Syeda Noorjahan

Drama Romance


Syeda Noorjahan

Drama Romance

Love Me or Want Me??

Love Me or Want Me??

3 mins

"I am waiting for you outside...darling!" He said with naughtiness...

"I am done, I'm coming," she replied but with a dull voice.

As soon as he saw her he waved with a flirty smile, "Hey, beautiful! looking gorgeous as always..." She didn't wear anything expensive or classy the way she loved but still with a straight ponytail, blue jeans and plain gray t-shirt she was attracting him with all her simplicity...

After walking for a while she finally asked him as she couldn't control her, " why do you want this relationship?"

"Because I want you," he replied surprisingly.

"In your bed ??" She actually asked the question which was bothering her from last night.

"What !!!!?? He was shocked. How could she say that? "No, I want you because I love you," he thought maybe she wants to hear this...

She nodded as he wasn't able to understand what is she talking about...

She exhaled a cold breath and said, "look at the flower, as I remember it's your favourite one, isn't it?" She pointed at the rose plant. Roses were not completely grown up but were still beautiful.

He looked at the flower spreading breeze all around... "Ohh, yess!! I love it..." he said while breaking it from the plant.

She heard a small voice of pain from flower plant she could feel the same as she was going through the same, she understood he is not the one who can love her with respect.

"No, you don't!!" She took a deep breath and continued, "if you loved the flower you would have cared for its growth... you wanted the flower so you broke it...!!"


"Can you please come to the point..!!" he interrupted with frustration.

She smirked and looked around, she started walking again and he had no choice but to follow her...

"Love is not about wanting or making it to the bed, Mr.Virdan!!" She exhaled again and continued, "love is something which belongs to the loved ones. Happiness and soul, don't you think?? For me, loving someone is about respect, care, something about which cannot be explained in words, but for you it's about touching, kissing and making to the bed..." A drop of tear silently slipped from her eyes... "I would never have realised that but the way you touched me last night was enough to open my eyes...! It's not that I will never have sex, it's just that whoever will be the one have to respect me first, he has to touch my soul first not my body, the one who wants to come in my heart, not in my bedroom, people like you couldn't understand the purity of love, you think love is all about lust... don't you???" She looked at him and all she could see was darkness...

"So..!! Mr. Virdan, my so-called Mr.boyfriend or should I say Mr.stranger..." she smirked again and asked, " do want me or you love me???"

The question is still unanswered...

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