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Amanpreet Singh

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Drama Fantasy Thriller

Malisto, the New Life Episode 1/7

Malisto, the New Life Episode 1/7

6 mins 201 6 mins 201

                        Episode 1

A famous news anchor in the LED tv spoke, “Congratulations to all of you. The government has finally announced now you can shift to the planet recently found five years ago. The scientists have finished their studies and declared human beings can live on the planet --Malisto. Water and oxygen are present there in sufficient quantity. The gravitational force is also only little bit less as compared to the earth. In a nutshell, human life can survive there!”

I (Aakash) said to my friend, “Surya, it’s amazing! Now, humans will be living soon on Malisto too!”

Surya replied, “Yup, it’s amazing. Anyhow, nothing is going to change in our lives.”

I intervened, “Everything is going to change in my life.”

“What? Are you planning to go to Malisto?”

The voice of the same news anchor hit our ears, “Those who are interested in going to Malisto and want to live a peaceful life there. You can register your name, address and mobile number on our website www dot indiaontheotherplanet dot com by 30th of this December. On 1st April, you will see yourself on Malisto! Remember first 3000 persons will be shifted absolutely free on government expenditure!”

“Yeah, Surya, I have planned to go to Malisto on 1st April.”

“But why? Here is everything. Internet, malls, friends, shops, bikes, cars and lakhs of humans. There is nothing up to now.”

“I think it is still better than the rising crime rate here, it is still better than the fatal polluted air we breathe in daily. At least we will find there organic food to eat and fully pure air to breathe in and we will be able to live in a fully crime-free environment. Moreover, I want to explore more. I don’t want to live my whole life on this earth. I want to see other planets too. I want to live on other planets as much as I can.”

“Aakash, will you be able to survive without the internet? I think it will take about ten years to develop internet facilities there.”

“I don’t want to waste my whole life in virtual reality. I want to see the real. I want to feel the real. Because I am a real man, not a virtual image.” I winked at him.

“Okay, Aakash as you like. It’s your life. I don’t want to say anything now.” Surya smiled thinking within his mind of minds that I was committing a blunder.

I opened my laptop and wrote in the search engine of my browser www dot indiaontheotherplanet dot com and registered my name, address and mobile number right before the face of Surya and said with a smile, “I am in.”

Surya smiled closing his lips tightly to make two dimples one on his each cheek, “Well, best of luck!”


On 31st March the people who filled the registration form were standing with me. It was the spot where we had to stay according to the information given in the emails sent to us by the government department. We were supposed to be picked up by the government cabs to reach the space shuttle.

I was thinking within my mind, “Wow! Tomorrow, I am going to see the new world, a new planet! Everything will be new. Every relationship will be new. It would be great fun to watch the new planet!”

Soon, the government cabs arrived at the spot and we all 3000 people sat in the different cabs. I sat in the cab and locked the door. Just beside me was sitting a pretty girl. We all were already excited. I immediately made a move and said to her, “Hi, how are you?”

She came out to be a very frank girl, “I am really very excited today!”

“Yeah, I am excited too! It is going to be great fun being on the other world that we could have never even dreamt of.”

“Yes, true. Now, we are going away from the mud and mire of this world. Now, we will live in complete peace. We will be away from the noise and disturbances of this world soon. Now, there will be no more responsibilities. We will do only the things that are needed. There will be no social pressure too because our society is going to be a completely new one! It is really amazing!”

“Yeah, well said. By the way, what’s your name?”

“Sophia and yours?”


We all went on chatting, talking and laughing. From the talks, I came to know, more people were living alone on the earth like me. They didn’t have their own families. I thought that was a good reason to shift to another planet to start their life afresh. Moreover, everyone was fed up with the hectic schedules on the earth. Now, they wanted to take some rest. Actually, they wanted a STOP in their life and I wanted in my life too.

Within two hours we had reached our destination i.e. a very large and big space shuttle. At once 3000 mouths spoke up two words, “Wow! Awesome!”. The space shuttle was looking extremely beautiful. It was looking magnificent and huge. It was full of colourful lights. We all got too much excited now. We were awestruck by its huge and magnificent size. Now, we were feeling the vibes of our imminent new life.

One old man in a white coat and pant appeared. He seemed to be a scientist. He took out one remote from his pocket and pressed a button. A huge door opened in the space shuttle in the verticle direction and landed on the ground. Then he said in a mike, “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to all of you. You are going to make history. You are the first three thousand persons who are going to live on the new planet, Malisto. You will be remembered forever. Congrats! Please step in the space shuttle and create a new history.”

Listening to the words of the scientist all were all smiles. They all began to enter in the small groups. I asked Sophia, “I was wondering why our government is sending us free on Malisto?”

Sophia answered, “It’s simple. The population is on the increase on our earth and especially in India. We humans will not be able to live there after a few years. So the government has taken up an intelligent move to send us free on Malisto. If we start living there, then more will come by seeing us. And obviously, the government is going to charge them. With one arrow, they are going to hit two targets. Our government is going to solve the problem of population crisis as well as it is going to earn a huge amount of money in the near future from those who will want to settle in Malisto after us.”

“Sophia, great! You are very intelligent. I didn’t think from this angle.”

Sophia passed a smile towards me with her cheerful face.

We all had sat in our seats in the big space shuttle. The time had come to fly high into the unknown. Back counting on the big screen appeared in front of all of us. 

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero Go!


To be continued...

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