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Tejaswi Challapu



Tejaswi Challapu


Our Friendship

Our Friendship

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A journey started...a very long journey and an unstoppable journey.. hey hey don't get any ideas... not in a vehicle, it's a journey started in the school.

Entered into a new day and also a new place!! No no, an old place where I was born and spent my childhood but still it was new to me because we left the place for about 6 years and now my father got transferred to the same place. Haha, feels like a re-entry of a character into the movie right? Yes, it was a well-known place but now the neighbours and schoolmates were strangers for us. I had many things running in my mind especially about the house, the neighbours and the schoolmates. On the first day, we entered into our rented house. Though it was not so spacious, it was too good to live. The next thing in my mind was neighbours, they welcomed us with their lovely heart and helped us in arranging the things. Everything was set and now it was time to go to school to join 10th standard.

On the first day of my new school, I felt that I'd joined the school for the first time when I was a child. I got tensed and slightly feared about how the school would be? and the people would be? With a frightened effect, I entered the school. Thank God! It was good to see my cousin brother Gopal in the same school and we shared the same class too. Everyone came to me and chit-chatted; where I am from and all the stuff related to my past. So sweet of them right! After some time, all felt excited by knowing that I'm the cousin of Gopal. The first day passed with a little excitement.

Now, it was the second day. I woke up with the morning bells of the birds with a little bit lazy and got ready for the school. When I entered into my class, I saw that some people were chitchatting and some others were studying. As I was talkative in nature, with excitement I joined the chitchat group. Here the story began because I found my lucky ones in this group. Within 3 days, I became close to a few members and they were worth meaning to be true friends. Everyone had a unique quality which attracted me very much. Do you people want to know about their qualities? Ok, then let's see.

Dolly: Cuteness overloaded not only in her looks but also in her actions.

Munny: She was like a mamma to everyone... haha sounds a little bit funny!! But true she was the one who gathered all the lunch boxes and fed us every day.

Kavya: Innocent in looks but actions were rebels.

Radha: She used to tell a lot of horror stories, frightened everyone and even laughed like a devil.

Himaja: She used to imitate everyone.

Arnav: He was a handsome guy with full of possessiveness but he was so cute.

Sarat: He was like a Babaji used to tell philosophy to us and treated everyone with a good heart.

Naveen: He was like an innocent fellow, easily trusted everyone.

Sriram: He was a boy who stood on his words for friendship.

Ahmed: Most eligible lover of our class.

Mani: He was a very funny and jovial type used to make fun of everyone.

Different people with different mentalities. Hey hold a second, forgot to tell a name - It was me guys, I was one of the members in the gang, so I have to introduce myself. I was a girl, who always tried to maintain a smile on the face.

Now it's time to introduce our teachers, our correspondent and his wife though they were rude outside but very kind inside. Our teachers were very friendly and took a part in our happiness and sorrows as well.

All our gang members did many naughty things. Some of the most memorable things are -

1) As our Madam conducted daily tests, we used to steal the question papers from her room.

2) Kavya, the technical thief used to steal chocolates from the director room and remaining members were the informers for her to look if anyone was arriving or not, after that we used to share the chocolates among ourselves.

3) It would be a bit yak moment but we used to chew the papers and passed the same to others.

4) Whenever our madam conducted the test, we used to transfer our answer sheets from one person to another.

5) Teased one another with different names. Dolly as Suryakantham as her voice was so loud, Munny as Everest as she was fatty, Kavya as short girl because she was only 5 inches, Radha and Himaja with their surnames, Sarat as Baba, Naveen as Ileana, Arnav as horse, Ahmed as lover boy, Sriram as yellow flower, Mani with his surname and me as tube light.

Those days were enjoyable and unforgettable. Days passed by and there were only a few months for examination. Suddenly a very bad incident happened in our lives which couldn't be replaceable. One of our friend, Mani left us without a word and the reason for his death was not known till now and even their parents too. Though it was a painful and unbearable incident in our lives his memories lasts till our last breathe.

After schooling, everyone went to different colleges. After that, some got married and some were busy with their jobs. Places changed but our heartbeat towards friendship never changed. A very big thanks to the mobiles for reuniting us in this busy life schedule. Wherever we go, hope our friendship lasts forever and ever. Dedicated to all my dear friends for playing such a wonderful role in my life. Love you all.

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