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Tapasya Khachi



Tapasya Khachi


Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

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As the morning sun filtered through the small crevices of the curtains, Mabel opened her eyes to a room which was modestly furnished with an oak table and two chairs in front of a large glass window. Her laptop was still lying open on her side table from last night’s work. An alarm clock lay beside the laptop. A cupboard on the left provided ample space for her limited clothes.

Sipping coffee in front of the window reminded her of her past. She vividly remembered running away from her home to fulfill her only desire to weave her way into the fabric of high society. She was tired of living in penury with a family of seven members. Her middle-class status and rising demands not only led to constant rebellion, but it greatly anguished her parents who failed to comprehend her.

Mabel looked around the room once more and felt pleased that she had been able to afford an inexpensive studio apartment in Bath Beach fulfilling her need for an urban environment. Through sheer perseverance, she had found the job of an assistant writer in Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages in New York City. The film studio was almost half an hour away from her home via I-278 W.

Her train of thoughts is suddenly broken by her phone ringing loudly. The screen flashes ‘BOSS’ in capital letters.

“Yes ma’am, I will be there in an hour”, Mabel quipped.

Sophia Pope was the writer for the film which was tentatively titled, ‘A New Life’. She was already known in New York City studios as a notable writer. The power of her pen had wreathed magic to create blockbusters at the box office. She had been showered with many awards which had catapulted her among other writers of repute within a very short span of time.

Her busy schedules and writing commitments left her with little time to socialise with people. She would often think to herself, “I need to get a life; I need to go out, sit with friends and enjoy life to the fullest”. She had embarked on a journey where her companions were only success and money. She was bereft of friends and a boyfriend was simply out of question. She had not been in a relationship since she parted ways with Christopher and that too was a long time ago.

As she was pondering on these injustices of life, Mabel was shown into the house by Martha; Sophia’s housekeeper.

Mabel had never seen a house so grand where every object spelled opulence. The magnificent crystal chandelier above her head, the white sofa with turquoise blue cushions and the various paintings which adorned the walls of the palatial house left her speechless and so mesmerised that she did not hear Sophia call out her name. She had to be shaken out of her trance to come back to reality.

“Hmm! What? Oh no, I am sorry. You have a beautiful home ma’am”, said Mabel.

“Thank you, Mabel. Are you alright? Do you need something?”

“No ma’am. I am fine”, replied Mabel. “Let us proceed with our work”.

“Ok. I wanted to talk to you about the new film that I am writing. The story is set in a ranch so I want you to conduct research on the ranches near New York. I would like to visit a ranch for a week to get a first-hand experience.”

When Mabel left, she was still in awe of what her eyes had just witnessed. Such grandeur and luxury was a dream which she wanted to convert into reality. She had already forgotten the life of destitution and unaccomplished desires which she had left behind. She promised herself to make efforts to realize her dream no matter what.

“Ma’am I have been able to zero in on a ranch in Brooklyn. The name of the ranch is ‘Urban Cowboy’. It is a perfect escapade from the mind-numbing pace of New York City. It will give you an ample experience of the rustic life enjoyed on a ranch and will also provide you with peace to complete your story”, informed Mabel.

“Sounds perfect, Mabel. Could you just talk to the ranch owner and request him to accommodate me for a week?”

“I have already fixed everything ma’am. You just have to take care of your packing.”

“Oh, thank you, Mabel. What would I do without you? You are truly a lifesaver!”

Next morning, Sophia got up early feeling exultant at the change the ranch would provide her. This was probably the holiday that she needed. She had made many plans in the past but her work had always taken precedence.

After having driven for 10 minutes, the country air laden with the fragrance of orchids treated Sophia to olfactory pleasures. What met the eye was even better. On each side of the road the trees formed canopies as if bowing down to welcome the travelers. The bright colour of the orchids painted the landscape in the hues of a rainbow. As she took in the sights, the Brooklyn Bridge emerged impressively in front of her. The scenic passage offered a smooth transition from the humdrum of city life to the serenity of country life. 

As she neared the ranch, she moved into a gravel path which was flanked by bushes on both sides. She ran her eyes as far as she could and was impressed by the expanse of the ranch. The path led her to an imposing two storey structure which had a porch in the front. The building was painted in white with a brown roof. Two cane chairs adorned the balcony on the left.

Mabel had made a good choice, thought Sophia. Just then she heard the trot of a horse. She turned backwards to look at who it was. She was speechless to see a tall, handsome man who was a perfect specimen of physical beauty. He wore a cowboy hat, white shirt and blue jeans. His azure eyes, flawless complexion and a radiant smile rendered Sophia speechless.

“Hey! I am Luke. You must be Sophia Pope. We were expecting you at Urban Cowboy. Welcome.”

Not finding words immediately Sophia just managed to mutter thanks. As they started walking towards the house Sophia reprimanded herself for acting like a sixteen year old. Luke seemed unfazed by her reaction and was busy giving her a vivid account of the history of the place.

“I am a writer by profession. I am here to complete a story for a production house in New York”, Sophia declared.

“Your assistant, what was her name?”

 “Mabel”, said Sophia.

 “Yes, Mabel already briefed us about it. You will get both privacy and the atmosphere to do your work”, assured Luke.

By this time they had entered the living room which looked comforting with a huge fireplace. The walls were decorated with the photographs of family and friends and the souvenirs or gifts left by the visitors. The sofa and couches with matching cushions exuded warmth and reminded Sophia of her family home.

For the next two days, Sophia collected information about the ranch and was able to make headway in her writing. Watching Luke work in the ranch, and his kind heartedness warmed Sophia towards him. She respected him for treating his staff with dignity and working round the clock to ensure the smooth functioning of the ranch. Luke took good care of Sophia and assisted her in painting an authentic picture of a ranch in her story.

“Has it always been your dream to work on a ranch?” Sophia asked Luke one day.

“Yes, maybe or…”

“So there is something else that you would want to pursue”.

“Yes, I mean no.” Luke fumbled.

“Come on you can tell me. I am good at keeping secrets”, Sophia said.

“Well if you won’t disclose it to anyone, I aspire to become an actor one day. Probably when I am free from the responsibilities of the ranch”, Luke confessed.

“The other day I saw you practicing in the barn. I should have guessed it right then. I can help you meet directors if you want.”

“No it’s ok. I don’t want to trouble you. Moreover, I have the ranch to take care of.” Luke sounded disappointed so Sophia did not prod him further.

Finally, Sophia was able to complete her story and the time came for her to bid adieu to the ranch and Luke. She packed her bags and moved towards her car. Despite her best efforts, her feet seemed to be glued to the ground and her heart became heavy. She felt that she was leaving something behind. It took all the power that she had to start the car and drive away. However, she had gone only few miles when her heart forced her to stop the car. Realisation dawned on her that she had fallen in love with Luke and she would not be at peace with herself if she did not tell Luke about her feelings. She turned the car around and suddenly the pall of gloom which had enveloped her gave way to excitement and ecstasy. She did not know how Luke felt but that did not deter her from confessing her love for him.

As she entered the ranch once again, she found Luke sitting on the stairs leading to the house, lost and forlorn. She jumped out of the car and ran towards Luke who stood up in stupefaction at the turn of events.

“I love you, Luke. I just couldn’t leave before I had told you this. I do not know what you feel for me and it is ok if you do not feel the same. I had to tell you what I felt.”

Luke smiled and said, “I have been trying to tell you the same thing. I just did not know how.” Sophia’s happiness knew no bounds and she embraced Luke.

“You must come to New York with me. You have a bright future as an actor there. You must give yourself a chance to fulfill your dream.”

On Sophia’s insistence, Luke packed his bags and got ready to grab the opportunity which was till now evasive and distant. Every mile away from the ranch was a step closer towards his dream.

Next morning, Sophia took Luke to the office along with her and introduced him to everybody. Mabel seemed extremely happy that day as if euphoria had gripped her.

Sophia planned a huge party where Luke would be introduced to various film directors. She wanted the best for Luke and therefore personally took charge of the party. Invitations went out to all renowned directors and writers. The party proved to be a great success and many directors inquired about Luke. His simplicity and charm impressed everybody. George Brown, one of the celebrated directors asked Luke to come and audition for a film which was to commence in a month’s time.

“I have an urgent meeting with George Brown tonight.” Sophia informed Mabel.

“Is it about Luke?” Mabel sounded excited.

“I don’t know, but I need you to do me a favour. I had promised to take Luke out for dinner tonight but with this sudden meeting, I shall not be able to go. Could you take Luke out for dinner?” Sophia urged.

“Anything for you, boss.” Sophia thanked Mabel and left her office.

As Mabel and Luke sat in 'The Dragon’s Quest'; a newly opened restaurant serving Chinese cuisine, Luke complimented Mabel on her choice.

“You can bring down your guard now. We are alone.” Mabel whispered.

Luke heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I am tired of feigning love to Sophia when I actually love you. We have loved each other since childhood. This drama is getting a bit too much for me to handle.”

“Relax Luke. I am proud of you that you were able to pull the wool over Sophia's eyes. No one can stop us now from fulfilling our dreams. Our plan is successful. You just need to go on with this façade till you do not sign a film. After that we can flush Sophia out of our lives.”

Mabel drifted into her past and remembered how her family used to work for Luke’s parents on the ranch. As Mabel’s family had nowhere to stay, they had been accommodated on the ranch. Being the same age, Luke and Mabel had quickly become friends, sharing not only food and time but also secrets. Luke confided to Mabel that one day he would grow up to be the best actor that New York had seen till date. Mabel told him that she would break through the shackles of poverty and have a lavish home and a good job in New York City. She was ready to sacrifice anything for a life full of luxury. However, her parents wanted her to be practical and dissuaded her from daydreaming. This led to daily fights with her parents and when one day she could no longer handle it, she ran from home never to return again. 

Luke turned backwards as if sensing somebody’s presence but he couldn’t see anybody due to dim lighting in the restaurant.

Stephanie makes an entry into the office of Sophia. She is the daughter of George Brown. Stephanie is tall, beautiful with hazel eyes and very attractive. Luke meets her in the foyer and is unable to take his eyes off her. Mabel introduces Luke to Stephanie. Stephanie exchanges her number with Luke and asks him to call her.

Luke calls Stephanie and both of them get talking. After a few meetings both of them profess their love for each other. Luke feels greatly delighted as he knows that he has made the right move.

“I should talk to daddy about casting you in his film”, said Stephanie to Luke when they met for coffee.

“You don’t need to do that. He will select me if I am good enough.”

“You do not know my dad. He has never denied me anything till now. I can surely do this much for the man I love.” Luke knew now that he had hit bull’s eye. Now he no longer needed Mabel or Sophia to further his career. He had found the hen who laid golden eggs.

“I cannot believe that you cheated on me. How could you do this to me? It was all my planning and now you are ditching me for Stephanie”, shouted Mabel.  

“It was your planning, but from now on I take the reins in my own hands. I will not play a puppet to two foolish women. How can you ask me to be truthful when you yourself have played such a big game with Sophia, who trusted you?”

“Don’t do this to me Luke. Please come back to me. We will make a good life together”, begged Mabel.

“Good life! Are you kidding me? You can never give me what Stephanie can. She is rich, smart and the daughter of George Brown. Do you even know what that means?”

Just then Stephanie enters, who has till now been a silent listener to the altercation.

“Oh, thank God Stephanie you are here. It’s not my fault that Mabel loves me. I only love you and you know that, right?” Luke feigns innocence.

“Stop it Luke. I have heard everything. You have not played anyone but you have been played by someone, smarter than you”, Stephanie looks towards the door and Sophia enters bearing a smile on her face but hurt in her eyes.

Luke is shocked to see Sophia who thanks Stephanie.

“I have never loved you Luke. It was all Sophia’s plan. Today you have not only lost the film that you might have got, but you have also lost the love of a girl who truly loved you.” Stephanie looked at Sophia and left.

Luke sat down on a chair not believing what had unfolded in front of his eyes. Mabel was also heartbroken and shattered. She asked for Sophia’s forgiveness and left the office. Luke looked at Sophia for answers but could not get words out of his mouth.

Sophia informed him that she had heard the conversation between Mabel and him in the restaurant. It was then, that she had decided to teach him a lesson. Luke could no longer bear the eyes of Sophia piercing into him. He got up and walked towards the door. He halted for a while near the door contemplating to say sorry but he couldn’t muster the courage to do so. His career had ended before getting started.

Sophia stood in her office alone. It seemed as if her loneliness had swathed the room. The two people, whom she had trusted, had betrayed her. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She had visualised her entire life with Luke not knowing that he would deceive her in such a way that she would never be able to trust anybody in her life again.

However, the writer in her was much stronger and it came to her rescue. Her broken heart found solace when destiny offered her a chance to be the playwright of the drama of her life. She devised an impeccable plan to show Luke his real place. She gave a perfect ending to the story that had begun at the ranch and ‘A New Life’ began for her.

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