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swagata roy

Drama Tragedy


swagata roy

Drama Tragedy



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The year was 2005, Neena was sitting on a chair in the balcony and thinking how smooth her life was going. It had been 4 years of her marriage, she was happy enough with Hemant. Hemant was the assistant buyer at ‘Mark and Markus’ fashion brand company. He was very good and professional at his work. Neena was a housewife. 

On 2006, 19th November, Hemant got promoted as assistant marketing director in sells department. That night he brought “malpua” for Neena to celebrate his promotion. Neena used to love malpua. He gave the promotion news to Neena and hugged her. Neena had made some tasty dishes for Hemant, and they together celebrated the night.

Some days passed,  Hemant was getting so involved in his work that he was unable to give much time to Neena. Sometimes he had to go out of Kolkata. So it was becoming impossible for Neena to go with him every time. A year passed like this.

After one year, on 28th April, Neena thought Hemant must have forgotten her birthday, so she made a plan for an outing with her friends. In the evening, when she was getting ready to meet her friends, the doorbell rang. She went to open the door, and there was Hemant standing with a cake, malpua, flower and a gift in his hand. Hemant kissed Neena’s forehead and wished her happy birthday. Actually, Hemant had thrown a surprise party for Neena where all the friends of Neena and Hemant had come.

Neena was wearing the saree which Hemant had gifted her and Hemant was organizing the cake and candles on the table. Just when the party was about to start suddenly Hemant’s phone started beeping and he went to the balcony to pick up the phone. Neena noticed that he was getting depressed and tensed. Neena went to bring Hemant. “Come on Hemant, everybody is waiting. Let’s go,” Neena said to Hemant.

“Please, you go and cut the cake, I will come later,” Hemant replied.

“Are you out of your mind, you planned this for me and you won’t be there! Come on, don’t ruin this, let’s go.” Neena said.

Hemant got so angry upon Neena that he slapped her tightly. The sound of the slap was so loud enough, that two of Hemant’s friend came to find out what was wrong. They saw Neena was lying on the floor, unconsciously, blood was dripping from her mouth and Hemant was spellbound by looking at Neena. Pushpit and Raghav were trying to wake him up by calling his name. After a few seconds, he regained his consciousness and picked up Neena in his lap and took her to the bedroom. Pushpit immediately called a doctor. Hemant was sitting beside the bed holding Neena’s hand and was sobbing.

“Please wake up, please, please, please; please wake up Neena. I made a big mistake. Please don’t leave me like this please.” Hemant was continuously sobbing and saying those lines.

While the doctor came, all the guests were gone by then except Pushpit and Raghav. After 20 minutes, the doctor said that nothing was serious. Neena became unconscious because she had an emotional breakdown. “And the blood?” Hemant asked the doctor.

“That is nothing, as the slap was heavy, so your wife’s bottom lip got cut inside,” the doctor said in a rude voice and left.

After Neena regained her consciousness, sitting on the bed in her bedroom, she was thinking of her 4 years marriage. Just then, Pushpit went to see her, talked to her and came out. He insisted Hemant go and talk to Neena but Hemant didn’t. Hemant called Neena’s cousin sister to look after her and when they came Hemant went out of the house. Two days passed but Hemant didn’t come home. Neena was keeping contact with Pushpit for Hemant. But Pushpit also couldn’t find Hemant. Three more days passed away. Neena waited for Hemant but he didn’t come; so she also decided to leave the house. Neena went to Aparna’s house who was her teacher and also like a family to her. Next day, Miss Aparna moved to Bangalore to her daughter for 2 months. 

On 11th May, at 7 p.m. the doorbell rang. Neena thought the food delivery boy had come, so she went to open the door. There was Hemant. Neena became tongue-tied after looking at Hemant in front of her. “How are you?” Hemant asked. Neena left the door opened and ran to the kitchen. Hemant followed her.

“Neena, I was unable to face you, I slapped you on your birthday. This incident was killing me from inside. That’s why I left you. And promised to myself that I won’t show you my face again.” Hemant said with remorse.

“Then why have you come now? And about all the nonsense that you have said now, did I tell you anything about this? Before you left, at least for once haven’t you felt like seeing me? I was waiting eagerly for you but you just left, like I am no one to you.” Neena replied to Hemant. 

“Slap me now, please slap me,” Hemant requested to Neena.

“This is not a school Hemant,” Neena replied.

“You have to slap me or else my soul will never find the peace; please, please, please goddammit slap me!” Hemant said and threw the glass of bowl which was kept on the sink. Neena slapped him tightly. Hemant smiled looking at her. Suddenly the phone rang, Neena went to the drawing-room to pick up the phone. Radhika, Hemant’s sister was crying heavily.

“Hello, Radhika, what happened?” Neena asked.

“Bhai is no more, Neena; bhai is dead, he left us,” Radhika said.

“You don’t have to do this Radhika because Hemant is with me right now and we are coming, don’t worry,” Neena replied.

“But, bhai’s dead body is lying in front of me Neena, he is my brother why would I lie to you?” Radhika said. 

“Are you mad? Wait I’m calling him




See, Radhika called and she is talking rubbish…”

She started sweating because nobody was in the kitchen not in the bedroom also. She couldn’t understand what had just happened. She came running and picked up the phone.  

“Bhai is no more Neena, he attempted suicide on 06:30 p.m. come soon,” Radhika said and cut the call. Neena saw one packet of malpua was kept on the dining table. She was speechless, spellbound and unable to move her body.

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