep without my mother. It took me lot of time to balance love of mother and wife I observed sad and gloomy face of my mother. When my wife was pregnant negative thought for welfare of my child and wife made me unhappy. Ultimately my son was born safely which gave me lot of happiness.

I have two sons now. Both are performing well in studies which is a source of happiness. When my elders son got employed away from me, I became unhappy. The saddest part of my life was loss of my mother after her illness. I feel as if the world has ended and there nobody to wish me or care for me.

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