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Chandrika Menon

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Our Mother In Tears

Our Mother In Tears

3 mins

She can’t speak, but her gestures are more than enough to say a lot about the sadness on her face. The way she was taken for granted by him, heart melts.

Once, there was a time, when she was worshipped by him. During those days, he was quite simple, loving, down to earth, sensitive, and caring.

Amazing environment with plenty of natural resources – Greeneries, animals, ponds, small village huts, clean air, pure water, fresh food, pleasant climate, abundant love, was the cause of good health and mind.

Gradually, things changed. He grew quite opposite than earlier, droved by greed, laziness and comforts. This led him to investigate easy and instant sources, more of comfort zones, and luxurious lifestyle. He opted for short cuts with high jumps for his unsatisfied monetary lust and material happiness. His increased needs which never satisfied till then, made him wild and worst. From daily wages he skipped to high monetary beneficial levels, jumped from agriculture to industries. He re-located to big cities for transformation. Soon his basic education levels changed to over-educated, which evolved a superior complex in him.

Later during his visits to the village he started dominating her, by cutting her important organs for his self benefits, which wounded her in pain. She was always dragged for his new research, experiments on advanced technology.   Still, she remained quiet, as she wanted him to succeed always.

Even though these scattered her, it was tolerated due to unconditional love for him. She thought some or the other day he may regret his acts. Off late nothing can change him.

Slowly greeneries faded away, animal species disappeared, pure natural water turned unfit, unhealthy air was spread all over. He damaged her beauty each day, leaving darkness all over.

Yes…….our mother NATURE (She) is in tears.

It is he (Man) who has brutally killed Mother Nature so far for modern life patterns.

Earlier, did we have any facilities like advanced modern education than required, electronic fancies, automobile facilities, luxurious properties, costly world tours, etc. Earlier our education was worship, now its profession. When man became over-educated, his cruel brain made him experiment with his vast knowledge of nature. Of course, no doubt, it has led to advance technology and industrial growth.  

In our competitive drive for growth and comforts, the ultimate sacrifice is whole life.

Are we aware of what was ignored to grow big?

Ourselves. We spoiled our land, tortured environment more than it could sustain which led to global imbalance.

Consequences are short life span, complicated diseases and lack of humanity. Many of us are not even able to cross 40’s. What about our children, their future and growth? They will be facing worst circumstances than us, that too because of us.

Don’t we feel if this was life, better not to be born?

Let’s all take an oath together to live with time, protect our Mother, regain back her smile fading all her tears away.

Preserve 3S - Secure, Safe, and Save Nature………….

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