Nurture Your Relationship

Nurture Your Relationship

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“We will be married by this time tomorrow” Shreya was giggling, when she heard a knock on the door.

“Can you spare sometime. I wanted to talk” It was her mom.

“I will call you later. Good night.” She disconnected the phone.

“Tomorrow is the big day. How do you feel?”

“O Mom! I can’t tell you how excited I am”

“I can see that” her Mom smiled “but there are few things, I want you to know before you step into your married life”

“Are we gonna have “The Talk” one day before my wedding” Shreya joked.

“I imagine you already know enough about it. I had something else that will prepare you for your married life”


“Shreya, it might be difficult for you to understand it now, but you will need to nurture your relationship with Aditya like a mother nurtures her child”

“You were right, it’s difficult to understand”

“Married life isn’t that easy that you imagine it to be. You need lots of effort to make your relationship to survive”

“No Mom, it’s different with us. We have known each other for 3 years. Happiness comes naturally when he is around. No efforts needed.”

“That’s where you are wrong darling. You have known him as your friend/boyfriend, now he will be your husband. Boyfriends come with fun, lots of attention towards you and love. Husbands come with responsibilities, ignorance at times, demands and not to mention love.”

“You make it sound like they are some objects in market to buy. Anyways, boyfriends sound better”

Her mom couldn’t help laughing.

“All I am trying to tell you is, relationships demand a lot of sacrifices. Things were smooth till now because he was a small part of your life. Now, your life will revolve around him. There might be some personality clashes, some financial issues and other problems.”

“Other problems..?”

“Till today, he had all the time in world for you. He might have it for a few more months. But after that, there will be other businesses calling him and your time may be divided”

“I am mature enough to understand that.”

“He might do things that you highly disapprove. You may also come across a few white lies.”

“He has never lied to me.”

“And I hope he doesn’t. But you need to understand no relation is ideal yet every relation is perfect in its own ways.”

“So, what am I supposed to do?”

“Just remember, if you have dreamt of growing old with him, you will have to put efforts like you do to make any other dreams to come true.”

“I dreamt of growing old with him, HAPPILY”

“Of course, there will be many happy moments. All I am saying is, like a mother doesn’t give up on her child for his misbehavior, you don’t give up on your relationship.”

“You are scaring me. First you tell me how worse things will go after marriage and then there is no escape route. Are you trying to talk me out of this marriage?”

“No! Aditya is a great guy and you will be happy with him. Just don’t give up on the first harsh realities life shows you. And of course, you have a way out. The day you feel you can’t remember any good moments with him, you can walk out… mmm I mean you shouldn’t be angry on that day."

“Mom! You are confusing me”

“I think I am. I am sorry. Just remember I love you.” And she kissed her.

“Does that mean, I can forget every other thing you just said?”

“Good Night” she smiled, while switching off the lights.

“We can’t teach kids everything. Some lessons are better taught by life.” Her husband was standing outside

“I hope, life teaches her in an easier way than it taught us."

He smiled and hugged her.

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