Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".
Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Harihar Pai

Children Stories Drama


Harihar Pai

Children Stories Drama

Magic Ink

Magic Ink

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Magic Ink or disappearing ink contains an ethanol-based solution. The notes written with this ink will decolor or disappear, after two hours or so. No trace is left behind. 

The popular perception is, it was used by KGB during world war 2. Nowadays, it is available online for 200 rupees.

This disappearing ink pen was used by Joy to make a fool of this teacher. What happened next, you will know in the below story.

Badopadya is a very strict history teacher. When he teaches history, you feel as if you have time traveled and reached the olden era. 

He does not like any disturbance while teaching. Joy is a mischievous student and he is not interested in classroom learning.

 One day, when Bandopadya was teaching about "Ashoka The Great", Joy was talking to his colleague and laughing. Bandopadya was infuriated at this. It was breaking his flow while teaching. 

He scolded Joy and said, " Joy, go out of my class. You will write, "I will not talk in the class" a hundred times and get it signed by me and your parents.

 "This teacher will now know he has messed with Joy", Joy said in mind. Joy had a magic disappearing ink pen with him. The "not" in "I will not talk" he wrote in magic ink and rest all with normal ink.

He went back to the teacher. The teacher looked at his notes and signed them. Badopadya said, "Get it signed by your parents, let them know what their son is doing in the class".

Joy laughed and said, "Okay sir!".

The next day, when Joy was in the class, Badopadya enquired, "What did your parents say before signing?"

Joy smiled at him and said, "They said, what kind of teacher is he, who makes you to talk in class".

Badopadya took his notes back and to his surprise, it was written, "I will talk in the class", the "not" in it had disappeared. He figured out Joy had played the gimmick.

Joy smiled, "Sir, you will always remember you had a student like me"

Badopadya smiled back at him. He was impressed with Joy's idea.

A few days passed. There was a history examination. There was a single question was of twenty marks, "Describe the role of Ashoka in the Kalinga war."

Joy had not read this at home, nor he had paid attention in school. He just bluffed and wrote 2 pages of some random guess answer.

When Badopadya was correcting, he looked at Joy's answer. He had written about Tanks and Missiles in Ashoka's period. Badopadya thought it is the right time, to give the kid his own medicine.

He brought a magic red pen and corrected the answer. Wrote "2" with a magic pen and 0 with normal. So it would look like 20.

He handed over all the answer sheets to the students. They had to sign from their parents and give him back the next day.

Joy was surprised with his marks. He thought Badopadya was in a hurry of correcting and since he had written two pages, teacher gave him the marks.

Usually, Joy forged his parent's signature when he had fewer marks. But since it was a high score, he thought of showing it to his parents. This will give an impression of how genius he was.

When Joy gave his answer sheet to his father, he was furious. By then the "2" in twenty had vanished. He now read the answer to find out why the teacher had given only zero. Looking at Joy's answer he got steaming. Missiles in BCE? tanks during Emperor Ashoka's time? Joy got a lot of scoldings from both his parents that day.

Next day Badopadya collected the answer sheet back. There was a note from parents in Joy's answer sheet. "Hello sir, sorry for the poor performance of our kid. We will make sure he studies regularly"

Bodopadya looked at Joy and smiled.

Joy in the sad voice, "Sir, how did you do that?".

With a firm voice, Badopadya quoted, "What the student deserves he gets it from the teacher. Joy, you will never forget I am your teacher"

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