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anuradha nazeer

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Mother is the Goddess

Mother is the Goddess

1 min

Mother is the goddess .. Madhavan has left the home of an elderly man after the death of his father. The wife had left the elderly home because she had no one to care of his mother when he is at work. He visits his mother once a month.

Years passed ..

It was reported that one day his mother could not do much.

The son immediately went to visit his mother ..

Mother was on the verge of death ..

Do you want anything ..? Son asked ..

There is no fan in this old man's house. I have been sleeping for days without air and mosquito bites .. I could not eat the spoiled food here and slept for several days .. So this house will buy some fan and a refrigerator to keep food safe ..?

The son was surprised .. I've been coming to see you for years .. Not even a single day.

Why are you asking this only now ..? '

Son, I used to sleep with mosquitoes here and there without fan.

I can tolerate hunger and suffering here.

But when your children send you to this house I am sorry that you cannot bear them. That's why I'm asking .. The things that hurt life .. Teach ..

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