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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

joheb khan



joheb khan


Quintessence of Life

Quintessence of Life

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It's a sunny day, Sun is up high in the sky with a clear view of the world. Earth was called heaven but its lovers are the main reason for its ugly face.

Nature always finds a way to help those who believe in it. Faith was the biggest hope before and now it is just a reason to get things right. 

This is the story of a common man who have lots of things in his mind but his faith gives him hope to take steps towards the light of joy.


Quintessence of Life


It's a story of a cobbler who daily goes to the footpath where he works and hopes to earn money for his family so that they would not sleep empty stomach.

It's a sunny day and cobbler opening his eyes from beautiful dreams which he was dreaming for his daughter and for his wife.

Every day when he sees his wife his self-esteem gets weak because he thinks her life would have been better if she could have married the other guy. Every morning cobbler and his wife look into their eyes and without saying a word they share hope and feels everything is going to be alright.

He thinks about his profession, and he considers himself an idiot who takes a shoe of an unknown man in his hands and makes it look like a mirror so that he can see himself and his life on it.

Every time when he sees his daughter he can see the pain in her eyes. He thinks what kind of father he is when he is not able to give her the life she desires. Sometimes he gets depressed when he thinks he is not able to provide the lavishing life to his family.

His daughter can see the pain and understand the struggle of her father. This family loves each other so much that they don't say a word about their pain but try to keep that smile on their face.

He doesn't celebrate any festival or any occasion because if he does, he will not be able to earn and his family will not get a meal by the end of the day.

He is in stress today as tomorrow is the last day to pay the fees, and he doesn't want her daughter to come home in the middle of the school because of the fees issues. Last three-month fees are pending and school will not tolerate this anymore. Tomorrow he needs to pay 1.5k, and he knows he will only earn 100 to 150 bugs by the end of the day just like other days.

“Sometimes it's difficult to understand what you actually need. If you get an option to choose a happy life or to choose a peaceful life then what will be your choice. Happiness comes from your heart and peace comes from your mind. These two things never let you take the right decision. Without a peaceful mind, you will not be happy and without happiness, you will not get peace. There are people who don't even get an option to choose, they just wonder is this even exists.”


The cobbler was thinking about many things before leaving the house. He sees his daughter before stepping out of the door. His daughter was not thinking about the school fees she just wanted to tell her hero to be safe.

Cobbler leaves the house towards the footpath where he is working since his childhood. He thinks It's being so many years he sat at the same place for bread and butter. Its 45 minutes away from his house, he never used to travel by public transport.

He is walking towards his earning place with millions of thoughts in his mind. When he looked around, he sees many unknown faces. He started comparing himself with people on the street. Some is in rush, some is smiling and some is zoned out just like, him.

While comparing himself with others he prefers to find a happy face on the street and unfortunately, numbers are less. He was in his zone and forgot he should walk fast so that he will able to earn more money as he needs to arrange 1.5k for his daughter at the end of the day.

“It's easy to find happiness in little things, but why It's so difficult to search hope, when you know the darker side.”


After walking for almost 45 minutes cobbler reached his destination. He cleans the area and set all his things at footpath like every day. Today was something different he was full of hopes, faith and believe that he will be able to earn 1.5k today. He is ready to get what he needs and to shine the shoes of unknown people.

His hopes were touching the sky and faith makes him believe that his problems are left behind. He saw the street it was more crowded than usual. He knows today he will earn more and go back home with a big smile. As he got his first customer he started his work, and he wanted to polish the shoe like he never did before so that he can get more customers to achieve his target.

After few hours of hard work he realizes that the crowd is less. He was happy because his faith and hope were working in his favour. He got some free time in the afternoon. So, he decided to count the money which he earned.

While counting the money he knew it is less, but he did not want to believe in it. So, he kept counting it was just 250 bugs, and it was a good earning as compare to other day, but it was not good enough to pay his daughter's fees.

“It feels amazing when you plan something for yourself with the intention of solving all your problems. It creates a hope to build new life the way you desire. The saddest part is when you realize it was a false hope which was not working in your favour. It was just a moment which you wanted to earn but not able to achieve.”


With 250 bucks in his hands, he is waiting for more customers. He is hoping that some more customers to show up and give their shoes to him even if they don't want them to be repaired. Time is passing by, and he doesn't have much time to earn 1.5k, he only has 250 bugs were he will not be able to pay one month's fee too.

This happens every day with him, he used to imagine earning a lot of money but as the sun goes down his hope and faith also go down. He considers evening time as rush hours when people don't see their surrounding, they just want to reach to their destination as early as possible.

He was disappointed and doubting himself, he was depressed because he knows he will not be able to earn more, he was wondering how lonely he is at this moment, he has so many problems, and he only has two people in his life, but he should not share his problems with them as he did not want them to be stressed.

There are a thousand of people who are passing by. They were not looking at each other, and he is trying to see in their eyes and wanted to see if he is the only person who is in darkness. He started thinking about his daughter and wife. He doesn't know what to tell his daughter about the fees. Family thinks he is a strong person, but he doesn't want to tell them that he is a failure too.

He is feeling to cry loud, but he is not able to do it, he wants to tell somebody to help him but don't know how to ask for it. He is alone with thousands of people around him. He just wants to end his life. It's being a long time he was acting strong. He doesn't know how long he can survive. He feels to give up and end his life with all his problems.

“Acting strong every time will make you worse. It will take a lot from you. People who are strong always found alone because they forget to make friends and share their thoughts. Sometimes it's OK to cry, it's OK to blame, it's OK to doubt your capabilities. Strong people give priority to their problems and forget to live. Being alive is much better than being strong.”


Cobbler is thinking to end his life. He is tensed and he is ready to give up. His mind is not able to understand the inappropriate thought of ending his life. He just wanted to do it as he was not able to handle this pressure.

He used to have epilepsy attack in his childhood. He is so tensed today that he got a stroke of epilepsy, his hands and legs were tight. It is a hot and humid day but due to the stroke his hands and legs were chilled.

He is lying down on his place and watching people passing by but no one is bothered to get him out of the stroke. He started thinking about his family and thought his time has come. He is recalling all his memories specially about her wife and daughter. He suddenly realizes his life was full of struggle, but he to have a beautiful family. A caring daughter and a loving wife. He was crying and smiling at the same time.

Thinking about the family during the stroke made him realize, how wrong he was about ending his life. He did not want to die now, as he realizes he has the most precious gift, which is his family. People who were passing by doesn't see him suffering from pain. He started praying and believing his faith as he did not want to die and want to live for his family.

He somehow tried to lie down straight and get some air. He is facing towards sky and was trying to relax himself. He is feeling fresh air and positivity. He thought about his family, and it gave him energy to self heal after a few minutes he is in a normal state. He is happy nothing bad happened to him. He stretch himself with a smile on his face. He is experiencing a new energy in his blood and his problem was nothing in front of his self-esteem.

He packs up everything and leave for the day. He decided to tell his daughter the truth. He is sure she will understand the situation as she loves him too. While walking towards home he feels good as if he got a new hope to live peacefully by thinking about his family. It was a bad day for him which turns out to be good at the end.

He realizes life isn't bad until you have loved ones with you. No matter what's the problem is, if you have hope and faith in yourself you are alive.


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