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A young man who was very efficient in his work and always aimed to do a perfect thing, got married to the cutest girl who always does silly mistakes in every work that she does....she always smiles greatly...a married life started between two mismatched people.

Our young boy always stays in the office and does his work to avoid her contact and our young girl who is very cute always stays at home and waits for his way to home....One day our young boy went to a bussiness trip, he also took his wife...they landed to a place which is more peaceful and calm ,they planned to stay at a motel, our boy never talks with his wife, not even a single word....but the situation changed. One day his wife went to see the surroundings without his knowledge when he went to office, later when he came to the room, he realised his wife is missing. He gets nervous and tensed and went on to search his wife, he searched everywhere and tired off later he came to the room and thinks to give a complaint, after some time the doorbell rings, he opened and he got his smile back on his face..but he keep quiets and angrily scolded her and ordered her to inform him every time where ever she goes. Like this he wrote in the pinky slips..and sticks on her forehead and that's where they actually started to communicate. Then they went to sleep. Next day a pinky slip on his head saying "good morning" and he took it off ..went to the living room where breakfast was ready with a good wish ...like this they started communicating with pinky slips. During this business trip they became heavenly matched pair and returned to their home and they started to lead a life happily.

Pure relationship always remains eternal, these young pairs are made a heavenly match with a good understanding so relationship never stands where there is only compromisation, also they need a good understanding too...

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