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Me Too - Part 1

Me Too - Part 1

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“HELLO, AM I TALKING TO SAVITHA RAJ?” the young director Kavin Lokesh said. He was about medium height, had bushy hair and fortnight beard. There was a small golden stud clung to his left ear lobe. He looked stylish but stuttered a little. But he was a talented director, even many leading actresses wanted to work with him at least in a single movie. His latest movie was a box office hit. The big producers were chasing after him to get his schedule despite work along with leading actor and actress. He became an icon in short span of time.

“Yeah, who is this?” Savitha said from the other end. She wasn’t an actress at all, but a top model. But she had given an interview on last week that she was willing to act in movies if she gets lead character roles. She wanted to become a biggest star among the people. She was willing to do anything to achieve her dream. She wanted to earn money. She wanted to earn fame. Her heart would juggle whenever she had day dreamed about thousands of fans racing her way to take selfies click click click. But she knew modeling wasn’t the right way to achieve all this. She was waiting for something big to knock on the door.

“I am director Kavin speaking,” he said in a low voice. He was waiting in the other side to know her excitement. He was damn sure she knew about him. His popularity was so fierce that there was a slim chance that she didn’t know him. He was sitting on the couch in the production house and calling her.

“Really?” she said and jumped to the ceiling. Her plumb breasts shook inside her off-shoulder satin pink top. Her eyes leapt with joy. But she didn’t want to exaggerate her feelings without knowing what he was trying to say. She eventually became calm. “Yeah, tell me. I really can’t believe this moment. I am totally flabbergasted to speak with such a genius,” she was all praise for him.

He felt shy to hear this. Actually he didn’t expect she will be over exhilarated. But he was happy to know that she liked to talk with him. “Is this right time to talk with you? I mean please let know if you feel like I am disturbing in the middle of something. May I call you later?” he said politely.

Her throat suddenly hiccupped. How a big director like him can disturb me? she thought.

“No….no…..” she rushed to say these words. “I am absolutely delighted to talk with you. Please tell what I should do for you?” she said.

Her words were somewhat cheeky, but she conveyed what she had thought so, still she blamed herself for not speaking in a good way to impress him. You could see there was a slight lip twist from her.

“That’s good to know. Anyway, I had seen your modeling photos in one of the weekly magazines, and I am impressed with it. Also I was glad to know that you become a winner in the FAB woman contest this year. Many congratulations from my side,” he said with a click of smile. She can hear it.

“Oh God, did you look at my photos? I think I must be dreaming now,” she said, as she dropped the receiver of the telephone and held her both hands on her cheeks. She was very excited. She didn’t even know what she was doing. She heard a thin sound from the receiver Hello…..Hellloooooo. She again hastily took the receiver and started holding it close to her left ear. “I am sorry I am over excited to know all these. You know, I am a weird girl,” she said as she tousled her hair lightly by puckering her nose. She looked damn cute, there was a small dimple formed on her left cheek. You could also see a small mole sitting just above her bosom. It was slightly thick, but gave her a gorgeous look.

There a small smile escaped from his lips. He didn’t want to laugh at her. He had some reservations as he was a reputed director, “You speak nicely. But the truth is I enjoyed your fabulous modeling stunts. I mean you look so beautiful in every posture, I think the best part is when you smile with a flash of dimple. The cover look of you in a vintage burgundy dress for the Grow India magazine was just mind blowing. I can’t think a better look of you than this one,” he said.

Of course Savitha was flattered by this. But her heart clenched tightly, she knew there was something he wanted to convey her and she couldn’t guess it. May be he would ask me to come and meet him? May be he would like to offer me a piece of advice because I have done some bad things in modeling? Maybe he would like to work with me in a movie? She thought. The final thought almost created a sense of extreme feeling and she couldn’t quite believe what she was thinking. She dismissed all the thoughts finally.

“Thank you,” she said in a thin voice now. There wasn’t a glint of happiness in it. She was waiting eagerly to know what he was going to say next.

“Okay,” he said, he knew the formal introduction was over. The caroling, bantering, teasing and chitchat was all over now. It was time to be serious, because he had sensed the same form of rigidity in her voice too. He took a deep breath now. Even the front hairline of him was shaken slightly. “I called you because, I am seeking a new talented girl to act in my next movie,” there was a little pause again. He was gauging the situation now. But he didn’t receive any response from other side. He knew he hadn’t finished yet. Savitha thought he was telling all this only because he had called her. A thought never came to her that she would be that girl. No, not even a fool can think like that, she thought as dismissed her scrunching thoughts immediately.

He continued, “Can you guess why I called you?” he said, he didn’t want to reveal the truth immediately, he wanted to play with her emotions. Probably, it was trick he had learnt in the film industry that to tease their feelings and to know their true nature.

“No, I can’t. I mean I am just couldn’t conceive of anything. I thought you have called me because to appreciate my modeling stint,” she said, her sleek shoulders lightly raised up. Her voice was little screechy, but it was great to hear. The tenor of her voice was just reverberating in her room. In fact, she was now living in a hotel in Dubai, far from Mumbai. But she will come back once the photo shoot for the new calendar year is done. The kinetic girls magazine had brought her here. Anyone can soak with wonderful and glitzing moments as her hotel room in the fifth floor over looked the blue swimming pool and green front yard. The sky was cloudless and dark blue, like it was oil painted.

“Fine, where you have been now? I think you are in Dubai, right?” he said.

“Yeah, that’s right,” she said.

“Fine, just see if you can book any flight to fly back to Mumbai immediately,” he said.

Her mind was reeling now. She didn’t know why she had to book the ticket. Though her photo shoot had competed now, she didn’t have any idea why she had to come back immediately. She thought of visiting few good places like Burj Khalifa and Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai and planned to depart after Ramzan celebrations. But why he should call me to come to Mumbai? She couldn’t guess any longer. She wanted to ask him straightaway.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because, you are going to be part of our crew. Yes, we have decided to let you work with our upcoming movie The sensational love. Can you guess who the actor is? Baren Asvajit” he said.

“Oh my God……oh my Gooooooddddddddd, I can’t believe this. You must be joking, isn’t?” she said. She was crying now, but happy tears sprang up. Even the strap of her white bra was revealed on her left shoulder. She looked damned beautiful now. Her heart was exploded like colorful Cadbury chocolates, she knew what it meant. No feeling was better than this. She had never heard such good news in her life, and obviously she had fumbled to react to this splendid moment. How I can become an actress to work with a supreme star like Baren Asvajit? She thought.

“It’s true. I called you for your confirmation. Can you let me know after two days, if you are interested to work with us in this movie?” he said politely. He didn’t want to persuade her or he didn’t want to beguile with his stardom.

She was more delighted to know this. She thought how humble he was to ask for my permission as if I am a big star. She was die-hard fan of Baren Asvajit, she had grew up watching his films. But she had never thought she would get a chance to work with him at all. She knew how lucky she was to get a chance to act with him.

“Tell me when I should join your crew. A big director like you can’t ask for my permission. I mean you just order me and I can do anything for you,” she said.

“You talk pretty. I love the way you accentuate your feelings. I really love it, thanks,” he said and took a notebook from the small table near him. He had twirled few papers, and it was scribbled with schedules for actors. He grabbed a pen from his pants pocket and said, “We have planned to kick off the movie on coming Wednesday. We will do some pooja before we start this project. I think you should attend this function, so that you can familiarize with other actors. It will ease the initial pressure in you. I think you know what I mean,” he said.

“Yeah sure, I will be there right away,” she said.

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