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Beginning of the end

She opened the door of the conference room, and entered without permission. All heads turned to her. She did not pay any attention to anyone and directly went to the HOD of “Vacate the Planet” committee, Mr. Sarvin. He looked at her and nodded his head in disbelief. “Oh no, not again Crity” he murmured to himself. Everyone was looking at him disapprovingly. “Sir, please believe me. I am not wrong this time. You need to give me a chance. You need to give every belief a chance”, she insisted. He could not believe that on such a last moment this girl was still thinking about a chance, but it was far better to discuss about life with someone enthusiastic and passionate like her than to discuss about death with some hopeless and old members just like him. He stood up from his seat and started moving with her. Everyone else was staring at him, but he did not care.

Since his childhood, Sarvin was witnessing the horrible dance of death. Naughtiness, strength, beauty and all other representatives of ages were vanished. Since the birth a child had to start fighting with various life style diseases. Hospitals were falling short of life saving natural gases. Half of their body parts were artificial. Their love, faith, hate, smile, cry, birth and eventually their life had become artificial. They could not conceive naturally anymore. All the babies were artificially programmed, still not perfect. He himself had replaced more than half of the body parts with machines till he reached the age of 20. He was living in a pipe structured virtual home where he was allowed to sleep and sit, which was considered as a luxury. As there was no government, but only private companies and their business territories were in existence, most people did not have basic rights. The situation has worsened with recurring quakes and natural disasters. He had witnessed the death of natural resources, deteriorating health of his people. He was witnessing the death of the world and was feeling helpless with every passing day. The planet was already emotionally dead and was awaiting the physical one.

Many had kept higher things on stake for searching a new planet and he was the president of one such organization. His body was old enough to take harsh and necessary decisions and his mind was young enough to welcome and try new ideas. His whole life was devoted in searching new planet which could be their new home, but he could not become successful. Some attempts failed miserably and some were lost in space. Though he could not succeed, he was highly admired for his vision and guidance. One of his biggest admirers was walking with him. The vanishing nature has taken away all the beauty of the planet including hers. Crity was intelligent and had only one dream, to search the new habitable planet. Everyone has told her that they are alone in the universe, but she was not ready to accept it. She had only witnessed two phases of her life, that is childhood and old age. She never grew younger; she only grew older. They all knew that the ending has started. Even in those final hours of the planet, amid all the hopelessness when everyone had lost hope and people were choosing suicide rather than suffering the inevitable pain; Crity was working hard to find a ray of hope.

He stopped suddenly and said, “You know what you are doing, right?” Crity smiled and replied happily, “Yes sir and this time I am not wrong.” They entered into an area where all the machines were generating some signals. She asked his attention for one particular machine. “Sir see here, on the south side of the universe, several new planets are being formed. According to all the calculations, it can be our second home. Development process of a few of them matches with ours.” He looked at her in complete angst, “Are you out of your mind. It will take them billions of years to become habitable and if you are aware of our condition then you must know we do not have that much of time.” “I know, sir, but we can send our space ships towards those planets. Every ship will have a container with packaged species.” She moved towards the containers with purple colored liquid. “We have an anti-aging potion with us. It will keep those species at the same age, even after billions of years. Once the spaceship reaches the young planet, the sensors which are amended on the outer wall of the spaceship, will pass the information to our automatic bots. Then the bots will take out the species and land the spaceship on the young planet.” She was moving all over the area and was showing each and every part of their future mission. “Once, it lands the bots will leave the species on the planet and dismantle themselves.” Sarvin was listening intently and said, “This looks too good to be true, what if the things do not happen the way we want? what if bot and sensors fail? What if the spaceship gets destroyed in the middle of the journey or if your calculations are wrong? Do you have an answer on any of these questions?” She took a long pause and then said, “I know nothing is guaranteed, but what will we lose sir? Anyhow, we are not going to witness the next generation. We could not find a single alive planet in all these years. Who knows if universe want us to do this and try out the possibilities.” He was indulged in deep thoughts. After thinking for some time he replied, “but how is it beneficial to our survival?” “May be not directly, but in some or other form, in one or many places we will be alive in the universe.” He listened to her carefully. He took a close look toward all the machines, read and analyze the data on it. After observing everything carefully, he said, “Don’t just send the spaceships in one direction. Aim at least two planets in each direction, because there is no limit to the possibilities in the universe.” He turned to her and further added, “But it’s my duty to forewarn you that the fuel and technology you need for this project is very high. No one even at these last moments will give their wealth for a mere possibility. This project can claim your life.” Crity smiled and replied sarcastically, “Life, really?” He grinned and left the room. She was standing there with tears and hope in her eyes.

Crity had been attacked thrice within six months after the commencement of the project. No one was ready to give her the money and technological help she needed, but finally she gathered all the help she needed and formed a team of 200 people. She travelled extensively to gather the healthiest species of all kinds. Crity, Sarvin and their team was working every moment to prepare the spaceships. While working on the spaceship he asked, “What if more than one spaceship finds life or livable planet?” She smiled and asked him to come at one side of the spaceship where the sensors were attached. “These sensors are not only made for communicating with the bot, but with other ships too. As soon as any one of the ship will find a life or at least favorable conditions, it will communicate with other ships too.” He added proudly, “That’s great, but have you tested it?” “No time for testing new features right now. I will do that later”, she moved to another station after saying that. The word ‘Later’ bothered him a bit, but made peace with it and started working. They had no time to lose.

Someone from the team was dying daily due to extreme weather conditions. Their hopes were shaken every day, but Crity kept them motivated by repeating the possible results of their endeavor. The darkest day came when Sarvin left them. He was gone and merged into the universe. She was broken, but stopping was not an option and she kept working. Finally, the day arose when all the spaceships were ready, except few final checks. Only she was left alive in the team. The other part of the planet was burning and her part was freezing very fast. The planet was coming to a halt. She was feeling short of breath and did not have time to do the final checks. Crity knew it’s now or never. The button was ready, she pressed it and took her last breath. All the eight spaceships took off in their programmed directions with a roaring sound and started the journey in the search of a new life. Their planet came to halt and with a tremendous sound, everything was merged in the arms of the universe like nothing was ever exist.

1000 billion years later…. Activation Time

Spaceships were named based on the direction they were going to travel. Spaceships which were travelling towards the south were named as SpaceS1 and SpaceS2. They were making their way through the asteroids, dwarf planets, dead planets, dust and many more unaccounted hurdles of the universe. Every spaceship had 5 different rooms. One room had all the containers with anti-aging potion and species submerged in it. This room was in a corner and guarded heavily with hardest materials which made it 10 times safer than other rooms. Another section was dedicated to store the data which was directly connected to all the sensors. The sensors were passing all the gathered data through the air-wires to the memory section. Next section had the machines which were processing the data continuously and were making sensible information throughout their journey. 4th section had the bots in sleeping mode. All bots were connected to the sensors and were awaiting the “Positive Signals”. 5th section was the most important section where the species had to be tested before implanting them in their new home. All the calculations were fed in the system initially, but now machines had to use their own experiences to travel further. Route to the destined planets were stored in the memory and spaceships were following those religiously.

Sensors of SpaceS1 and SpaceS2 started getting positive data from the surrounding and started sending “Activate” signal to the bots. Bots were intelligent machines with self-learning and improvement systems imbedded. A bot has three main parts. First the horizontal rectangular body with attached two spheres on both sides. The wire like hands were folded in spheres and came out whenever it was required. The rectangular shaped body also worked as brain of the bot. Bots came out from the sleep with hush sounds. The bots in SpaceS1 were named Crity1, Sarvin1 and Kirkam1. They were programmed to perform specific tasks. Signals were passed to other spaceships as well by sending the LISO waves. LISO had the unique combination of lights and sounds. The wavelengths of sound waves were heightened and combined with light waves. Now the sound could be seen in different colours and bots could understand them better. All bots were assembled with specific tasks to follow. Responsibilities in of bots in all the ships were same. Crity1 (bot 1) took charge of the ship and started analyzing the incoming signals. Sarvin1 (bot2) started testing the condition of the species and Kirkam1 (bot3) was keeping watch in the surrounding environment, signals and possible threats. In SpaceS2, Crity2 made the data charts and estimated the approximate distance from the new planet as 100 years. Sarvin2 started testing species by taking samples from the containers and started examining their condition in the lab. Kirkam2 started analyzing the information generated from the machine room. The signals were disturbing and could read threat. A 50 year away asteroid was slashing a path of both south spaceships. Kirkam2 activated threat signal and passed the signal to the Kirkam1.

SpaceS1 was working in the same way as SpaceS2. Kirkam1 started working on changed dynamics after encountering threat. Crity1 got busy in the new path calculations. Sarvin1 had started examining species. It took out the highly vulnerable and dangerous yellow potion from the rack. Sucked a small portion of the yellow potion with a sucking tube and dropped slowly on already placed sample species. The yellow potion had harmful waves which were coming out of the partially closed bottle. The waves were harmful to not only the species, but the machines too. Sarvin1 which was performing tests on species, touched the liquid and all its signals failed. Gradually the waves reached each machine and everything started to fail. The SpaceS1 was dead from inside. The signals were being received by SpaceN1 of discovering life by the signals mounted on the outer walls of the ship, but all in vain as the receiving end was dead. The journey of SpaceS1 was finished leaving the burden of all hopes on SpaceS2.

50 years later…New landing point

SpaceS2 was on the last step of its journey towards the new planet. Crity2, Sarvin2, and Kirkam2 were working rigorously to calculate a path which could save the crash with asteroid. Sarvin2 was done with sample testing of the species. No other threat was calculated by Kirkam2 and hence all the bots were working on only one mission of avoiding asteroid.

Everything was going smoothly until the sensor has given a threat signal and all the bots were on high alert. Crity2 smartly tilted the angle of the Spaces2 to 2degrees. But the universe had other plans. The asteroid had gone through a collision which changed its path again. The new path of the asteroid was crossing the path of SpaceS2. Bots had only one option left. Crity2 changed the angle and now the spaceship had to take a round of the planet and then land. Asteroid passed without letting any damage, but the real challenge was ahead in time. New landing point of the young planet was not very friendly.

50 years later… Landing

SpaceS2 entered the atmosphere of the young planet. Kirkam2 took out species out of the containers to make them ready for proper implantation. Crity2 started to prepare SpaceS2 for landing. Sirvan2 was analyzing the large chunk of data coming towards its way as fast as possible. Everything looked ok till signals started failing. Sirvan2 could not get any data and was not able to understand the outer atmosphere. It was becoming hard for Crity2 to turn on landing features of the SpaceS2. A magnificently strong force was pressurizing the SpaceS2. The plan of landing started failing. The outer cover of the SpaceS2 was drifting apart. The black, cloudy and highly hostile atmosphere had torn the signals. The end part of the SpaceS2 was broken in parts and SpaceS2 was falling helplessly towards the young planet.

Crity2 has lost all the control of SpaceS2 and was trying to get it back. The stored data and all other information had become useless against this tremendous applied force. Sirvan2 was broken and fell on the ground. All its parts were short circuiting which infused the harmful waves inside the ship. Kirkam2 sensed the waves and started to move toward the species to save them, but it could not reach toward them. Kirkam2 soon got affected by waves and fell on the ground only adding more waves in the atmosphere. One by one all rooms were in the influence of the waves except species. Crity2 was stopped working as half of its signals were destroyed. Species were not far away from destruction as the waves were reaching fast. SpaceS2 was falling to 100 times more speed. Pressure was increased by 250 times more power. Crity2, Sarvin2 and Kirkam2 were destroyed. Species were on the urge of destruction and so the hope and hard work of Crity and Sarvin.

The possibilities have no end in the universe. Sometimes, the worst results best and something good come out of pathetic situations on the young planet. The species were not planted properly, but the work with good intentions never goes in vain. The waves became inactive, the species were submerged in the blue liquid and started flourishing gradually.

5000 billion years later….New Life

The new era of life has begun. The species were taking shape. Some had simple cell structure, whereas some were complex enough to challenge the nature. Species were mixed with each other hence they could survive in the volatile weather of their new planet. Few adapted it very quickly and grew strong. Gradually and steadily the planet accepted them and life began to flourish. The eyes, nose and face started taking various shapes, sizes and colours. Some of them could move and conquer new areas of their new home. Few were immovable and grew on the same place. Their ancestors from another planet were similar as well as different from them in many ways. The new planet went through many changes over the years, apparently making the basic life structure more complicated and evolved.

Billions of years later…Developed

The planet grew into a beautiful place. Crores of species were living and growing day by day. The life got a beautiful shape doing full justice to the hardships of their other planet ancestors. One of them grew into thoughtful living people. They had emotions and mediums to reciprocate their feelings. They had enough resources to live a happy life, but something inside their mind always asked, “Are we alone here? Are we alone in the universe?” They started searching for their counterparts in the universe. But for searching others they need name for themselves and their planet. They chose to call themselves “Human” and their planet as “Earth”.

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