Dipti Agarwal

Drama Romance Thriller


Dipti Agarwal

Drama Romance Thriller

Buried Neck Deep

Buried Neck Deep

20 mins

After driving for around an hour they rammed the car on a plain ground near to a tamarind tree. The two guys sitting in the middle dragged us outside the car.

Vibhore again shouted "dekho yeh tumlog theek nhn kar rhe (Listen you guys are doing wrong)" but his words remain unheard.

The third man who was driving the car came towards me and slapped me again, dragged me by my hairs towards that tamarind tree and pushed me over the ground.

My arm gets hurt badly as he threw me over a piece of stone. I was bleeding.

They tied Vibhore with the car. I was fearing the worst. Till now I was sure that they won't rape me and their intentions were something else.

Suddenly a mob of 20 men and 4 women came towards us. Those 4 women were even in a similar condition like me or rather I should say much worst then me. Their hands were tied up and the mob was beating and kicking them with legs and iron rods. Some of them were even cursing them using slang words.

They threw all the 4 women near me like some baggage of rotten garbage. Suddenly my ears heard something awful and horrifying.

"Burn them alive".

What are they saying? I mean did they really want to burn us alive. I don't know about these women but what have I done? I don't even know any one of them. Fuck what the hell is this?

Gaining all my strength I shouted loud "stop it" thrice. The chaos suddenly turned silence.

Mujhe nhn pata aaplog kaun ho kyun muhe aur mere dost ko maar rhe ho. Hum to jaante bhi nhn aapko. Main Kolkata mei rehti hun kal hi yahan aayi hun. Aur aap mujhe kyn jalana chahte ho? (I don't know what the hell you guys want but I don't even know anyone of you. I came here to this city yesterday only and you guys want to burn me alive)

An old man with long grey beard moved towards me with red angry eyes and slapped me brutally. I fell over the ground he lifted me up with my hairs and said "Sali chudail tona karti hai humare bachchon ko khaa gyi aur ab kehti hai kaun hai hum? (You blood witch you have done black magic on our kids. You ate them and now trying to be innocent)

He touched my tattoo and said (yeh kya hai shaitan ka chinh bana ke ghoom rhi hai aur kehti hai kuch pata nhn. Tu usi ki vansahj hai) (What is this? This tattoo belongs to the devil and you are his heir)

I can't believe what I heard. OMG! They were taking me as some witch because of this tattoo. And who on the earth still believes in these witches and all. That fucking bastard thrashed me over the ground and kicked me tight on my stomach. I screamed in pain.

While writhing in pain, my eyeballs stuck at one of the women she was beaten very badly by these goons. There were several bleeding deep wounds & cuts on her face, and all her legs were covered with blood. I could easily make out that these cannibals have raped her and she was bleeding from there.

I was petrified assuming that they can even do the same with me. I begged for death from Babaji instead of this hell. Don't know when I lost my conscious and fainted.

Muskan wake up dear. We are about to reach our destination in the next 30 mins.


You know I was so excited about this trip. Have never expected things will turn out so nasty.

Hey, Musku that's life always expect the unexpected.

So, Musku madam back to Kolkata?

Hmmm but what will I do there?


Arey, mom has been to Amritsar and I took 15 days leave from my office. I thought to explore entire Nepal.

Hmmmm then come along with me to Chennai dear.


Yes, it's beautiful, so clean, so green, you will love it.

But Vibhore I mean how can I....I mean we aren't in a relationship and staying together. I mean.....

Muskuuu, you have not changed at all. So much of I mean in one sentence. Arey, chill we won't stay together in a single room happy now!!!

Fine sir lets go to Chennai.....

Ok great but before going to Chennai I have a small official work in north Karnataka just for a day.

North Karnataka....hmmm where??

Bijapur. It's a small town in north Karnataka.

Ok we will take a flight to Bangalore then again a flight to Karnataka then cab

Babaji fer to inni lambi journey

Kabhi kabhi kuch paane k liye kych khona padta hai senorita.

Ha ha ha very funny Mr. fake Sharukh.

Nepal to Chennai, a new journey to traverse. I really pray this to be a nice one.

Don't panic Musku. South is not backward like Nepal people are very much educated.


You know what Vibhore it's not about education if it would have been about academics only then some IT professionals would never have become terrorists. It's about perception.

True. Ok, not let's not get indulged in all these topics. It's time for fun dear.

Fun moron it's time for a hectic journey.

Musku you are so boring.

Ha ha idiot I am practical.

After 8 hours of tiring journey, with drowsy eyes we landed at our destination finally, Bijapur.

Bijapur is a small district of northern Karnataka and as per the information I got from the Wikipedia it housed many historical monuments in it as well. Whoop ! Sounds pretty interesting.

Anyway, who the hell will be interested to explore the bathing areas of Emperors when you yourself didn't take one all day and that too during menstruation? I was very irritated because of lack of hygiene and proper rest. Madam don't make so fizzy faces. We are going to a client's place where we will spend the night. You can freshen up there and can take rest.

Clients place? I mean is it safe? We can go to some hotel.

Yes, we can. But these people are so friendly they won't allow us to do so and don't worry I know them for years. It's completely safe. But only one issue.

And what is that?

They are lil conservative so a girl hanging around with a guy without marriage they take it ......please understand.

Ohhh hmm so now what?

I have told them that we are married.

What??? Langoor you said this.

No options yar so be ready for a drama. Baby


Yes, baby hahaha. He smirked.

Vibhore I will kill you.

Hello sir. Decked up in white lungi and kurta His client suddenly called us from behind.

Hello Venkat ji

Hello vibore ji hello madam. Myself Venkat Murguswammy.

Vibore sir and I are fast friends since 4 yrs.

His typical South Indian accent brought a natural smile over my face.

Mam you must be ungry. Food ready at home. Let's go

Thank you Mr.. Murguswamy

You can call me Venkat

Vibhore clenched my hands tight. Baby he is like your brother you can call him Venkat bhaiya.

I somehow tried to control my laughter bomb as it was about to explode.

No honey he is so cute I will call him Venkat ji.

Your wish madam, Venkat smiled with his sparkling teeth peeping out of his wide mouth.

Reaching his place we received a warm welcome from his family members which include his wife and two sons aged between 4-12 yrs.

I jumped towards the loo the moment I entered my room.

It simply feels great to take a warm bath after a hectic journey. As I came out of loo I noticed Vibhores message on a chit.

You take rest I have some official work will come back within an hr. Miss you baby muaah

Idiot kadi ni sudharna ene.

Let me call mom she must be worried.

"Sat sri akal mumma. How are you?

Muskan beta where were you. Your number is not reachable and some lady was speaking in Tamil. You were in Nepal na?

Mumma I was in Nepal till morning now am at Karnataka.


Yes, mom actually I thought to extend my holiday for more days so I came along with Vibhore here.

Vibhore arey wow. How is he? Muskan mainu ta munda bada pasand hai tu haan kr main ode parents naal gall kar leni hai shaadi lyi

Mom stop it yar. Don't start this shadi topic again. Chalo I am hungry will talk to you later on"

Mom always used to like Vibhore but I wasn't serious about him because those days Vibhore wasn't serious about his damn future.

While I was engrossed in my thoughts. Someone knocked on my door.

Aunty, Mumma calling for food. Venkat's younger son came to me.

I immediately followed him towards the lunch venue as I was damn hungry.

A typical south Indian gesture of sitting over the ground with banana leaf placed in front of you containing 7 types of cuisines.

Wow. My hunger increased more seeing the presentation and hospitality.

The sumptuous platter was more than delicious.

Tiring journey, warm water bath and a stomach full of food, my eyes finally gave up and I just needed a bed at that time.

As I was moving towards my room with heavy eyes I noticed a 7-8yrs old boy on a wheelchair sobbing at the other end of the passage connecting my room.

With silent steps, I went towards him.


He looked at me and stopped crying.

Hiee I stretched my hand for a formal handshake to which we didn't respond.

I am Muskan and you are?


Wow, nice name reminds me of Sharukh movies. Kkkk kiran

He smiled finally.

So Rahul you are a big boy why are you crying. Big boy's never cry.

He again gave me a sweet smile.

Let's go to your room.

No, not my room. Your room he replied.

Ok, no problem.

I pulled his chair and dragged him to my room.

So Rahul, you study?


But why?

I can't walk.

So what?

Appa told me that I will walk soon then will study.

That's great.

Muskan, let's be friends.

Of course who doesn't want to be the girlfriend of such a handsome boy?

But you have to promise me one thing.


You won't cry from now onwards.

He turned quiet

What happen Rahul?

Muskan, I don't cry but tomorrow they will bury me.

Bury you what? Taking it as some joke I started laughing loudly.

Why are you laughing Muskan?

Trust me they will dig me under mud.

Rahul, it's bad to make false stories dear.

Muskan, listen.....

Rahul, where are you? We suddenly heard his mother calling his name.

Bye Muskan

He dragged his wheelchair and went away.

Sweet kid but naughty hahaha bury me under mud. Kids na Babaji

It's time to sleep. Oh man, my bed is calling me…

Hey, princess wake up. Vibhore whispers in my ear after some hours.

I opened my drowsy eyes and noticed him lying by my side very close touching my hairs softly.

Done with your work I whispered slowly.

Yes, madam. You know what you look damn beautiful while sleeping I am observing you for half an hour. Your long silky hairs smell so good.

Dhutt bandar

Muskan you are very pretty my princess.

Are you drunk? What's wrong with you?

I got up and asked him in high pitch this time.

Yes, I am intoxicated but not with alcohol. You are the reason behind it.

Oh, sir ji hold on we are behaving like a husband- wife but we aren't actually. Hope you remember. I uttered trying to assemble my hairs.

He was staring me with a deep titillating passion.

Vibhore don't look at me like this. I covered his eyes with my palm.

As I was about to get up from the bed he held my hand and pulled me towards him.

With a sudden force, I fell over him with my hairs spread all over his face. Uff are you mad what is th……..

Shhhhh he placed his finger over my lips and started running his other fingers across my hairs.

Vibhore don't please.

Muskan he held my face with his hands and said "I love you Musku. From the day I saw you first time in Mass com class."

I got up from the bed and rushed towards the window.

Yes, Musku I love you but never got the courage to confess as I was aware that you want well- settled person in your life. That is why I went to Chennai without meeting anyone.

Say something why are you silent. Muskan

He came up to me and pulled my handheld me from my waist.

I love you. Will you marry me? Please say yes trust me I will always love you like this.

Like this Vibhore

Yes dear

Tad to telgu sikhni pegi.

Musku common yr stop cracking jokes and answer me.

Can you kiss me, please? I whispered in his ear

He held my waist tighter and sucked my lower lip a bit and stopped suddenly.

What happens pyar khatam?

Wait wait!

He opened his luggage bag, rummaged everything and took out a ring.

I was surprised don't know how to react. Within a sec he was there in front of me on his knees with a ring in his hand

I can die for you but I want to live with you all my life my princess.

As I was about to take that ring "Muskan" Rahul knocked the door harder.

We rushed towards the door. The moment I opened the door Rahul rushed inside with his wheelchair.

He was panicked, seemed jittery. And was sweating badly

What happen Rahul? Why are you sweating so much? Is anything wrong?

Muskan he hugged me tight and started crying.

Muskan who is he and what happened?

Vibhore he is Rahul. Venkat's son. I met him in the noon. That time too he was crying.

Rahul bro what happen Vibhore asked him this time

He was crying constantly.

Vibhore what to do shall we call his mother?

Hearing this he held my hand and said please don't call her Muskan they will bury me.

Again bury. I sensed something suspicious this time.

Rahul Rahul, listen honey. I won't call anyone but stop crying first. I am Muskan your girlfriend is here no one can bury my hero without my permission. I tried my best to pacify him

He somehow calms down.

Ok now tell me who will bury you and why?

With sobbing voice he said. Amma Appa

But why?

They say if they bury me under mud for 8 hours my legs will start working.


Are you kidding? I mean Rahul I hope you aren't lying?

He started crying again.

I was stormed hearing this.

Vibhore what Rahul is saying? You told me you know this family for years. What is he talking about?

I don't know anything Musku trust me.

Vibhore call Mr. Venkat right now. We need to talk to him.

Musku it's their family matter we can't interfere

Are you crazy? Look at this young kid he is so terrified. No I want to talk to Mr. Venkat right now.

Ok, wait you look after Rahul let me speak to him.

No, Vibhore call him here. He should witness Rahul's condition.

Hmmm ok.

While Vibhore went away to call Mr.. Venkat I was trying to calm down Rahul.

In the next 5 mins Mr. and Mrs. Murguswammy entered our room.

Rahul clenched my hand tighter looking at them.

Mr. Venkat, Rahul told me that you both will bury him under mud tomorrow. Is this true?

Yes, Madam, this is true but this is for his betterment only. His legs will be cured by this treatment.

Shitt! Are you out of your mind Mrs. Venkat? Being a mother how can you do so?

You are overreacting madam. This is an ancient tradition in our district of burying children up to the neck to cure their physical disabilities. This tradition is generally carried out during a solar eclipse.

Before sunrise pits are dug sufficiently deep so that the neck of a child can just come out. The children are then kept inside the pit for a few hours. The number of hours may range from an hour to continuously six hours at a stretch. Many parents believe that disability in children occurs due to the negative effects of the solar eclipse.

Hence it can only be cured by exposing them to the sun during a solar eclipse. Putting them in the mud because mud is considered to be holy. Some of the parents even claim to have their children successfully treated by this ritual.

The ground beneath my feet swept away hearing the description.

God sake please understand he is a small kid. He is so much terrified he can even get a stroke out of panic. Please don't do this to him I beg you.

Supriya take Rahul to his room.

Muskan I don't want to go leave me. Rahul was shouting loud but I stood there helplessly.

Mr. Venkat please don't do this, please.

Vibhore please control your wife and tell her not to interfere in our traditions else she will face ill consequences.

I broke down on my knees over the ground.

Vibhore please save that pour soul. I hugged Vibhore tightly.

Musku Musku we can't do anything. We will leave tomorrow early morning from here. I am sorry muje tumhe yahan nhn lana chahiye tha.

Vibhore please help him. I was crying badly.

After an hour or so both of us went to sleep but I couldn't sleep Rahul's face, his timid voice was haunting me.

I got up from my place and went outside my room. Rahul was there at the same corner of the passage where I met him in the noon.

I patted his shoulder Rahul how are you, my hero?

He was quiet.

Holding his hand tight I kissed his forehead.

You know Rahul I have one secret to share which I have never shared with anyone can I share it with you?

With innocent eyes, he looked at me and nodded his head.

When I was of your age my mom used to tell me that there is a big giant who resides under a big tree behind my house and he ate kids. Out of fear I never got the courage to go there.

Once while playing my ball crossed that fence and fell neath that tree. That was my favourite ball and I wanted it back anyhow. I was petrified and cried a lot but then realised that crying won't help me neither my sobs can bring me back my ball. So I decided to move towards that tree to get my ball from there.

With shivering legs and sweating face, I entered that gloomy area. It was an isolated place. There wasn't a single trace of human habitation as far as my eyes can see. The devil tree was there in front of me. My mother's word "there is a giant who resides under that tree" was reverberating across my mind. My feet got frozen for some time but then my eyes catch the glimpse of my favourite ball lying near that tree.

I assembled all my strength and trudged with tiny steps towards the tree, tears in my eyes and Hare Krishna in my lips, I reached the tree. No one was there except some bats hanging from its branches, yes I even saw a snake frisking. I immediately pounced towards my ball, grabbed it tightly and ran back towards my home.

Reaching back to home after some time I recalled the entire incident and realised a fact if you can't kill your fear, your fear will kill you. It's better to face it then living under its doom always.

Rahul was listening to me very carefully. He wasn't crying anymore.

Its late dear go back to your room.

As I was about to move away from him he said Muskan thank you.

I smiled and so does he. I was convinced that he won't get panic tomorrow and if he will still, he will cope with it somehow but he won't cry ever.

Kissing his forehead I drove him to his room and went back to my room.

Vibhore was snoring high. I went near to him and placed a peck over his lips. Yes, I do.

He opened his eyes a bit and again went back to sleep. Tiredness won over romance.

Musku di, one of my friend died. She was the victim of Chaupadi. Muskan, please help Sushmita. Rahul why are you crying? Muskan they will bury me under mud.

I woke up suddenly and found myself sweating. Vibhore was not there. Its 7 in the morning. Shitt.

Hey, you wake up. Vibhore came out of the washroom, bare chest and just a towel wrapped around his waist.

I have never seen him like that. He was a muscular guy. Athletic physique and hairy chest. Oh, Man, he look damn hot. I can't take off my eyes from him.

"Very bad madam aren't you ashamed of taraoing a bare bodied macho man" he said mockingly.

Shut up. I am not interested ok.

He came towards me bent down a bit and said now?

A fire ignited inside me with his closeness this time. The crisp smell of his body wash was damn seductive. It aroused me completely.

He bent down a little more over me. Now?

His breath kissed my nose.

Bending down more he rubbed his cheeks across my cheek this time.

Vibhore please stop it. My hands automatically found their place over his bare shoulders.

Musku I want to say you something.


Close your eyes.

He lifted me in his arms before I could interpret his actions further. A huge splash of water fell over my face.

What's that? He took me to the washroom and opened the shower.

Madam, we are getting late. Take a bath. He pushed me over the ground and went away laughing.

Idiot moron langoor I will kill you.

He was laughing at the top of his voice. What happened all romance flushed under water? hahaha

Monkey, donkey, dog. I shouted loud and took bath finally.

Now it was my turn. Wrapping my wet body with pink towel, I went outside fluttering my wet hairs.

Vibhore was having his breakfast, he gulped down the simmering coffee, staring at me.

Ill-mannered. You don't have table manners? Eat properly.

Vibhore was staring at me weirdly without uttering a word.

I went near to him placed my left foot over his lap and said what happen "Tote ud gye"


He pulled my hand and dragged me to bed.

Leave me langoor. What is this?

My tongue is singeing. Need some water to soothe it.

Fine jug is there at the table. Go there.

No. That water can't quench my thirst. Saying this he started licking the water droplet stuck to my shoulder.

My hands grabbed the blanket beneath me tighter. I was fuming.

He then rubbed his tongue across my neck with his fingers running across my hairs.

Please stop Vibhore. 

But he didn't.

He bite me softly a little down my neck.

I groaned this time.

Suddenly our door knocked.

I quickly rushed inside the loo as Vibhore moved towards the door to check the visitor.

Vibhore, did you see Rahul? Mr. Venkat asked Vibhore in a frightening voice.

Rahul? No. What happened Venkat?

Rahul is missing from the house since morning. I am pretty tensed. Vibhore, please ask Muskan Mam once. May be she is aware of this.

Sure Venkat. Wait for a sec.


Before he could even call my full name I rushed towards the door. What happened to Rahul?

He is missing since morning.

What? Missing. But he was pretty fine last night. In fact, he promised me he won't cry ever. Oh God!

Muskan Relax and think properly did Rahul say anything to you. Any hint about any place where he can be?

My ball fell down across that fence. The words from my story clicked me the right time.

Oh My God. I know where he will be. Mr. Venkat can you please take us to the place where you people were about to follow that ritual.

Murugan temple. Are you sure Rahul has been to Murugan temple? I mean he was scared of this ritual then why the hell will he go there and what for?

Mr. Venkat, I will explain you everything on the way. Let's first go to that temple.

We all immediately geared up for the temple and on the way, I narrated the entire last night incident to Mr. Venkat.

Murugan temple was 5 mins walk from Mr. Venkat's house.

The moment I entered the temple complex. My feet stopped dead in tracks.

4 little children were buried till neck under mud. Some were crying out of fear and others were just too quiet, unable to make out what's happening to them.

Relax Musku! Vibhore held my hand tight.

Suddenly someone pulled my Kurti from behind.

It was Rahul. He was smiling staring me.

I hugged him instantly. Where have you been my hero? I was so worried.

Muskan I know I am very handsome and girls can't resist touching me. But control yourself in a public place. He said mockingly.

What. Shut up Mr. Sharukh. Jaan nikaal di yr. What are you doing here?

Muskan, I came here to overcome my fear. He smiled.

Rahul you should inform someone Mr. Venkat interrupted.

Yes, Rahul you should inform your parents. This sudden disappearance. It's not correct sweety.

Hmmm! I know and I am sorry for this. I am sorry Papa. I know you are doing this tradition for my well-being only. And if you really think so that this magical mud is far better than science and medicines then I will definitely try out this tradition and that too without fear.

Mr. Venkat was quite. 

Vibhore's phone rang suddenly. Musku we have to leave. Our cabbie arrived.

I hugged Rahul for the last time and placed a goodbye kiss to him. I will miss you my Sharukh. Will you marry me?

He smiled sorry Muskan, you are very pretty but I have promised Vaidya for marriage.

Oohh my bad luck.

Byee Rahul.

Bidding Adieu to Rahul and Mr. Venkat we moved towards our cab. I didn't look back as I was sure whatever the outcome will be, Rahul is safe.

Sitting inside the car I sighed relief but not completely. My mind was stormed again with lots of thoughts and questions.

What's next Sirji? I asked Vibhore ironically.

To be Continued...................

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