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To the guy who broke my sister's heart,

I thought of you as a person who would never hurt her. She always used to say that you are her one true love, but was she yours? Did you ever love her as much as she loved you? I guess I'll never get the answers to these questions.

She's the sweetest, most humble and kindest girl I know and I'm not even being biased. She's too vulnerable and I guess that's where she went wrong. You made her believe that you loved her the most but wasn't her love enough to make you stay?

I hate myself for not realizing it earlier that just like the last one, you were not here to stay either. I've heard her laughter, seen her smile, felt her happiness when she was with you but the cries are what haunt me now. Does it not matter to you at all or are you just that stone-hearted? I should've known you were too perfect to be true. I hope you are happy with the “ love of YOUR life”


Does she wait for your calls at night like my sister did? Does she look you in the eyes with the same love and adoration like my sister did?

At the end of the day does she tell you everything that happened with the same glee like my sister did? And does she love you as much as my sister did?

I hate it when my sister has to listen to you talking about the other girl, the girl I'll never be able to like, the girl who got everything my sister wanted, the girl who gets all the love that my sister deserved. My sister is so strong that I know she'll get over it one day but there are days when she's too weak to handle all the pressure. There are days when even I fail to give her the comfort that you did?

It confuses me sometimes that were you faking it all the while saying that you really loved her or are you just too good at making people believe what you say? She still wishes the best for you and I love how adamant she is to not create a bad image of you in her head because she'll never be able to hate you.

Although I wish the best for you too just a reminder that you lost a gem, a gem too precious to be relinquished.

Not so yours,


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