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Nari Shakti: Power Of A Woman

Nari Shakti: Power Of A Woman

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Tina Sen checked her mobile for the hundredth time. She was expecting an important phone call. 35-year-old Tina had applied for a job in a software company for the post of the HR manager.

Tina lived with her mother in Kolkatta. Their relatives never bothered to call them or invite them to any family function. They had only each other for the company.

Tina had lost her father Ashutosh when she was twelve years old. She had decided to remain a spinster for the rest of her life. Her mother Damyanti begged her to give up her obstinacy and get married. Tina hated men. She could not forget her younger sister Manisha. She had married against their parents' wishes.

Manisha had committed suicide after her husband cheated upon her. Her husband Amit wanted a son, but Manisha gave birth to a girl. His parents had considered his remarriage for the sake of a male progeny. Manisha could not bear to see her husband living with someone else. She prepared a suicide note blaming her husband and parents-in-law for her suicide.

The police arrested them on the charges of abatement to suicide and mental torture.

Tina came out of her reverie.

Finally, she received her much-awaited call from the company. She was ecstatic as she had qualified for the final round of interview on the following day.

She called her mother and said, "Maa, Tomorrow I am going to appear for the final round of interview. Please bless me. "Damyanti smiled and said, "My blessings are always with you, dear. I wouldn't object to your finding a life partner in the new company." " Maa, You are hopeless," chuckled Tina.

She woke up early in the morning. She had a quick shower followed by a breakfast. She gulped her hot coffee that nearly scalded her throat. Tina wore a blue chiffon saree and neatly tied her hair in a bun. She applied makeup and checked her reflection in the mirror. She was a ravishing beauty. No one could guess her real age. She looked like a girl who had recently graduated from her college.

Her mother fed her sweet yogurt wishing her best luck for the interview.

She caught a bus to Salt Lake City where the software company Infocom was situated. She reached there before 11 AM.

She cleared the final hurdle and got the job. Tina called her mother immediately to convey the good news. She went home carrying a box of sweets for her. Tina's mother was also happy for another reason. Her best friend Shanti had come up with an excellent marriage proposal. Her son Devendra who was 39 had fallen in love with her.

Damyanti forced Tina to accept this proposal for her sake. Tina promised to marry him after a month as she couldn't take leave immediately. No sooner did they hear about Tina's lucrative job and upcoming marriage, than her relatives started calling them again.

Tina hated them and wished they would leave her alone.

She joined her duty on the following day after completing the necessary formalities. All the male employees gave a low whistle as she made her way to the cabin. Tina gritted her teeth and thought, "Why do these idiots view a woman as a sexual object? I should learn to be patient at least for some days."

She gave a dazzling smile and entered her cabin. She had no idea that an upcoming storm would change her life forever. The Managing Director of the company happened to visit the office and check on all the employees. He was nearing the retirement age. He sported a salt and pepper hairstyle and wore a pinstriped suit. His name was Ramesh Mishra. He lusted after women and ruined them. He must have raped at least a dozen female employees in the past one year. His son Vansh followed his father's footsteps.

The father-son duo invited female staff to their home on the pretext of discussing their promotion. They would add sedatives in their tea and rape them leisurely for hours together. They also filmed the whole act. They would threaten the victims to buy their silence. Ramesh would send his wife Madhavi away for shopping before raping women. He was an immoral character living off his wife 's wealth.

Ramesh saw Tina, and his libido got the better of him. Exactly a month after she joined the company, he invited her to his house. He sedated her and thrust himself upon her. He finished raping her and asked his son to satisfy himself.

Their housekeeper Ayesha came to their rescue. She called an ambulance and admitted Tina to the hospital. Ayesha called her mother Damyanti and gave her the bad news. Ayesha hated her employers and decided to quit. She had tolerated enough of this nonsense.

The doctors rushed her to the ICU. Ramesh had a liaison with the police chief Agrawal. He used his influence to report mental stress as the reason for Tina's critical condition.

Tina opened her eyes after a week and smiled weakly at her mother. She saw Devendra and his mother Shanti near her bedside. Dev gave her a bouquet and gently touched her cheeks. He smiled at her and said, "Thank God! You finally opened your eyes. I thought we would never get married." Tina had tears in her eyes and said, "I am sorry I can't marry you. I am a rape survivor. I don't want to ruin your family reputation. I am not good enough for you. Auntyji, Please search another girl for him.How I wish I could strangulate them to death!"

Devendra replied, "I have always loved you from the bottom of my heart. It doesn't matter to me whether you are a virgin or not. I will continue to love you until my last breath. I want you as my wife. As far as those scoundrels are concerned, they are going to wish they had never been born." Tina looked at him gratefully. She realized that she had been wrong to assume that all the men were demons. Dev was an angel who came to heal her wounds through his pure love. She looked at Shanti who smiled at her. Shanti said, "Dev has made me proud of him. I consider you as my daughter in law and no one else.

I am a rape victim like you. Dev's father Anil seduced me on the pretext of immediate marriage. When I learned that I was pregnant, my parents threatened to kill me if I didn't abort the fetus. Anil refused to marry me saying that I was not worthy of his family. He married another woman. She gave birth to a baby girl after a year. His parents threw her out of their house along with the poor baby.

When Anil came to know that I had delivered a boy, he was ecstatic. His parents welcomed me into their family along with their grandson. We had a grand wedding. My parents forgot all their initial misgivings and blessed us. After my marriage, I gave birth to twins. Both of them were boys. My parents in law and husband started treating me like a queen.

Girls are in no way inferior to boys. You are still a pure virgin at heart and soul. We have to fight back these men and show them our power. Don't worry about Dev's grandparents. They already passed away around five years ago. His father has expressed his consent to welcome you into our family. Are you still having any reservation about marrying Dev?" Tina hugged her and cried her heart out. She accepted Dev's proposal much to the delight of Damyanti.

Tina got discharged from the hospital. When she went home, she had a stack of letters in her mailbox. She opened one of them. The letter contained the notice for the termination of her employment. Ramesh had falsely accused her of embezzlement.

She used all kinds of swear words to abuse them. She was planning to resign from her job. They had used her and dumped her like a piece of garbage. Damyanti was amused to see her daughter venting out her fury.

Dev paid a visit carrying a sweet little puppy as a gift for his fiancee. Tina squealed in delight and kissed him on his cheeks. He chuckled and said, "Had I known that I would get such a rousing welcome, I would have bought the entire pet shop for you." Tina blushed and punched him playfully on his shoulders. Damyanti had never seen her daughter so happy in spite of the trauma that she went through recently. She got up to leave the lovebirds alone and went to prepare tea.

Nearly a month had passed since the dreadful incident. Dev had been Tina's pillar of strength. Dev's parents came to Tina's house for finalizing the engagement and wedding date.

Tina and Dev spent quite a lot of time with each other. They went out for movies, shopping, and romantic dinner. Dev never mentioned her horrible past.

Tina had invited her best friend cum former colleague Sheela for her engagement on the following week. Tina and Dev exchanged rings and sought their parents' blessings. The party was in full swing. Sheela took her aside and asked, " Have you told him what those beasts did to you?" Tina answered, "He knows everything. He has accepted me as his life partner in spite of my ugly scar. I am lucky to find a loving husband like him. I have already told you about the horrors of my past. I had hated men for most of my life until Dev proved me wrong. I will never forgive that scumbag Ramesh and his waste of space son Vansh. Who is the latest victim of their lust?"

Sheela said, "Actually, I have bad news for you. Vansh is getting married to the daughter of a well-known business tycoon."

Tina was fuming. She said, "I wish I could contact the poor girl. She doesn't know that her groom is a pervert." She called Dev and told him about Vansh's wedding. Dev said, "Don't fret over these issues. There is nothing we can do in this matter. Why don't you forget everything and forgive him?"

Tina lost her temper. She was about to take off the ring, and call off the engagement. However, she did not want to upset her mother. Dev noticed her face flushing with anger. He said, "I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I didn't want you to bring up this topic on an auspicious occasion. We will discuss it later. Please enjoy the party."

Tina and Dev had a ball dance. They spent a romantic evening gazing at the night sky.

A couple of weeks later, Dev called her and asked her to get ready in her best clothes. He drove her to a grand marriage hall decked with flowers and decorations. Tina gasped when she saw the names on the floral board. Vansh was going to marry a girl called Rupali. "I must speak to the bride, " said Tina, " I should tell her to dump this guy and run away."

"Relax! We are going to have some fun," said Dev, "Why don't you just wait and watch the proceedings?"

Dev had parked his car in an open ground across the street. They got down and watched the wedding procession. The groom was riding a horse with a garland of money across his neck. His father was dancing with other family members. Madhavi checked her makeup. The bride's parents welcomed them. They were about to place a garland of flowers across the groom's neck. "Wait!" thundered Madhavi, "Didn't I tell you to prepare a special garland for my son and husband? Where is it? Flowers are too ordinary for extraordinary people like them." The bride's mother returned with a garland of shoes and slippers. "That's more like it " said Madhavi with a smile. "Have you lost your mind?" shouted Ramesh as Tina suppressed her laughter. Dev grinned at Tina and gave her a thumbs up.

Madhavi hit back, "What did you expect? You clowns have ruined my entire reputation. I was an idiot to fall in love with a good for nothing fellow. I can't even call you and your son as humans. I didn't realize I was carrying a womanizer in my womb. I should have thrashed you in your childhood days. My friend's daughter Anshika was looking for a job. I asked her to send her resume to you.

I told her not to mention my name. You selected her just because she was another pretty damsel. It's a good thing that I always checked up on her to see how she was doing. She came home crying and complaining that you had touched her inappropriately. That was my first wake up call. I never interfered in your business because I thought you were honest and sincere. I was a dunce for not seeing through your wily scheme with your son. You sent me away for shopping when you wanted to feast upon girls. What made you think of women as sexual objects? Who gave you the bloody right to play with their bodies?"

Ramesh and Vansh turned pale in fear. "I want to show you something else, " said Madhavi. She turned around and spotted Dev and Tina. She asked them to join her. They went inside with the other invitees. People had turned up in large numbers. Madhavi made sure that everyone was seated comfortably. She offered them drinks and asked her assistant to set up a projector and a small screen. She addressed the crowd and said, "I would like to thank you all personally for gracing the occasion. I have bad news for you. This wedding is not going to take place as my son is unfit for marriage. I am going to show you a short film showcasing the exploits of Mr.Ramesh Mishra and his son.

I give you full liberty to handle these two in any way you like after seeing this movie. You be the judge and decide the quantum of their punishment."

Ramesh and Vansh wanted to escape. When they rose from their seats, Madhavi's pet German Shepherd started barking. Madhavi came near Ramesh. She said, "Don't try to move your butt. Remain seated till the end of the show. I have put a piece of meat inside your pant pocket. Maxie will tear you apart. She is already sniffing you." The show ran for nearly an hour until an elderly gentleman requested Madhavi to stop it. He said, "Madam, All of us are from a decent family. We can't watch this nonsense with our family. I can't even watch it alone. Please accept my sympathies for bearing two lustful and insatiable psychopaths for all these years. I would have killed my son if I were in your place."

Madhavi stopped the screening of the porn video. She addressed the public for the final time, " Here are the two criminals who would put even terrorists to shame. Please punish them in any way you like." The public thrashed Ramesh and Vansh until the police intervened and led them away.

Madhavi called Dev and Tina. She apologized to Tina and said, "Ayesha told me everything about your unfortunate incident. I came immediately to visit you. I couldn't see you because you were in the ICU battling for life. I spoke to your mother and Dev. I was speechless. I could feel a volcano erupting inside me. Dev had planned a sting operation where I used a decoy to catch them red-handed. They fell right into my trap. I curse myself for not visiting my company earlier.

I happened to meet Sheela who had complained about sexual harassment of the female employees. I wanted those two to realize the pain of humiliation. I thought of a plan to shame them in public. I called Dev and sought his help in staging this fake marriage drama. Rupali is Dev's cousin. Her parents are his maternal aunt and uncle. You know the rest of the story. By the way, I have reinstated you and other rape survivors. You can join your duty after your marriage. Please accept this appointment letter as your wedding gift."

Tina had tears in her eyes as she touched her feet to seek her blessings. Madhavi hugged her and handed her a white envelope. Tina turned her attention towards Dev. She had no words to express her gratitude. She said, "Dev, I am so lucky to have you as my life partner. I love you." Dev replied, "I love you too." Both of them walked towards their car holding each other's hands. Madhavi smiled at the couple. She waved them goodbye and went home feeling much happier than ever.

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