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Republic Day Hangover

Republic Day Hangover

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“That’s crazy!”

I wake up from my power nap. It was my usual habit to find a corner and ‘safe’ seat on my metro route and take a power nap of about 15 minutes.

“His Republic Day is not over yet!” another loud voice.

“May be he has not bathed since then!!” another comment with a loud laughter.

I saw in that direction, these was a group of college goers making fun of a guy who was wearing a t-shirt with Indian Tri Colour painted on it with ‘Happy Republic Day’ wishes. That guy was looking upset but did not responded back.

It was 28th January, a Monday morning with lot of Blues. Last Friday, though it was 25th January, there were celebrations in office for Republic Day of India. We all wore tri-colours to celebrate republic Indian spirit.

But it was 3 days back, now Valentine’s week was going to start in a week time. So these guys were laughing on him.

I watched it for some time. I was damn sure that a fight was on cards. My metro stop was nearby so I thought that enough if enough, let’s handle it.

There was no point going to that group, I decided to approach that guy instead.

“Hi, I am Naynashree from People’s Voice news portal. I am interviewing today few people randomly. I want to interview you, if you could spare a minute or two.”

“Myself Vivek.” He was looking puzzled while replying, “I have to drop down just at next stop, so...”

“Ah! That’s better. Even I will be alighting on same station. We can do it at station itself, if it is okay with you.”

“I am not sure why me! But it’s okay we may do it at station.”

I can clearly see that those college goers were silent by now and were looking in our direction with surprise while we alighted from metro.

“Should we do it on platform or outside the station?” Vivek questioned.

“I am sorry Vivek. I told you a lie. I am not from any news portal. I just wanted to avoid fight between you guys. I am really impressed that someone likes to wear Indian Flag on normal days also. I am happy that I did it successfully. You must have seen reactions on those guys’ faces.” I replied him but I was not sure how he will respond.

“Hahaha! I noticed that. Thanks a lot. It was ruining my mood but you saved it.”

“But why? Is there any reason you are wearing it today?”

“Oh! It is nothing.”

I got more curious by his short reply, I was expecting a bigger reply or a patriotic speech so pushed him, “I am curious so I asked you. Please tell me.”

“Okay, I will tell you but please don’t laugh or inform others.”

“Don’t worry! I could have asked you this in metro too.”

“It is actually by chance that I had only this pair of clean clothes today.”

I burst in laughter and bid adieu to him, “I am sorry but I could not stop laughing.”

I laughed at that time but pondering over many thoughts “Is it okay to celebrate things in a day and then forget until next year? Does this nation demand only a day from us? Is this a good thing or not? Should we make fun of others who are not running with this fast paced life?”

Anyways, I have to see what project I will get in my office today and not all this.

I am unable to find answers but still I was happy that I helped in avoiding a possible fight.

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