My Mom

My Mom

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It was 12:30 am and I was still awake, a sleepless night, then suddenly mamma asked me to sleep and turns towards me. She grabs me in her arms, and holds my hand, for a while both of us were quite. After some time she told me, "Do not worry about anything, everything will be fine, just sleep peacefully, because I am always there for you both in the best and worst time. When life is rainy I will be there as an umbrella over your head, so don't worry". Then she kissed me on the forehead.

This is how she assures me, that no matter what happens, what the situation is, she is always with me, beside me to empower me to love me and to make me feel at ease.

Then I tried to sleep but still the flow of thought didn't not alow me to do so and yeah my mamma knew it without even knowing it from me... ya ya, I know she is a Wonderwoman, hehehe and my mamma really is. Again we started talking to each other.

She told me "I know you are a good daughter, a responsible sister and a very good girl. In future, you have to take care of me also, so stand adhering your feet strongly so that you do not stagger in peril". She told me and started caressing my hair.

At this phase, she encouraged me to fight alone. Situation came out to be of present and future, at present she wants me to feel secure, in peace without any burden but along with a sense of responsibility that I have to bear in the future.

That is how my mom comforts a 19-year-old daughter who is working hard for achieving something not only for herself but for her family. So as a girl, my family can feel pride in me. I thought my mamma can do everything and I can't live without her, I love her the most etc, etc. I know it sounds typical but it's true for me, and these were my last words ......please don't think like that, I didn't die, I just fell asleep. Actually, amount of anxieties and problems doesn't matter because when my mamma started caressing me, the ultimate slumber that slept inside me arises within me also.

This is my story about my supermom and me.

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