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Drama Tragedy


Saikat Ghosh

Drama Tragedy



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What is “Nepotism?” It is actually the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends or colleagues by giving them jobs. Now-a-days everybody is talking about Sushant Singh Rajput just because he was a well-established actor in the Bollywood industry but it actually happens to many individuals about whom we do not get to know just because they are not famous or a well-known person. Today I will tell you about a person who was actually fallen under nepotism and was almost end his career unless his angels as believed by him and his best friend would not help him out to get out of that. His name is Sailesh. He was working for a company at its main branch at Greater Noida, Delhi. As it was a Limited Liability Partnership, so after the partner in Greater Noida, Delhi was exchanged every staff including Sailesh was asked to attend the Kolkata office unless the new partner got appointed. So the company booked their train tickets through which they came back to Kolkata to start off their jobs from there. Hardly Sailesh knew what was coming on into his life ahead.

When Sailesh joined the Kolkata branch office and started working regularly, he had his second break up in his life. After that dark second break up, he became so depressed that he could not put his mind properly in his work. At the same time, the partner of Kolkata made a loss of around 5lakhs as the partner in Delhi denied to bear the burden of loss. Kolkata’s partner’s name was Arijit who was an ex-captain of the ship also. Captain Arijit could not bear the loss properly, so he decided anyone excluding his right-hander in the office who was not from Asansol will have to face problems. His actual hometown was in Asansol.

Sailesh had a good relationship with a college girl whom he used to respect her as his elder sister and also knew her from the previous company he worked. Unintentionally that girl told everybody in the office about his second break up. The right-hander as we all know was like a watchdog in the company got to knew about it and informed Mr. Captain Arijit about it.

Now Mr Arijit thought that as Sailesh’s mental condition was not well at that time let him take the loss from him and also made him mad in the eye of the world so that he could not work in the future.

Mr Arijit wanted to have a grudge against Sailesh as he came from his rival company and never leaked any of the information of his previous company. As he was got rejected in the interview of that company which he only had a mistake of not being answering some questions but he used to tell the other way to everybody to get impressed. Mr Arijit was even the main partner, so he had the right to make decisions but the major problem regarding him that he had a huge ego problem which is not good generally and mentally ill as he could not able to behave properly who were from Kolkata or from any other place except those from Asansol. It was like building a small territory in Kolkata for him.

Let’s come to the point. First Mr. Arijit decided to deduct Sailesh’s monthly salary by Rs 2000 saying as he was now in Kolkata, so it will be deducted. Sailesh was in his own mind after the second break up, so he decided to accept which Sailesh shouldn’t have as there was an opportunity in Delhi as well as in Kolkata for some other companies. Sailesh at that time thought after giving around six months for a company why he should leave, it will be better if he gets a one year appointment letter which will help him to build his future career. That was his huge mistake at the age of 27years; he could not make the plan properly. After 6months a new girl joined as a receptionist for that company named Saheli. Sailesh used to look like a star kid; stylish, more or less good looking though his height was not as tall. Saheli may have a crush for him, so she used to serve coffee for Sailesh on his table every morning and every evening. Even during lunch, sometimes she even used to wait for him.

She even shielded him from office politics and would even comfort him whenever he used to drink. She used to accompany him after the hectic workday when he would try to drink the pain away. Meanwhile, Boman, the right-hander of the company fell in love for the girl. Sailesh had a mixed kind of feelings for her as he knew it she was not his type and even shared with his good friend and his best friend.

Then in the seventh month first Mr Arijit forced the colleague whom Sailesh used to think as his elder sister saying she was deserving of this work. Mr Arijit even made her cry before leaving the job.

Meanwhile Saheli got feeling for Sailesh, so though she was kept by the company to collect all kinds of secrets about the previous company where Sailesh used to work and also the informations about the personal life of the staffs who were not from the Asansol from their cell phones, she always used to find ways to keep Sailesh in that company as long as possible. After the next month, Mr Arijit even forced another collegue name Jitu from Kerala to leave the job saying he was not being able to perform properly.

Now I think Boman forced Mr Arijit to put more pressure so that Sailesh leaves Saheli and he got to marry her but the best part is Sailesh was not even in the line. Boman didn’t have a girl that time because he always had a bad habit of saying abusive words and even doing some unnecessary physical harassment to girls in the office which I think nobody could protest because of fear of leaving jobs. Mr Arijit also used to fear everybody saying that he had a huge political source behind his back.

Sailesh took a break from the office for two days as he had to attend his cousin’s marriage. In the morning of the wedding, while Sailesh was getting ready, he got at around ten missed calls from Saheli and one missed call from his boss Mr Arjit. Sailesh’s was in silence and in another room; he immediately called both after seeing the phone. At first Sailesh called Saheli as he thought he could have some information about why did his boss call. After calling Saheli told him immediately to resign from the office as she told was instructed by the boss. Sailesh asked but she could not provide him any kind of correct information.

She only Sailesh to resign now. Then Sailesh called his boss and without hearing any words from Sailesh, he shouted and told him that he would sue him to the court as the messages regarding Pan of the company was someone else’s. Sailesh got shocked hearing about it and told him that he already took off day as he knows so he would check after joining the office as Sailesh knew it that the Pan office has wrongly send it but Mr Arijit was like no “I will see you in court.” Sailesh immediately went to the Pan office nearby and found that yes he was right it was the mistake of the Pan office and he took a screenshot and send it to Mr Arijit’s whatsapp regarding the mistake. Mr Arijit even didn’t bother to reply ok. Next day after joining the office like others, he was told to resign but Sailesh was kind why he should leave without doing any mistakes.

Mr Arijit didn’t listen and told him kind of by calling him in the cabin in front of the General manager that he was good at manipulating people and so he could ruin his career. Sailesh knew it that if he get a termination letter it will affect his career, so he decide to resign.

Later though Sailesh found that it was Saheli who requested Boman to made him stay. Boman couldn’t make her request fall as he fell in love for her. Sailesh was about to leave but Saheli kind of forced him to stay in the company even they told him to reduce his salary a little bit more. The General Manager was also in the same tune. Though Sailesh agreed to re-join but sooner than latter Sailesh found day by only his salary was been deducted without giving him any proper information.

Sailesh was also in charge of the admin but one day found that without informing him, Saheli was made the admin, her salary got increased and even Sailesh was stopped to attend in the management meeting.

As time passed by, Mr Arijit not only used to shout at Sailesh, he used to even harass physically by pushing Sailesh. Mr Arijit even threatened his mother that your son has not done any work and that the management had the right to sue him in the court. As his mother was soft spoken and didn’t know anything about accountancy she requested Sailesh to do the work and leave as she told was promised by Mr Arijit. In reply Sailesh tried to explain his mother but his mother was in fear after hearing the words from Mr Arijit.

Sailesh after talking to his best friend decided only solution to get the released and the appointment letter saying he was not fit at that time and that he might join after the doctor prescribed him fit.

At last they agreed and gave him the release letter saying his due salary for that month will be credited in his bank account in the coming month but denied to provide him the appointment letter saying offer letter is enough. Sailesh was feeling toxic environment there and after fighting long he agreed to take the same.

Alas Sailesh left the job but unfortunately didn’t got his salary as well as the amount he paid from his own pocket regarding the company’s tax matter. Sailesh after that tried in many ways but unfortunately couldn’t recover the same.

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