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Drama Fantasy



Drama Fantasy

Reincarnated as a princess

Reincarnated as a princess

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Misty wakes up.

Misty: How am I alive?!!!. The last I remember, I died because of a sudden accident. Am I reincarnated or something?! I don't remember everything but I know my house, parents, etc...Why is my dress so royal?

A maid enters.

Maid: Good morning princess Clarissa.

Misty/Clarissa's mind: Princess Clarissa! I am reincarnated as a princess! Woohoo!

Maid: Princess? Are you okay?

Princess Clarissa/Misty: Yeah, I am. I just zoned out. I am sorry.

Maid: It's a completely fine princess until you are fine. Let me get you ready.

Princess Clarissa/Misty: I can get ready by myself. You do not need to bother.

Maid: As you wish, princess. I am talking about my leave. If you need me, give out a call.

She closes the door and leaves. Misty in Clarissa's body bathes and goes to the wardrobe.

Clarissa: Oh my my! Wow!!! It is huge and lots of dresses are present....but they are not comfortable. They look grand.

She wears one which is a bit simple but pretty. It is uncomfortable but she can not do anything. She wanted to be a princess and now she is, she understood that it is not easy, being a princess. They have duties too. No one is free whether they are rich or needy.

She combs her hair and does the makeup and goes down to 'Clarissa's parents.

She gets the list of her duties: 

Chinese lessons 

Taekwondo class



Meeting other princes

Visiting kings

Clarissa's mom: Your 14 now. You will be handed over the list of what a princess needs to follow. Now go to your room. Your Chinese lessons.

She goes to her room. On the way, she sees many grand rooms. A different maid enters. 

The maid hands over the list to her.

She reads it out: 

Learn As Many Languages As Possible. Give Up Your Voting Rights.

 Give Up Your Wild Side.

Prepare For A Life Of Formalities. 

Stay Impeccably Groomed and neat. Keep your makeup done. 

Never remove your makeup until night or stay without makeup and skincare.

 Wear royal dresses during the day. 

Stay active and busy.

Give up your excess freedom.

Live By The Queen's rules.

Give Up Any Other Career Path.

Maid: Hope you understood the rules, my princess.

Her life went miserable. She couldn't escape. She enjoyed some royalties like her royal birthdays and events.

Years passed and she became 18 soon.

It was time for her marriage. Every prince asked her hand but she did not agree. Her mother made few princes come and spend time with her. The queen got fed up and chooses the prince which was final.

Clarissa: I don't want to get married.

Queen: Don't talk to me like that. He is prince Micheal. Go to your room and spend time with him. You will marry him.

Clarissa/Misty's mind: Seriously! I was good as Misty.

They both go to their room. When they lock the door, the words of the prince scared her.

Prince Micheal: I know, your Misty in Clarissa's body.

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