Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Jalpa Makwana



Jalpa Makwana


Mysterious Home

Mysterious Home

4 mins

‘Wow, what a house? Is this our home, papa?’ I exclaimed.

‘Ofcourse my little princess, it’s our home’, Papa chuckled.

While unlocking the main gate, papa warned me. ‘Wait, wait beta, let me unlock the gate first. C’mon, come down from the gate.’

Thereupon, gate opened, I rushed in the house like tsunami in the sea. With great vehement, I checked all the rooms one by one. Finally, I decided on one room, and thought of making its theme like my dreamy fairy land.

Hopefully I asked. ‘Papa, could you please make this room as my fantasy fairy world?’

‘Hey, this will be my room.’ Big brother scolded me.

I became quiet for some time. Few seconds later, my anger almost calmed down, I asked again as pointing towards another one. ‘Can I get this room?’

Elder sister retorted with big no.

‘Then, where is my room? Where can I make my fairy world?’ I desperately wanted to know.

‘You will be with me beta.’ Mom replied, in addition hugged me.

My reaction had been like following - ‘Cool, but our room theme must be fairy land. Okay mom?’

‘Surely, my little sweetie.’ Mom answered with big smile.

My constant argument continued for a long time as I was impatient and excited at that time.

Finally, the day came. We shifted in our new well furnished and well painted home just like my dream home.

Our five member sweet family was living blissfully in the beginning.

One day while I was playing with my Barbie doll, mum-papa’s worrisome voice diverted my attention. They were discussing land issues or something else. Due to inaudible voice, I couldn’t grasp anything.

‘What happened mum?’ I asked in concerning way.

‘Nothing beta, you should go and play with your mates. Hurry up! Go!’ Mum enjoined.

Another few days passed…

Issue of home rose again. Mum-papa-bro-sis all were talking the same thing while I was playing with my black board and chalk stick.

As soon as I heard something suspicious, I went hurriedly into the drawing room and asked worriedly, ‘what is going on? What are you all talking since last couple of days? What’s wrong with this land? Can anyone please explain it to me?’

‘You are just 9 year beta. You can’t understand. Better you stay away from the big family matters and do your study.’ Papa told in a commanding tone.

I couldn’t unriddle anything but I heard some frightening words which impacted me a lot. And they are unknown shadows, strange voices, our financial crisis, heavy debts, critical health of mine…

‘What? Critical health of mine?? What was mom dad discussing? What happened to me? Yeah, I am fighting from my fever from the very first after shifting to new home. In fact impact of fever increases day by day. But I think it’s not a big issue. I’ll recover shortly. Why are mom and dad taking my fever so seriously?’ I murmured.

While backing off from the drawing room, I urged to god. Oh god!! I’m sure that something definitely cooking up ghostly in my home. Please god, please help us.

[9 year old mind was unable to decipher the issues. In fact, no one is telling her anything.]

But after some of the irresistible incidents, my fantasy home became dangerous ghostly home. Creepy fear was lingering in all dear ones’ heart. But what I might not comprehend is why all the peoples threatening from my dreamy home? Why mum and papa blamed my fairy land for our problems?

Another morning, Alarm rang, but due to heavy fever I felt so tired. So, snoozing alarm and took short nap again and then woke up late. Consequently, went to kitchen for breakfast very late. Oh god, what I saw in the kitchen is that mom and sis were crying over my health problem.

‘What is it now, mum?’ I almost cried.

‘Nothing baby, we will leave this place immediately. Papa will sell this home.’ Mom looked worried.

‘Noooo, plz no. Why you all are so worried about my health problem. I’ll be alright in just a few days. Mom, please don’t sell. You already know that it’s my fairy land and can’t bear to detach from here. Why is it so impossible to understand it for all of you? Mom, you probably know it how much I loved this home.’ I cried out heavily.

That night, I was so dejected that I couldn’t sleep. Eventually, one unknown shadow came near me and confirmed to me that I won’t ever lose this home and promised me the same. Thereupon, with a great relief, I lost from my battle from fever. My skin became pale yellow. Face was looking dried like a dead person. I was dead.

I needed to depart. Yet, me- my soul still resides here in my dreamy land.

I won’t abandon my fairy land. Will never ever………….

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