Harikrishna Manigandan


Harikrishna Manigandan

Marriage Broker

Marriage Broker

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Manogar is a marriage broker living in Chennai. He has a son and a daughter of the age 26 and 18 respectively. There names are Sanju and Maliga Ram.

Manogar wished his son to get married with a girl who is daughter of a great business man named, Kavi. Kavi has only one daughter. Kavi got divorce from his wife recently.

(Kavi's wife got divorce from him as he tortured her a lot.)

Sanju is a wild life photographer. Although he is talented, he wasn't recognised by anyone. He worked as an assistant to a popular wild life photographer of that area. He used to go for taking photos in marriage functions to earn.

Manogar was a close friend of Kavi. So he asked Kavi to arrange a marriage between his daughter and Sanju. Kavi said, "I'll give my daughter to your son but you should do one thing for it."

Manogar replied that he was ready to do anything for it. Kavi said, "You will have to become a pimp for me." Manogar tensed a lot and left the spot without speaking anything.

Manogar accidently noticed that his son, Sanju was crying with his mom about his sadness in job. So he worried a lot for him. Manogar went to a nearby bar and he was drunk. He thought that whole night and decided to work as a pimp to Kavi . He approached Kavi regarding this.

Kavi now said, "Yeah! Which is fine decision. Now you have to arrange a girl for me."

Manogar was in complete silence. Kavi also said, "The girl, who you are going to fix for me is Maliga Ram (Manogar's daughter)."

Manogar slapped him and just left that spot. Sanju lost his current job, due to Kavi. Due to this, Sanju came to know about what happened between Kavi and his dad. He became tensed lot but he didn't hit him. He just took this as a challenge he worked hard and came to higher position that Kavi. As Kavi was doing lot of illegal business, Sanju took a chance and made him to get arrested. Sanju married Kavi's daughter (Ragavii). Ragavii didn't even show interest to take step to release his dad from jail because she knew the real character of her dad.

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