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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Stiti Ayona



Stiti Ayona


Realise What God Has Given You

Realise What God Has Given You

3 mins

A boy named Atharv lived in a city. He was a beggar. He used to beg at the cross-roads and red lights. Sometimes after begging for the whole day, he would get enough money to buy meals for himself, and sometimes he would get so little that he would go without meals. Since his parents were also beggars Arthav never thought of doing anything except begging.

Therefore, he would beg for the whole day and go to a nearby market in the evening to buy something to eat. But one day he didn’t get anything; neither food nor money. He felt so dejected that he began cursing God. He thought that God was very partial in his behavior. He gives everything to the rich and keeps poor people begging before them. Just when Atharv was cursing God, a rich gentleman happened to pass by.

He said, “young boy, why are you cursing God? What’s your problem?”

Atharv said, “sir, I am a beggar. I beg for the whole day and manage my meals with whatever I get. But today I didn’t get a single paisa. I am literally starving.”

The gentleman said, “I shall give you food if you are hungry, but don’t curse God. He is kind to everyone.”

“But he is not kind to me. Why did he make me a beggar?” said Atharv very innocently.

The gentleman took him home, gave him food, and then said, ” Atharv! Can you give me one of your legs? I shall pay five thousand rupees for it.” Atharv said, “no, not at all. How is it possible? I cannot give my leg.” The gentleman again said, “Atharv, if you don’t want to give your leg, then give me one of your hands. You have two hands. Give me one and I shall give you ten thousand rupees. You shall have a lot of money.”

“No, no, no. It is not possible for me to give my hand to you,” replied Atharv quickly.

The gentleman maintained his calm and said, “OK, you give me one of your eyes, I shall give you a bag full of gold. Then you shall be rich enough to enjoy your life.”

Atharv said angrily, “How shall I enjoy my life with one eye? I shall be partially handicapped. No, I cannot give my eye to anyone.”

The gentleman said, “Then why do you blame God for not having given anything to you? I offered to pay handsomely for one part of each of your limbs, and for both the parts, the amount could have been doubled. Just imagine, how much money it would have come to. And isn’t it a shame that you don’t even know how much God has given you? Young boy! Don’t blame God for your failures. Make sure of what you have been given and you will be rich.”

The gentleman went away leaving Atharv pondering upon his words. He took a vow to stop begging and do some work. Within a few years of hard and sincere labor, Atharv became a rich man.

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