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Bharat Thacker



Bharat Thacker


Presenting Present

Presenting Present

3 mins

On my marriage, along with the Gift, I received a message which I will always remember.

With the complimentary message, my staff members of Purchase Section enclosed/presented a Purchase Order. Now, those who know about Purchase Order can appreciate the message I received.

I was very much pleased to receive the message with Purchase Order in prescribed proforma and wrote an article ‘PRESENTING PRESENT’ which is given hereunder which cover the full story of the message I received and which is lifetime memory for me.


Human being is a social animal and to greet according to occasion and give present / gift is a social courtesy. There are three aspects in PRESENTING PRESENT – Choice of present, its packing and greeting message on the present.

Due importance is not given to the greeting message and indifference attitude by marking routine message may reduce the charm of the present. On the other hand, Greeting Message itself can be ‘KEEPSAKE’ if it is worded properly, uses sense of imagination and humor. Greeting Message should be made interesting and live by applying imagination considering the occasion and surroundings of persons to whom present is to be presented.

Greeting Message I received along with present from our Materials department staff is a good example how one can make greetings interesting and live by using imagination and surroundings. I am working in Materials Department and issuing Purchase Order is our day to day job. When I was presented present, Greeting Message was enclosed with one Purchase Order. Now, those who are aware of Purchase Order and its terms & conditions can enjoy and taste the Purchase Order I received. Purchase Order format presented to me was having following terms & conditions and one can enjoy sense of imagination and humor used in converting commercial terms of Purchase Order into social terms & customs. Purchase Order I received in prescribed format was having following:

·        In Purchase Order, vendor’s / party’s name and address was given of my father-in-law. The order was addressed to my father-in-law.

·        In description column (Item to be supplied) name of my wife was given. In detailed specifications, it was mentioned that specifications should match Bharat Thacker ( i.e. to me). In model, birth-year of my wife was mentioned – Model: 1964

·        Value of the item was mentioned: INFINITE

·        In dispatch / delivery date column: Date of my marriage was mentioned: 1.6.86

·        Mode of dispatch was marked: With garlands

·        In delivery term, my resident address was mentioned as: F.O.R.: D-318, Uday Nagar.

Above is an example, how one can make Greeting Message of rich surprise, innovative, live and interesting to make it “Keepsake”.

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