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magic Doll

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Don't judge a book by it's cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover

3 mins

We shouldn't go for the conclusion directly without reading any story completely...

MORAL OF THE STORYWhich are the Seven wonders in this world?     

If we are still getting fear and tense about the past, present, and future, and ignoring something that means we are not so strong and don't trust yet on ourselves. Be brave, strong, and rescuers, you will be going to make a better future. 

           Some messages are that part of life that can never be ignored doesn't matter there are good or bad. I love nearly all the people who come into my life. They also love me so much. I love my family, school mates, classmates, friends, and my dear every time besties and my dear teachers and mentors also. But some of these people whoever more precious for me I take care of those a lot before myself. I am always thankful to my mentor who gave me such a kind of knowledge and attitude to see this world which makes my life full of happiness. He taught me in such lessons that made me an extraordinary person which helps me to develop my mind. It helps me to get joy and secure my family and the closest person from every problem. Might be I can't express myself well. Perhaps it's going hard to understand me by them sometimes. He was teaching me each lesson by asking me one question daily. If I went wrong somewhere they didn't give a direct answer. Instead of that, they gave me another question to resolve the previous question. In this way, they taught completely. The very first lesson that he teaches me to love each person whoever comes into your life even they are enemies and abusing person until they won't hurt you physically. The very first lesson that he teaches me to love each person whoever comes into your life even they are enemies or some abusing person until they won't hurt you physically. Don't pour hate for the closest one that will destroy you.


             He taught me from giving an example. He told me that there are Seven wonders in our life which make our life better and powerful always. That we all know as part of humans.

        1) See         

        2) Feel 

        3) Hear

        4) Touch

        5) Laugh

        6) Feel 

        7) Love  


             The 8th wonder should have always hidden in us. All these wonders come together when the mother as being the first person to welcome you in this world and another when we are with our husband, wife, lover, etc. This is a huge gift for humans. These senses help you to know this world better in life. And we should love everyone whoever comes into our life. We are human and we have to live for the others, not for us only. When you love your family, friends, or anybody whoever your closer in real. we have to sacrifice everything for the welfare of them by knowing things that they want. Sometimes it goes harder to manage by us. But If you can't able to do it. It means you don't love anyone. This thing we can understand only by being human. Love is a wonder, not only because it creates a bond linking two beings, but because love can take numerous forms. There is love for the family, love for friends, romantic love, platonic love, love for a pet. Love can come and go or it can remain for a lifetime, but the bond between humans and the people and pets they love is life-sustaining, nearly as much as the air we breathe.

           Every mother has a huge heart, only she has the ability to take care of everyone in her family. She never pours hate for his children even if children don't take care of her. This is one type of real lesson that we know always. Don't pour hate for anyone. It will destroy us. She knows literally everything. One positive change that as she grows her child. She is started to increase confidence in her own abilities, knowledge, and experience as the other side of her also a child is trying to learn everything from birth. In that way, she makes herself powerful than any man. Only the mother can make her child a worthy person. Because men don't that much capability as women in this world. Life is unpredictable and we know everyone will die someday. Sometimes people trend to angry/rude to us that doesn't mean that they didn't care. It is like when our parents rude/slap us for doing the wrong thing. But at the same time, they feel hurt too. True friends always try to prohibit us if we are doing anything wrong. Trust is needed that they will protect us, not spoil and ruin anything. 

      These Senses show their power in various ways. If we knew, Most of the People always get the prediction that they are dying soon from their senses. so they need forgiveness at the End. Some reasons might be beyond our thinking limitations. We can't predict ourselves. Who knows It might be sorted out everything. Someone knocks our door mistakenly to Shock us. That doesn't mean they are goons who try to spoil or destroy anything. They might be friends or beggars or our well-wishers. Whoever knows about these 7 wonders. So that they can sense everything. The timing might be wrong. But I have believed in first true friends always. These senses won't let them defeat in their future. Silence always conquers misunderstanding and rage mind. We have to wait for that day when people get clam down. Because its to hard to predict such type of a thing. 

            Sometimes it will be hard to understand by people in tense situations. But actually, everyone loves us whoever our people. Because we are the ones who permitted them to get enter our hearts. Otherwise, they haven't in one of our closers. So put some trust in them that they won't do wrong with us ever. They might be our family, close friends, husband, wife, children, etc. People should not get confused by judging them by their mistakes only. Everyone has their own point of view. Everyone has a family. We have to live for others, not for us only. So that we get our happiness when others' are happy. Everyone is unique here. We should admire and give respect to everyone. Must not be necessary to show them always. Sometimes temporary silence won't prove ourselves then what happens when permanent. But then might have been too late to understand everything. I always observed people who forming various roles in life like children, siblings, friends, relationships, parents, and at last grandparents. I always learn only good things from my nearby by ignoring bad things in them.  Because I have my 7 wonders with me. And the 8th one remains hidden from everyone. It is priceless for me. As I grew up, I found some more precious wonders by myself.   

       Generally, humans do mistakes in life. I am not an exception. I am human too and Perhaps I was failed, to tell my closer persons properly somewhere if they were doing any mistake unknowingly in their life. Might be I was wrong somewhere but I never had any bad intension toward them even if they are my enemies also. Sometimes people understand our anxiety for them behind your rage also and Some misunderstand us. But the truth is, we are caring for our closers always. Alike our parents angry with us. Because sometimes they are helpless to correct us politely if we are doing mistakes that don't mean our parents are wrong. People give us some goods and some bads memories mistakenly. It doesn't mean that they are bad people. If we are getting fear and tense about the past, present, and future, and ignoring something that means we are not so strong and don't trust yet on ourselves and others. Be brave and strong you will be going to make a better future. We must forgive everyone by considering their good memories of what they gave us. Because they are priceless always, not looking at their worthless bad memories. We should bless and forgive our closer's from the bottom of our hearts. Because It's need of everyone's soul to hear that voice to clam down permanently. That why only, people always say "may their soul find peace" at the end of life. Everyone is not doing mistake to recognize their well-wisher even in a rage also. We have to be altruistic always. Don't need to show and prove ourselves to our closers always. We never judge our closers from their mistakes even if sometimes they gave us a lot of pain unknowingly to them. Because I know my closers and understand them well, no one betrays me ever. Even If I have been giving them all rights whatever they want to do with me. This is my trust behind every closer person whoever comes in my life. No one was let me down ever. Is anyone in this world who never has pain in life? Nearly everyone has pain. Perhaps I am wrong, everyone has their own point of view. In everyone's life, there are many closers people like our parents, sibling, children, wife, husbands, lovers, friends, etc. and if we pour hate for everyone from their mistakes as humans do usually, how our life will go to works? Think once by everyone. That's why I don't pour hate about anyone. Sometimes we have to use this skill of winning must also be tried, We have to defeat ourselves always when any mess/fight happens with our closers. Sometimes we have to pay a huge cost for their happiness. It's not as that easy as I said. It needs the courage to do it. If closers are happy then only we will get real happiness from the bottom of our hearts. Human is the beautiful creativity in this nature and every single person on this planet has a story. Don't judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you. Be happy, enjoy life....


     Everyone is having a unique personality. 

     We should have to accept everyone. With their + and - points. And try to improve them with ourselves if they are precious for us.

     Memories are the soul of life and they must always be cherished and loved. 

     Always should bless others by giving our charming smile...... 

So, Don't judge a book by its cover only...

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