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Mangesh Shirke

Drama Inspirational


Mangesh Shirke

Drama Inspirational

Magic - The Wonder Dog - 2

Magic - The Wonder Dog - 2

10 mins 19.4K 10 mins 19.4K


Giri contacted a web designer & created a web page for Magic. He launched this page on all social networking sites with all photos of Magic, appealing people to get him back as soon as possible. Both he & his younger brother, Ganesh complained to the police regarding their lost pet. The police at first expressed their inability to search for the pooch, however, upon insisting & requesting them to do it for their kids; they agreed to launch a search operation. Back home, their kids had stopped taking food. They were still ill & had lost interest in almost everything. Especially Mrugesh, the youngest one, had never had anything since Magic was lost. Both the families, forgetting their enmity, were staying together worrying about their kids & disappearance of Magic.

“Uncle, you started going to college for teaching? I heard you had stopped doing that….” Sandhya asked Badri Uncle as they were sitting in the park, watching Magic play with kids & his dog friends.

“Yes Beta, that’s true...” Badri Uncle replied, “You see, life gives you many lessons. I lost my wife. Having no one, I was quite depended on her. But…somewhere in life you have to stand on your own. Sometimes, life gives you examples from things you had never even thought of. I got that example from him...” pointing towards Magic, he said, “This dog lost his family. But instead of whining & crying for it, he is clearly focused on his current happiness. He could have sat in one corner, weeping for his family. But he likes to spread happiness wherever he goes. Keeping aside his grief, he is enjoying his life with us. Taking example from him, I decided to get back to my work of teaching & inspiring students. Rather than complaining on what I’ve lost, I focussed on what I’ve got. People always say live in the present moment. Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery…but Today, it’s a Gift. That’s why it’s called Present…” smiling, Badri Uncle replied as he threw the rubber ball that Magic had brought to him towards the garden.

As Sandhya was on the way home, she kept thinking what Uncle had said. Instead of complaining on what I don’t have, I’ll start focussing & being grateful for all the things that I have, she finally decided.

I believe one day I’ll find my bliss. I’ll discover that thing that makes me happy & I’ll pursue that happily, she said to herself. As she was thinking, her cell phone beeped. It was the link that her Web Designer friend had forwarded, informing her that all the info about Magic was successfully uploaded on social media. Her friend even informed that he is looking out on other social networking sites for any other info on Magic.

“Is Mrugesh well..?” Bade papa asked Ganesh, who was sitting by his side.

“Not at all…” almost weeping, Ganesh replied back. “He’s still missing Magic. He’s weeping continuously & asking about him.”

“Don’t worry beta…” Bade papa said as he put his hand on Ganesh’s shoulder, “Everything will be alright. Let’s pray Magic will be with us soon…” his sentence was cut short as he saw Giri enter inside, disconnecting his call. “I just got a call from the police. Their enquiry says that some street vendors outside the fun-n-fair had seen an old man carrying a dog similar to Magic with him a couple of days back, but no one knows who he was or where he stays. The police are busy enquiring about that. I just had a talk with another street vendor, who has agreed to help me find the old man.” As he sat down next to Bade papa, he said, “We’ll find Magic. Maybe he’s in this city only. Wherever he is, I do hope he is doing well…” with teary eyes, Giri said as he consoled Ganesh.

The next day, as Badri uncle came from his college, he took Magic to the park, as he did every evening. As he let Magic play in the park & keeping Sandhya on his guard, he went to have tea from the vendor nearby. As they both talked, the vendor sent a cup of tea to a guy sitting at one corner in the park. When uncle enquired about him, the vendor said that the guy is a cook & a good friend of him, but somehow he was upset since the last few days. He said that the guy wanted to pursue cooking ahead, but his family wanted him to focus on his career. Since then whenever he has fights with his family, he comes and sits here. On hearing this, Badri uncle decided to help him.

The next day, again Badri uncle saw the guy seated in the park. Considering his situation, Uncle decided to help him. He took two cups of tea and sat beside the guy.

“Would you like to have some tea?” Badri uncle said, offering him the cup.

The guy frowned & looked at Uncle. Seeing his smiling face, he took the tea from him & started sipping.

“I feel so nice whenever I come here.” Uncle said something to start a conversation. The guy glanced towards him & just smiled lightly. “I am seeing you since the last some days. You come here daily & sit here. Don’t be so much depressed in life. Maybe I can help you, if you are in some problem..?” somehow convincing the guy, Badri uncle pushed him to talk. At first the guy hesitated, but as Uncle persuaded him, later on he started talking. “My name’s Bala Subburaman. I am a Chartered Accountant. But I am not that interested in accounting. I don’t want to work the 9 to 6 job, come home grumbling about the seniors & then again go to office the next day to do the work that you are not supposed to do.” moving his arms, he said , “I am more interested in cooking. It’s my passion. I want to pursue my hobby ahead. I want to make my passion into my profession. I just love to do it. But the problem is…whenever I try to convince my parents, my friends about my passion, they always force me to focus on my job. Let your hobby remain as your hobby….focus on your’s safe there…This is what I get to listen from them. Since the last couple of days, I’m continuously fighting with my family & friends & for that reason. I try convincing them but they are not convinced. That’s why I am so depressed. Why don’t these people understand someone’s feelings…?”

Badri Uncle smiled & put a hand on his shoulder. “I can understand your feelings. But you are working towards your passion in the wrong way.” Hearing this, Subburaman gave a questioned look to uncle. “First thing, stop convincing people about your passion. All the people are trained mentally to follow a certain pattern & working in a well settled job includes one of them. People always think that’s safe because you get a monthly salary to manage your expenses. But that doesn’t mean that you should not follow your passion. Work as a CA in your office. Keep building your career on one side. But at the same time, keep building your passion. Take smaller steps towards attaining professionalism in your passion. Attend workshops, shows, seminars which will help you slowly build up your desire. Keeps your professional career moving. But also keep working on your desire. Slowly you’ll start progressing in your desire, you’ll start achieving more grades, more fame in your passion. Then ultimately, one day u’ll achieve so much in your desire that you’ll have no time for your profession. You’ll get so much money, so much respect ,so much love in your desire, people will love your cooking so much that you yourself will think that it is now the right time to work full time on your passion. And don’t worry, no one from your family or friends will stop you from doing it, as they themselves will see how much you are making out of your passion.” Gently patting his shoulder, Badri uncle continued, “Try this out my dear friend & see how you’ll start changing.”

After a few days, Uncle again met Subburaman in the park. He looked quite happy & joyful.

“Hey Badri uncle, you know what… I just joined a cooking workshop course. I work 9 to 6 in my office job & from 6:30 to 8:30,I attend the cooking course. I feel so very happy when I reach home. I’m planning to soon launch my own website while pursuing my career.” Holding Badri Uncle’s hand, he said “Thanks a lot, uncle. You nicely guided me on the right path..!” As Badri uncle returned his thanks, Magic came to him, wagging his tail. Subburaman looked at the dog, puzzled.

“Is he your dog..? I think I have seen him somewhere…..” Subburaman asked Uncle. Badri uncle then told him how he found the dog, how the dog changed his life & now how he is trying to find the true owners of the dog.

“Uncle….I think you should know something important…!” alarmed, Subburaman replied.

The next morning, Giri & Ganesh were getting ready to go to the Police station. All the three kids were still unwell & both families were still worried about Magic. As they were about to leave, the doorbell rang. Bade papa went to attend the door. As he opened, he saw three people, one elderly man, one girl & one guy standing at the door.

“Namaste, my name is Prof. Badrinath Sharma. I stay in the other part of the city..” before Bade papa could question him, Badri Uncle replied, “ Can you please do one thing for me? Can you please call Komal, Ishaan & Mrugesh outside? I have something to show them…” Hearing this, Giri, Ganesh & Bade papa looked at each other, puzzled. Eventually Bade papa called the three kids & Badri uncle took all three of them outside. The kids were then followed by the entire family, as everyone were equally perplexed. Badri uncle pointed towards the gate & said, “Look……”

At the entrance, Magic was standing, wagging his tail.

Seeing him, the entire family ran towards the gate, shouting his name. Magic was equally excited, as he went and joint in licking everyone’s hand with his muzzle. All the family members were hugging& kissing him. All of them were equally excited to have him back. Badri Uncle, Sandhya & Subburaman were observing the union, smiling & wiping away the tears in their eyes.

Finally, Giri came towards Badri uncle & with tears in his eyes, thanked him wholeheartedly. Badri uncle then informed that he came to know about them through Subburaman, who stayed in the same locality,& knew about the disappearance of the dog. As soon as he gave the information, Badri Uncle & Sandhya accompanied Subburaman to Giri’s home, as they were equally happy to send him back to his family. The entire family, especially the kids, thanked a lot to all three of them, as they were finally united with their dog.

“Actually we should thank you,” Badri uncle said while leaving, “because your dog thought us a lot of things nicely & changed our lives immensely. In the short time that he was with us, he helped me understand the true meaning of life. It was through him that helped me to subsequently guide Sandhya & Subburaman find their true motives….” Badri uncle replied happily. After having breakfast & promising to stay in touch, Badri uncle, Sandhya & Subburaman were about leave when Magic went running inside & got a rubber ball to Badri uncle, probably giving him a token of the love that he showed towards him.

Badri uncle eventually continued to guide people in their lives. Subburaman excelled in his passion & after some months, launched his own website of cooking, at the same time focussing on his job. He decided to continue pursuing his passion of cooking. Sandhya, after much struggling, eventually found that helping people gives her happiness. Finally finding her bliss, she left her job & joined an NGO for assisting poor & homeless people.

And ….Magic..? Well, he does the same thing every morning:

“MAGIC…...” Bade papa shouted loudly, “Where are my specs….Come here you foolish dog…!” he started searching for his pet. Back in the corner, Magic, as usual, had papa’s specs in his mouth. He was hiding behind the door. Bade papa finally found him. “You naughty dog…!” pulling him out with his collar, Bade papa said, smiling. The pooch looked up at him, wagging his tail & pulling his ears back.


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