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Passport Made Me Patient

Passport Made Me Patient

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It's a big story of my passport. I think maximum days to obtain passport is 90 days that is 3 months. Here I will tell you my story of getting passport in 9 months that is 2710 days that is also after a regress follow up with passport office and number of escalations.

It is a very sad story and whenever I tell this real story gets tears in my eyes and goose bumps. I still remember the day when my Aunt being in Canada needed me and she invited me to take care for her in maternity. Unfortunately I did not had passport so First I applied in the month of Aug 2011 assuming that in the month of November I’ll be able to travel to Canada.

I booked an appointment online for submission of documents at Nehru place, New Delhi. On the appointment date I reached there but it was a huge queue so I had to wait till afternoon finally after 4-5 continuous standing hours I submitted my documents. However there were some hurdles like making payment, photocopies, signature etc , somehow completed all the formalities and got a receipt.

I was excited and started preparation as well as documents arrangement for travel and visa. But August over and I did not receive any communication for police verification or any further communication. I was staying at katwaria sarai so my post office – hauz khas & police station- Vasant vihar.

I checked status online of my application at passport .the status was ’’ work in progress ‘’ continuously for 1 month. I called on helpline number and requested about police verification then they said file has been forwarded and you will get verification done soon. I waited then after a moth status fot changed to ‘verification failure visit nearest office’. Although I did not get any physical verification or call so I visited to Vasant vihar police station and asked if they have received my file.

This is about sept 2011 I visited police station and thy said you don’t need to come whenever we will receive file we will come to you or call you and asked me to leave also said you should wait. I been patient and waited again for next 15 days . Still status at website is same and no response on helpline number. By starting of Oct 2011 I visited Nehru place office where I had submitted my documents. They said file has been sent from here and check status online and if still have queries visit Bhikaji cama place ‘the head office’ . Though response was very rude and took my whole day.

Next week I took leave and visited Bhikhaji cama place, unfortunately it was Wednesday so no help. Next day by afternoon officer left for the day query timing is 10-2 so finally by my third visit I managed to meet to the person and reached inquiry counter/cabin. Here the person named … oops I forgot , he checked and said verification is failure again submit your documents and verification form with photo . I argued that nobody visited then how it is failure but he advised me to submit the said docs instead of argument with respect to get the passport. Next week again visited with all the relevant docs and submitted. it was not so easy but a day spent there and they wanted same picture the one pasted in original form as it was a challenge but managed to arrange so.

After submission he said (passport officer) next 15 days u need to wait and get the verification done and passport delivered. I got a hope that I may travel by November after getting passport. After 15 days , in first week of Nov 2011 there is no change in status of passport page on the website. Again visited bhikaji cama and raised if they have some update because website is still showing same. He said no need to visit again and again you will get police verified soon. I did not leave with any option than wait. 2nd week of Nov got a call from A police officer named Mr Fool singh from vasant vihar Thana and he asked me to visit vasant vihar police station with all the documents and as it was a weekday so I asked him if it can be done by Saturday . He agreed and said will call on Saturday. Saturday I was keep on trying but number seems to be incorrect or some mistake , I visited Police station with my docs and asked people if they know somebody with this name and give the contact details. But no help . I had to wait for his call only and one fine day by next weekend on Sunday ( Nov 3rd week) he called and asked if I am available for documents verification visit Vasant vihar station. I went there shown all the documents and had been asked if anything else to be given (related to bribe). I told him No for bribe and requested him to give positive feedback as it is urgent to get passport for me because I need to help my aunt by visiting her. But he wrote something in the paper and asked me to leave. Everything fine and check the status online by 2-3 days.

No improvement 2-3 days converted into 12-13 days. Again visit to Bhikaji cama amd new officer was there he said we did not receive any response from police verification report so you need to wait. I told him the entire story but he did nothing. Came back waited 10 more days and visited to vasant vihar station and tried meeting the same police officer but could not and some other officer suggested to raise passport officer . Again visited bhikaji cama and he said to submit the docs once more as verification has been negative. I understood just because of bribe. Passport officer also said if you would have paid instead of following up.

You wont believe November 2011 passed story getting repeated twice I submitted the documents for verification and 2 different police officer asked to submit the docs to him and same status. I kept on chasing and they were just diverting my file from here to there. Last police officer came to my home for verification and that was the final one. I told him the entire story and told him how bribe is paying role here delaying my passport to get generated. He asked me you would have paid I told him that’s not possible. I offered him team that is the maximum i can do. I don’t know if he sympathized or so but he said okay approved within 15 days you should get.

Waiting needs big heart and when there is no option left it's more painful. 20 days passed now Jan 2012 visited bhikaji cama place consecutively 4 times after every 15 days now its march.

One fine day I wrote mail to all level , raise to grievance although I was scared that if I will escalate more they may hold and reject my passport . I met all senior , junior person at bhikaji cama place , 2nd floor, all chamber, cabin, at passport office. One diverted to another . Given a complaint letter with all attatched proof of visiting almost 80 times. Send mail to Delhi CM and all big shots , whatever contact detail I could arrange from website. Then in the month of April 2012 I got to know that my file has been misplaced and its lost later on.

So Now I realized that my fight and struggle was getting waste, when there is no file how it will come in 15 days. Online status on passport page was ‘verification failure contact officer’’. For me this statement was enough to lose hope but I took all step before losing. Gain asked about bribe that if I pay something file can be searched but I denied and threatened about escalation to high authority also submitted one copy there chamber 5. One of the member named pawan helped me and he asked me to visit next Monday with all the docs again will try to find the file if don’t find then will issue then and there. And before I visit Monday that is 13th may, I saw the status changed on website that ‘’ passport is ready and send for dispatch wait for 15 days.’’

By next week and end of May One postman came and delivered. He also wanted some bribe of rs 500 on the occasion of passport getting ready.

This was the entire story where I refused bribe 5 times including the postman and resultant in getting delay my passport. I lost chance to visit my aunt because the baby born and I was late. I stand anti corrupt and honest. I think improvement in passport system is the result of my escalation.

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