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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Aman Alok



Aman Alok


Miracle - I

Miracle - I

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Last Night,

Call Ringing...

I woke up at 7 p.m. evening...after taking an hour of sleep,

Today my mid-sem of the first-semester exam had ended. Now I am feeling relaxed after giving continuously exams one after one...

 I used to submit my paper long before time because I didn't want to sit in the exam hall for long hours...

And another reason is that I feel suffocation during exam...grasp ya I am suffering from exam phobia. All these above statements do not matter what I want to say in this article.

 Because now I want to discuss that topic on which I will write this article.

At 4 p.m. Rajan shouted loudly from the front side of the administrative building..."Hey AMAN how was your paper today?" 

 I replied to him in his own language-"Saale tere to achche hi gye honge, Fir mujhse kyu puch rha hai... Jabki tujhe pata hai ki aaj k paper me mere L gaye,

 ...Jaa avi idhar se mujhe disturb nahi kar..." 

 Suddenly my call ringing...I bring out my phone from the right side of my pocket...The unknown number displayed on my mobile screen.

 First time I rejected this call...But after some time I got a call from this same number again.

I received this call at that time...And say "Hello" and say some common phrases i.e. kaun ho bhai, kyu call kiye ho...

Suddenly I got a reply in a female voice....I have not called you... the first time you had called I will call this number back.

Oh, Sorry I forgot that...Yaa...Yaa I had to call you at 11 a.m. 

Am I right?

She replied to me-Yes, But who are you?

I replied to her- I am AMAN ALOK, your Instagram friend.

I promised to you Today I will call you when I will be free but when you did not receive my call even after 10 rings then I didn't try more times. Today was my mid-semester exam so I was busy, and now I am not in that condition in which I will talk to you.

Because my today exam was not so good...that is the reason so I am upset today.

 But asking news is a duty so apart from all these things I asked her, How are you?

She replied to me-"I am fine, and what about you?"

 Please don't ask me what is my condition now? Today I screwed my answer sheet due to literal mistake.

That’s why Bye for now…

I’ll call you later.

She replied to me, Okay as your Wish.

Ok Bye Bye….

As soon as I put the phone in my pocket, someone pushed me from the backside.

I turned back to see who is it?

“Aadi tu hai…bata tera exam kaisa gya?”

He replied me-“Jaise taise likh kar aa gye hai…Number to milega hi mujhe”

Aur tu bata tera kaisa gya….he asked to me?

I answered his question-puch mat bhai aaj k paper me L lag gye hai…

…In the middle of my talk, he started saying something to me,

“Arey itna load mat le…sab thik ho jayega…”

So let's go to Canteen…I said to Aadi.

I want to take a tea first…Because My mind is spoiled due to Exam.

“Okay let’s go”- Aadi Said

After a minute,

We start moving towards the Canteen…

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