Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Mr. No Worries

Mr. No Worries

3 mins

Mr. No Worries (yes that’s the name!) was a human robot who had a quirky side to him. He went for a trip to Iraq. After his flight, when he got into the car to go to his hotel, he met with a grave accident. One of his arms broke. But, he being he simply said - ‘’No worries, because at least I have one arm left ‘’. He proceeded towards the hotel which was a bizarre one named “Diapers of Babies”. There were diapers used to create the ambience inside and it felt too funny.

After checking in, Mr. No Worries went to his room. He was enjoying the view from his balcony when suddenly his eyes fell on a chocolate in the lawn. Chocolates were his weakness, so he jumped from his balcony but alas, ended up breaking one of his legs. But, again he pulled himself up and said, ‘’No worries because I have at least one leg left.” He then realized that it wasn’t a chocolate but it was just a wrapper and laughed out loud.

When he came back to his room, he took a nap and then went for swimming. The pool was on one of the top floors and when he came out of it, he noticed a pet dog alone weeping profusely. He got concerned as he loved dogs and jumped from the 21st floor to help the pet dog. Both, his remaining leg and hand broke. As usual, he said ‘’No worries, at least I have my body left ‘’. He went towards the dog and saw the owner taking him away. He began to sob because he wanted to keep the dog.

Nevertheless, he went to the special hospital for human robots and got an injection. To his amazement, he turned into a superman. He danced in joy and went back to the hotel. He slept blissfully but never woke up again. The injection was only given to make him happy temporarily. He passed away in sleep and thus, had a peaceful death.

While going to heaven, he saw an alien with no face, three hands and two legs. When he arrived at heaven, he observed that he was wearing different shoes on both his feet. Suddenly, he fell down from a cliff and during his flight downwards he discovered that he could fly. He smiled and said ‘’No worries that I died. I am so fortunate I had a peaceful death ‘’. He went to his house in heaven and noticed that there was no bed, rather there was nothing in the room. It felt strange but eventually he understood that everything was invisible. He dozed off at 10 PM. When he woke up, he felt different. He looked around and realized that he was now a baby and was starting a new life.

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