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Priya Pandey



Priya Pandey


My Heart and her...

My Heart and her...

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''Ma, I'm going or I will be late for the office'' said Arjun and went off in hurry to his car.

''I don't know what to do with this boy, he always leaves his lunch, I don't know till when I have to take care of him, he doesn't even get married ''. '' leave him Komal, he will get on track' said Arjun's father.

''But Anant........., '

''Ok, enough lay the breakfast table,'' an elderly man said with an authoritative voice. Everyone went silent when Arjun's grandfather came into view.

Raghuveer Arya was the richest business tycoon in the city of New Delhi. His son Anant Arya has taken over the business after him. Anant has two sons and 2 daughters his both the daughters 'Sakshi and Sunita' are married His eldest son 'Alekh' is also married. His only concern is his eldest son Arjun who is hellbent on not marrying. Raghuveer wanted Arjun to take over his company because he believed in his youngest grandson when it came to business. He knew how cunning and witty he can be when it came to business. But some circumstances forced Arjun to leave the company and he started working somewhere else. Raghuveer wanted him in his company badly but all his attempts have failed.

''Papa, I met Rajesh, yesterday his family has shifted in Delhi a few months back,.....said Anant

''how is his daughter '' asked Raghuveer

''Still recovering, that girl has been through a lot''

'' Tell them, if they need any kind of help we are always there'' said Raghuveer and left the breakfast table Arjun came to his house in the evening to see his father was sitting in the living and looking angrily. He, however, shrugged it off and started going upstairs.

''Arjun, mind me explaining, what the hell is this '' shouted his father and threw a bundle of canvas papers in the living rooms. Those papers had beautiful paintings of a very beautiful girl. she had a cute face, small nose, little big eyes, long hairs and she was wearing salwar kameez, she was looking very beautiful, in few of the paintings she was watering the plants and in one painting she was just looking at the moonlight. her face had a longing expression.

''Papa did you checked my room, anyways you have no right of prying in my life '' said Arjun and then a slap landed on his face.

''Is this the way, you talk to your father, and don't you know what that girl has been through, how can you even think about her.

Arjun memories went to that day when he first time met her, she was what he needs in his life he thought it was a sunny day, his father has gone to meet his childhood friend Rajesh uncle and now his mother wanted to over there too and none of the divers were at home And his mom persisted him to drop her. So he went to drop his mother but just as he reached. He saw a beautiful girl in cream color clothing and talking to his father, even Rajesh uncle was there, he wondered who was she because Rajesh uncle daughter was married according to his information at a very young age.

So he went inside with his mother. They were all seated in the back garden and chatting, he learned she is that she is the daughter of Rajesh uncle only, '' Mrudula '' even her laughter was sweet like her, it brought him his childhood memories How he used to play with her she was only five when his family shifted and he lost all connections with her. He was 5 years elder to her so he still remembers his every moment with her. He badly wanted to talk to her but that girl was not even looking at him she was lost, she only answered when something was asked.

He wondered what must have happened in all these years. That day he learned from his parents that Rajesh father married her off to secure a business deal at 19 only Rajesh didn't agree but he was forced to that family is good and she should be marries, She got an Abusive husband and after two years of marriage her parents fought and somehow they made her divorce and brought her back. It's been a year and she is still recovering. His heart ached to see her like that. He started going to their house daily sometimes to give them sweets saying that his mom has sent, sometimes just to sneak on ''Mrudula''.

He liked seeing her and drawing her every day it made him happy like nothing ever did.

''I don't want to see this stuff again, I hope you will forget her '' said his father. Arjun was brought from his trance by his father words. Arjun took all his and went to his room angrily. Raghuveer witnessed this scene and now he had a bargaining chip to bring his grandson to work for his company.Next day at the breakfast table he just announced '' today, I'm going to Rajesh's house I have a very prospective groom in my mind for his daughter, I think that girl should be given a chance again, I will talk to Rajesh about this '' And before Anant could protest Arjun shouted '' What the hell grandpa don't you know what she has been through now, you are going to make her suffer more ''

''Shut up, Arjun it's none of your business'' said Raghuveer. Arjun stormed out of his house. He just didn't want her to see with any other man. He knew he can't make her happy but still, he wanted her near himself somehow her face gave him the much-needed relief. And he decided that he won't let his grandpa do whatever he wanted he knew that even he is stubborn like him and he also knew that he can stop this so he went to '' Arya enterprise''.

Just as he entered his office '' come, I was expecting you Beta looks like you got my message in the morning ''

''Oh come on, Grandpa just tell me what do you want,''

''I'm going to retire soon and your elder brother will be the chairman, I want you to be the technical managing director, in the company''

''Fine, now please leave her alone she doesn't deserve your torture, leave her alone ''

''Well, Rajesh is really looking for a groom, so I just thought of suggesting one, Now I think I won't have to interfere '' said his grandpa

''But.......... I have something interesting for you, said Raghuveer throwing a file in front off Arjun and then he continued '' Rajesh is hell-bent on marrying her off, how about this I will discuss your alliance with him I'm sure he can't say no and in return you sign these papers which state that you will be the technical manager in this company till the birth of your first child ''

Arjun was option less he knew he can't even make her say '' I love you '' Having a child was almost impossible but to save her he just signed those papers.

The marriage somehow happened. Arjun knew no one has asked about 'Mrudula's opinion on this marriage and he just wanted her to accept him or at least try. He knew Rajesh wanted to marry her off to get her out of his family who wanted her dead because she was the only child and no one wanted a naive girl like her to get the property shares. On the day of marriage, he vowed to protect this girl on every cost, to try his best to make her come out of the shell.

The marriage was completed Mrudula was still the same. Arjun wanted to shift somewhere else to because he knew he can't do that in his family. So he shifted to another part of the city to start a new life with Mrudula.

Mrudula was silent most of the times. Arjun tried his best to make her talk always, he wanted to know does she even think of him as her husband. But she would prepare him two coffees, one breakfast, lunch and dinner this would be the only time she would say something. He wanted more from her he knew she had done her engineering so the very next he asked her to work for his company, ''Celeritas Tech'' which he opened when he stopped working for his grandpa' s company. Mrudula was happy to get to work again, to keep her busy. Arjun was shocked at her accuracy to work and impressed by her intelligence. Now she would report him everything going on in his company and she loves working there ''Mrudula, do you ever regret marrying me ''

''What if I say yes, Arjun,.........your grandfather literally forced my father to let me marry you, otherwise, he will make everything worse, somehow I don't understand why did you marry a girl like me, who doesn't even have her purity to give you '' why, ?? WHY?? Everyone forces to make me do things I don't want to? and she started crying

Arjun wanted to tell her that he was sorry he should have never left her when he needed her, He should have been there and that How much he loved her but now he can't because he knew how broken she was.

Diwali was nearing so Arjun and Mrudula went to their in-law's house. every relative was there and the house was lit up to celebrate the festival of Diwali, Mrudula knew that no one actually likes her in this house but she tried her best to impress everyone, somehow in her heart, she didn't want to disappoint anyone for Arjun she wanted to do everything for him.

''Beta how is the technical department doing now?'' asked Arjun's grandfather when they were having their dinner a day before Diwali.

''It's going good papa actually all credits to Arjun'' said Alekh

''well., I'm glad too that he is working again, I thought he would never return back but I'm glad he finally thought of helping his family'' said their father.

Arjun didn't say anything throughout the conversation. Mrudula was confused that why didn't he worked for his own company and why he didn't like working in his family company. she thought she will ask him tonight probably. Because one thing she really liked about Arjun that he always told her everything it's been one year of their marriage and somehow she has started accepting. he made her laugh, he made her think about herself and she liked that.

Mrudula was in their room and she stumbled upon something and she saw those paintings of her and how lively she was looking in them.

''Hey, you should not peak on others private things, Muru '' said Arjun the moment he entered their room '' well, I'm just looking that.......don't I look beautiful in this, I really like this peach color I wanted a saree of this color, but.......'' Arjun was shocked that his wife didn't question why he drew her in the first place, but he was happy that she liked it...........

''Then, let's get a peach saree tomorrow and I will draw you''

''That sounds good '' said Mrudula looking outside the window towards the moonlight. Arjun knew she liked the moon and the moonlight for some weird reason so he said '' you know we have a beautiful garden where you wanna go for a walk. She nodded and then she asked why he didn't like working at his family's company. Arjun told her that he was not the legitimate child and hence he can never own the company. His father had some affair and he was born. His grandfather wanted his blood to stay in his family so they took him in.

He never actually saw his birth mother and though they never differentiated between him and Alekh there was still the difference. His grandfather changed his mind and wanted him to take over the company but the very next day our company lost the deal, my brother told them to search my room and they found a lot of cash and a document which I never signed and they thought it was me who leaked everything they didn't even ask me anything and threw me out. later grandpa discovered everything he wanted me back but I did not want to but fate is really.............. he paused and Mrudula noticed the tears in his eyes and she didn't say anything either that night they slept in each other arms. The next day when Mrudula was passing through his grandpa's room she heard him saying everything to Alekh. she understood everything. when they came back Arjun brought her a peach-colored saree and she wore it. It was their marriage anniversary so he told her to ask anything.

''I want a child, our child '' she said

Arjun thought she was joking but then she continued '' at least do it for me Arjun, I might not love you but I have accepted you '' she said

Arjun agreed he was happy that she has accepted him but also sad that she didn't love him. He told her they can wait but she just wanted them to be one. So they made love, For Arjun, it was the best night of his life. They did it almost every day and one-day Mrudula was pregnant. Arjun's grandpa was furious he didn't have any other reason to make Arjun stay in the company. So he confronted Alekh in front of everyone. Arjun forgave him and told that he is happy with his Mrudula and their son has brought them happiness. He didn't take the company and he started living his life with Mrudula and his Ardul happily. Mrudula confessed everything and she even said that maybe with him is her true love.

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