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My Little Story

My Little Story

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DEC 15:- Yes I Visited my born place every semester of my B.Tech course. It was very enjoyable at chhath puja where we all family gathered and gossiping with each other.

DEC 16:- one dream come true this year that I thought that I never met with my beloved due to a small cold war but we met after 7 months but we talk like that we were met yesterday. We gossiped together and spent the whole day with happiness. We had lunch together that's was as like as my dream comes true.

DEC 17:- A message I got this year from stranger junior and she was a girl. She congratulates me on my achievement.

DEC 18:-Yes I achieved the resolution that I never drink before I settle on my own feet.

DEC 19:- At 4 o'clock the day was sunday

i think that it was funday

as she comes in my dream

and I thought I swim

the day was not so far

we talk together for war

our exam was not far

so I mean to say war

at last, I want to say

I love her! I love her!

DEC 20:-When I will be worried I deal with patience so that I enjoy the moment.

DEC 21: -A day with a stranger and that was my dream girl. Talk to her in front of my college day. She also looks at my face in a diagonal way. A college student can understand what is the diagonal way.

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